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Tell me good things about Indianapolis Indiana. Considering a move there and wanting to convince a certain Canadian it's a good place to be. Help me out guys!

OpposingOpposum 9 Mar 12

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If not there...New York ?


I can't, in good conscience, recommend Indiana to anyone.


I've lived here since 1994. My favorite things: bike trails, cultural districts, craft beers, parks. The local music, theater, and comedy scenes are strong. Cost of living is low. Change of seasons is pretty, excepting winter. People are friendly, until you put them behind the wheel of a car. And we're centrally located, so there are a lot of conventions and concerts that come through town.

Cons: Indy is a blue dot in a red state. The air quality is not good, compared to most other places in the continental US. We have a homeless problem we cannot seem to solve. And the pot holes are ridiculous.


Indianapolis is okay in certain areas. Indiana has very high property taxes, so be sure to check before buying, and state taxes. The Zionsville area is my favorite but extremely expensive.

My property taxes are insanely low. I'm in Indianapolis proper, though.


I used to live on the Illinois border in NW Indiana, so I often saw Indiana's slogan when crossing the border: AMERICA'S CROSSROADS.

What can you say about a city in the center of a the nation's crossroads? The most remarkable thing about which is people go through it on the way to elsewhere?

Sorry, I can't be much help.


I lived there from 1968 to 1998 (actually lived north of Whitestown when it was a blink-and-miss-it spot out in the country). The areas I lived (north and nortwest sides) have held up and grown. Cost of living is low. Home selection is great. Lots of new builds. Schools are ok. Summers get hot and humid, winters are snowy. There are lots of spectator sports to enjoy. Museums are ok. The month of May (Indy 500) is an event!

The surrounding country side is pastoral, with LOTS of farm land and old fashioned hospitality.

Feel free to PM if you have specific questions. My mom snd several friends still live in the area. I greatly enjoy visiting.

Oh, and their governor post Pence? I used to ride the school bus with him! (;

Zster Level 8 Mar 12, 2019

Hey since you have people there it's different. They can tell you the good and the bad. I've been there several times to visit family. It's ok I guess. Has to be better than here for sure.


It’s not. Don’t move there.


Except that it's where Kurt Vonnegut is from, no idea...

I assume it's in the United States of North America...


I lived there a long time ago when I was doing a residency. besides the weather I didnt have major objections but thatwas 1985


I got nothin' 😟 Sorry.


Pence is no longer governor. That's all I got. They still elected to SOB.


I have an ex-gf nearby, somewhere; and they elected Mike Pence governor. 😉

JimG Level 8 Mar 12, 2019

Okay. On a positive note, it's not in Texas or Utah.


Also the state museum and zoo look outrageously cool


seems like it's growing at least relative to the cities in this area. Nashville Tennessee is growing like gangbusters and has been for a while, and all the counties around it.

google search
Is Indianapolis a growing city?
Posted May 24, 2018. Indiana outpaces the Midwest for population growth. ... But lately, despite continued growth, it's lost the top spot to another Indianapolis suburban county: Whitestown in Boone County. It was the fastest growing city or town for the seventh year in a row.May 24, 2018


Gee BB never been there - hope you get that support you need.


why do you want to move there? IAmNobody lives in that area.I used to but doubt I would go back because of the dreariness of the winter.

The housing is affordable, the schools sound decent and I have some people there. Also much closer to Toronto 🙂


There's a raceway!

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