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LINK High School Students Shovel Woman's Driveway At 4:30 AM So She Can Make It To Dialysis Treatment

Sweet things like this need to be shared. Too much bad news lately...

By Knitfreak7
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I love positive stories like these.

TracyR Level 2 Mar 9, 2019

This helps my view of humanity!

BillF Level 6 Mar 9, 2019

Students do extraordinary things across this nation. I'll begin sharing some of those stories, if you'd like..


Good story.

godef Level 7 Mar 8, 2019

yeah... I saw that and remembered living in the chicago burbs with my kids. I worked from home and they were not allowed to work as school was their job. When it snowed, all 5 of us would be out doing our drive and then the lady next to us, her husband died suddenly. She worked full time, was older than me and had a handicapped son. Hers was done 2nd. The other side was a very young couple with 2 babies. They both worked full time and were gone long hours so they were 3rd. It's how I was raised. I read that story and it warmed my heart. I know there are good humans out there but the reminder is sometimes helpful.


There's hope for the future. The young generation are the ones to get us out of this mess that we've put this planet into.


Kudos to the students for being True, Real, Decent, Wonderful People.

Triphid Level 8 Mar 7, 2019

When I was in rural junior high, A fire broke out in an idle field of tall grass near the school. The fire was blazing high and sweeping toward an elderly lady's snall house at the edge of the field, and would have consumed the house if the blaze reached it. The principal of our school rushed to our classroom and asked for volunteers to fight the fire. At least 10 or 12 of us volunteered, grabbed tools and rushed to the house.

We cut down the grass near the house and fought the fire with rakes, shovels, and any kind of makeshift flails we could find .The fire approached the house, but we fought it for about a half an hour furiously -- and beat it. I can remember that the lady was effusive in her thanks. We boys were just happy to get out of class and to do something useful and exciting.


Nice thing for these young men to do.

jondspen Level 7 Mar 7, 2019

Nice to know some people still do these kinds of things for each other.


I really hate how old people insult our kids. My daughter is a milinial and though she has a degree in finance, she hasn’t been able to use it yet. Instead she started working at Sprouts at the beginning of January. After the two week training she took over as manager of the bakery. Out of 280 stores she took her bakery from around 200 to number 7 in sales in six weeks. These kids are begging corporations for the opportunity to do what they know they can do. They’re the most socially conscientious generation possibly ever because they grew up with school shootings, economic disaster and a lot of racist anger directed at their friends. When they finally do get control, maybe we’ll finally be able to sort some of these issues out permanently.

Aryn Level 7 Mar 7, 2019


Byrdsfan Level 8 Mar 7, 2019

Restores one’s faith in the younger generation...they sometimes get a very bad press!


Kudos to these kids!

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