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I recently became single because my ex decided he couldn't live with my cat. Prior to this, he kept giving me ultimatums: the cat leaves or he does. Would any of you give up your pet to make somebody else happy?

ShabbyChicGirl 5 Mar 1

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I think I might keep a bag of clothes ready in the cupboard just in case any future partners try to make me decide between them and my cat - so they can be straight out the door without even needing to pack.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 1, 2018

Judas & Hitler would be passing out ice skates & parkas before I'd give up my dog for a dick.


Partners will come and go...pets are with you until "death do us part". Right call

Good point.

@Lonely can't say for sure, but pretty sure one is more likely to be killed by their spouse than pet


NOPE. If you had the pet when you met and he decides he(or she) doesn't like the pet/cat the person is being passive agressive and using the animal as an excuse to get out of the relationship. This is my humble opinion, he lacks honesty, instead of talking about what is really bothering him in the relationship uses the cat to get out. You choose wisely.


Hell no. I'm a package deal, and that includes my pets


You made the right choice. No way. My cat comes first...probably before me...hehe...hope he doesn't ask me to move out..


I have a little dog and I know that if I was given an ultimatum like that, I would be instantly unattracted. I have others in my life that see the value in the love I have for my dog and they love her too. If him being happy requires making me Unhappy about something?

I could not be with someone like that.


In his defense, though, cats are evil. 😉


When a cat takes a dislike to someone they can turn into a little demon. 😀

Evil, evil kitty!

@sandyw1952 my first glance saw that as a cat in a roasting pan. ACK

Often you get back the energy you put into cats (or dogs). 😉

If my cats really don't like someone - I'm going to reassess my opinion.

So far it's only smokers that freak them out (The smell on their fingers). No they do NOT smoke in my house.

@RavenCT I actually kind of like cats, but I don't generally want one as a pet. I like dogs far more. 🙂

@resserts I'm that rare entity - a cat AND a dog person.

Cats are easier as I become decrepit - but I enjoyed the heck out of my dog!

@RavenCT There are some cats I'd love to have as a pet — they seem to channel their inner dog — but you can't really tell until they're fully grown what a cat's temperament will be. Dogs are usually a little more predictable in that way.

Wrong. Cats are assholes, not evil 😉
But they're the best!

@resserts Norwegian Forest Cat - and Maine Coons are safe bets for some dog like behavior. I have a MC MIx and he's my watch cat.


I don't take kindly to ultimatums. Knowing me, I probably would have kept the cat even if I was considering giving it away.

I'm assuming he knew about your cat before (or shortly after) he started dating you. If that's the case he should not have gotten into a relationship with you knowing you had a cat if he was that much against being around one.


I should add, if you got the cat knowing say, he was hideously allergic to begin with that is one thing...but if he just simply doesn't like cats, or proceeded anyway hoping to convince you to choose...uhm what else do you have to give up...


It was nice knowing you. Take care. Buh bye now.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!!


No. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Mar 1, 2018

F**k no. BTDT with the BF who didn't like my cat or dog, didn't give them up but the relationship didn't last anyway. Just NO.


It had nothing to do with the cat he was just to much if a coward to tell the truth .

@SimonMorgan1 I once read that a man would rather chew his own arm off before telling a woman he is no longer interested. While I know this is an exaggeration, I always keep that in the back of my mind. Seems to fit in this situation.


It depends upon the reason my partner is asking. And how important my partner is to me.

marga Level 7 Mar 1, 2018

I absolutely would not. Being willing to or requiring that I dump a beloved pet would be a huge point of incompatibility. Super huge.

Zster Level 8 Mar 1, 2018

Not only no, but hell no. And if you loved me you wouldn't ask.


I would not.


No. Just no.

I guess if I ever get serious about dating I'd have to add "Allergic to pets - need not apply".

I myself am allergic to cats and dogs. I've had both - at the same time. You take a pill. Or two.

Granted if it's anaphyalaxsis - that's different. But no could not re home.

I went 37 years hearing "Your sister is allergic it would be like telling her not to visit!". She also now has a cat. (Allergies can change over time. She was scarily allergic as a child. Not now.


Ummm - NO !


My ex was not a fan of animals in general, of course my chosen pets were two large boa constrictors which I did find new homes for because of her. I also wanted bees, not really pets but something else she made clear was not welcome while she was around. She is not a happy person and was always demanding things that she thought I should do to make her happy. Eventually she left me for god, apparently god makes her happy? Anyway, I got two new snakes and bees and I also raise mice both as pet and pet food (I know, I'm horrible) and have birds, basically a house full of animals, I am much happier with them than I was with her, go figure.

I will never date / be with a person who has snakes / spiders and the likes as pets....i


Absolutely not. Any person who doesn't like my pets isn't for me. I'm sorry this happened to you. There are many other people who will love you AND your feline family.


I define these persons as abusive. Today is your pet, tomorrow is a friend... in few weeks your cel, your job...
No, is not they are allergic but the fact they can't stand the "competition".


Any person who would abandon a loved one due to the presence of a cat in the house, is not worth the time of day. In any relationships one must accept children, and even animals, as part of the deal, or show the depths of your love for the partner by bailing out, and proving how shallow your love was in the first place.
Be grateful that he has shown his colours, and be assured, there is another REAL man out there waiting for you..

I have since thought about this again. I believe he wanted out and used the cat as a lame excuse to leave you.


Not a chance. My pets are part of my family. That would be like asking me to get rid of one of my kids. If given that ultimatum I would just say, "There's the door."

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