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Newt Gingirch is claiming that athiests pose a bigger threat to American than does ISIS. What a frigging hypocrite that man is.


Ganaimn 5 Mar 5

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The scary part to me is that his argument is resonating with religious Americans - tying extreme liberal views with atheism is, in a religious person's perspective, logical and cummultiivate.

Admin Level 8 Mar 5, 2018

But our argument is resonating with an increasing number of non-religious and even the moderately religious. Newt has been on this track for decades. The fanatical religious dogma is getting harder and harder to justify.

7 boot!


I would argue that Christians pose a bigger threat than either of the others.


newt is evil. He is the reason we are so divided in this country. he attacks people he does not agree with in a vile hateful way. he knows human nature and plays to the negative. what a horrible human being.


I saw that, almost snorted my coffee. He's a twat and a half.

No...half a twat!


The Republican Party is the biggest threat to the US, and the world.


Newt Gingrich is right—atheism and secular philosophy IS a threat to Christianity. We are a threat to patriarchy. We are a threat to homophobia. We are a threat to the oppression of women, misogyny and sexism. We are a threat to systemic racism. We are the rising opposition to dogmatic bigotry. You are right Newt Gingrich, the threat is real!


As Carlin would say, "Here's another individual who should be beat with hammers, set on fire, and tossed in a barrel of acid."


He has his agenda. Fuck him

Very straight forward. I like that.


...hypocrite in the distant past and now in the present...and that will be true as long as we must be subjected to his superiority attitude toward his fellowman!


What an endorsement of my views! Proud to be everything he hates ????.

Livia Level 6 Mar 5, 2018

Well, Newtie and I have never met. If we had, he might have a point.
Since we haven't, he does not. He is pointless. Oh, and irrelevant.
Mustn't forget irrelevant.


Well, his life stands as an example of the American dream. Not.


Ah yeah...the phoniest Christian ever. A serial adulterur who along with Jerry Falwell foisted the Moral Majority (which was neither) upon America with St Ronnie's blessings. He was successful in waking up the dormant faux Christianity in the US with its unrealistic world view. This started the era where babies were having babies after being indoctrinated into the belief that birth control was evil. Nice job, fat little fuck.


Newt Gingrich can suck on my left nut.


We slready know he's an idiot.

godef Level 7 Mar 5, 2018

The Chinese are atheists. They have nukes. They have a confucian-communist government that is very pragmatic and effective. They are ever more competitive with the US on multiple fronts. The North Koreans are atheists--or god-king worshipers, it all depends on how you look at it. North Korea has nukes.

ISIS will soon be without territory and reduced to asymetric warfare--called terrorism by history's winners.

Atheist Americans threaten to bring fundamental change to America's beliefs and values, while conservative Muslims have good reason to make common cause with conservative Christians, Mormons, and Jews.

Atheists are indeed a bigger strategic, security, culture and value threat to America (as it is now) than ISIS, by a wide margin.


Republicans and religious groups preach hate. They need to have a scape goat. So they use athiests as a scape goat.


A threat to those who rely upon ignorance, superstition and bigotry to manipulate and influence others for profit.


A threat to those who use religion for power and influence and manipulation


He has the I.Q. of an apple. Greed is America's Achilles heel.

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