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This could go for either gender. smile001.gif Just a great one liner, had to share~

By mistymoon779
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Love it!!!

catlady5 Level 3 May 2, 2018

Love it!


Gotta love Anthony Jseslnik

Roadster Level 6 Feb 19, 2018

Hahahahahaha! Good one.







Charlene Level 9 Jan 26, 2018

LMAO.. good one.


Ha ha, I know people like that.


I like this one also!


Anthony’s comedy brings a tear of laughter to my eyes...

Delbert Level 4 Nov 16, 2018

Is he talking about Sarah Huckabee Sanders? remember the old saying don't believe anything you read and only half of what you see.

I love her, she is the best.


I may have to use that one!


I think it is how I feel lately Thanks

EvaValdez Level 5 Apr 18, 2018

Love it love it

mangro Level 5 Jan 26, 2018

I actually saw this guy live! It was intense. Unforgettable.

Have you watched Ricky do Noah's Arc?? That is toooooooo funny!!!



VliXi Level 2 Apr 29, 2018

???, I think I know her!!


Been there, done that, walked away...

Jedi918 Level 5 Apr 24, 2018


MikeFlora Level 7 Jan 19, 2018

There's a non-"prophet" pun here somewhere.


OK - why can't we reverse gender here:

I knew him in a biblical sense. And when I say that, I mean I don't believe a word he says.

How do men feel about that statement in reverse? How do women feel about that statement with genders reversed? What is your very first thought?

It doesn't bother me either way. How do you feel about it either way?

Men and women both lie. Women are just better at lying!?

@Trussell2069 How do you come to that conclusion?

My very first thought is that it applies equally.

@Trussell2069 yeah, I think lying ability can't be attributed to one gender or the other any more than the ability to run, jump, or climb a tree. In other words, I see good and bad liars and everything in between in both genders. Wouldn't it be fun to have a lying contest between genders and see what's what?

I think it's a perfect thing to say about Trump and I'm going to go post that in my feed right now.

It works both ways. No misogyny here!

I think it is just as funny either way, and this was the "spirit" in which it was presented...

I am empathetic with this ME TOO movement, but now this song BABY IT IS COLD OUTSIDE is being attacked. IF one is not SMART enough to see this as a flirting tactic which could be used BY EITHER GENDER in my view this is absurd; it is not an invitation to date rape.

Ever hear Marilyn Monroe sing, "You'd be surprised", it was a sexual song objectifying a man, Who says anything about this???

@BrigittaCuadros "How do you come to that conclusion?"

Kind of off-topic, but that is just the right question to ask, in a variety of situations. I started asking this instead of "Why's that", and people realize they're expected to give their chain of rationale instead of just their current mood. It's remarkable how many people you can stump.

As for your actual question, this particular one wouldn't bother me either way, and I suspect it's because it doesn't outright say "women/men are such-and-such". I don't know the skit, but with the given information, it's suggested he's referring to a specific person, so I can't conclude that gender even factors into it.

Was the disclaimer added in an edit? To me it is equally funny no matter which two genders are involved.

Did you read what our lady Mistymoon77 posting the joke wrote? "This could go for either gender, just a great one liner"...gender is not the matter here but the word playing and the fact that the bible has no words to believe. If Sarah Silverman had said it instead of Jeselnik, she would quote a "him" and it would be equally funny to me!


Ha, I must share this on my Facebook post

And what sort of mischief do you commit in your feed over there? My feed has become a mostly anti-Trump echo chamber and that's okay with me most of the time, but sometimes I like to come here.


I love that! On the topic of pickup lines, a Doctor Who one I like is


I need to remember this one! lol

balou Level 8 Sep 12, 2018
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