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How much do you admit to being guilty?

Or are you always innocent?

atheist 8 Mar 2

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A word that is not in my vocabulary. I may be responsible for some shit, but never guilty.

@atheist possibly.


Full disclosure ensures trust.


When I screw up I admit it.

@atheist Nah, all the time, lest it come back and bite you in the butt.


Never. I'm only guilty for being a human. If I do something wrong I admit it. I'd rather ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

Permission for living.... That's why I don't ask.

I don't ask for permission. First lesson in life as a child. I got punished for getting caught. Not for the act. Lesson: don't get caught.

I live alone in the woods. Close enough.

First, do no harm. So don't get caught.


Not everyday, but I try to do a personal inventory as often as necessary. If I recognize some inappropriateness or it is pointed out to me I try and step up and face the music. If it's not on me then I firmly state that. If I review my behavior and work at changing it, or even make amends if I have gone too far, then I got a chance at being a better person. I guess that is guilt or innocence.


Whenever I am wrong. I've been wrong before. I believe it was a tuesday, but could be mistaken....


Nothing innocent about me.????


I'm innocent your honour I swear!
I am a terrible lier, so if I try, I just have guilt written all over my face, so tend to admit when I have done something wrong, which is usually never (A)

Sacha Level 7 Mar 2, 2018

Oh I admit to being a lot guilty of sinful pleasures. But... No god no sin, just pleasure.


Probably depends what I did - I have never formally been charged by the police so I guess we are into the small stuff. If I have done somethign bad on someone I do admit my stupidity apologise and try to make amends. But if its a silly row between me and one other I may well flounce off - As I write that I feel a bit silly being seventy and still flouncing off. But I don't hold a grudge.


I've been wrong before. I believe it was on a Tuesday...

Hah! A doubter! 😀


Never. I will always ask for an attorney and allow them to speak on my behalf.


Me? innocent? but of course, awww, damn who am I kidding?I'll admit it when it's true


I worked for a long time as an outside contractor and learned early on that I was the expendable one. Then I realized that was part of the service I offered; I was there to protect the foolish and take the rap. So I'd take the rap and play it through even if I wasn't even remotely involved. It turns out that that is a valueable service in many shops and is appreciated. The humor was that usually the one who fouled up would be my defender and "save" me.

@atheist lol, I understand what you mean. It took a while for me to recognize that there is the real truth and the perceived truth and usually everyone understands both. By being the scapegoat, lots of feelings are spared, time is created to fix things, and the team rapport is enhanced. In return, I would be extended.

@atheist Getting a contract was never all that hard. A couple of glitches in 20 years but no bfd. No, my goal was harmony and smooth changes.

@atheist In my experience, many people add a comma and "but lets do it my way."


One thing I have zero tolerance for is when people blame anyone or anything for their situation, feelings, whatever. I take absolute ownership of the things in my life. I'm never innocent within my own life.


I never screw up, I'm never guily only if there is a witness that says otherwise! LOL.


I never deny my stuff ups
but not necessary a feeling of guilt


Hardly ever lol.


If I'm at fault, I admit it. No biggie.


For what?


I'll accept the consequences of my actions. I'll own my own shit.
As far as "feeling" guilty, about anything, I don't believe in it. Just like I
don't believe in forgiveness, or regret.
I think 'guilt' is a waste of energy.


Of what?

I admit to being responsible for the actions I've actually taken. Whether that constitutes something praiseworthy or something to be ashamed of, is a separate issue connected with societal morality or group ethics. As for "guilt", that is a theological concept that is in turn dependent on another theological concept, "sin", to which are attached still other theological concepts. As an atheist I regard theology as a faux discipline which has no value outside of its own ingrown self-referential concerns and is largely untethered from actual reality. So I don't pay attention to it. In that sense I do not "admit guilt". So -- the answer to your question is really a function of what you mean by "guilt" and who is deciding what constitutes "guilt".


If I've done something wrong I admit straight away - people don't expect it and, if they're geared up for an argument, it takes the wind right out of their sails and leaves them flummoxed. If I'm innocent, I'll fight my corner for as long as it takes.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 2, 2018
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