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So...these are things that happen. Yes it's common. This is the MeetMe site. Both of these were like two sentences in. Probably trolls but still.

OpposingOpposum 9 Mar 6

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I'm on a few dating sites and get messages like that as well. I wonder if anyone takes them up on the offer? Do the men really think this is an appropriate way of communicating?

Yesterday I had someone say "hey" on okcupid. He was cute so I looked through his questions. In the religion section he stated that god is very important to him. But, under the relationship question where it asks how long you want your next relationship to last, he put one night.

I messaged him and said I didn't think we were compatible because he sounded very religious and that he's only looking for one night. Also said something to the effect that one night stands and being religious don't usually go together. He hasn't responded.


Yikes! I can't believe this fixation on coffee in these messages....hehe...hehe...I really did just crack me up...haha

I....I have a problem ;p

The least of which is coffee 😛@Blindbird

@DelilahJones33 lol. Too true

@Blindbird HA! I'm on cup 4! I wonder if that is keeping my penis small?



I think I just died!


Here's my 'dick' pic 🙂

I could look at that for a while


French roast? 😉


I have thought about starting a site called YouR Tube. THe possibilities are endless. and tubular


I once had a man on AIM begging me to allow him to come visit so I could humiliate him. I won't go any further because he was VERY explicit about what he wanted me to do. Every time I was online he would harass me. I finally got enough and stopped going online. Even though it's been almost 20yrs, I'm pretty sure if I went on AIM (if it's still around) on that screen name he would find me.


Lmao thanks for that!


They might be trolls, but it sounds like a desperate sub. I had a friend that was a sex worker and this kind of request, and worse, was not uncommon.

JeffB Level 6 Mar 6, 2018

I get making these requests of a partner or sex worker but a complete stranger?

@Blindbird I didn't mean to imply it was appropriate


I met my boyfriend online. I really had to separate the wheat from the chaff to find him! I was the target of a romance scammer once, but spotted it before he could defraud me. He told me he was Italian, but he had the most Africanized Italian accent I have ever heard when he called me.

The most amusing ones are the ones who send you dick pics right away. I like to save those, because when a guy sends me an unsolicited dick pic, I send him one right back and say 'mine's better'. They usually block me, saving me the bother.

I recently reopened my Fetlife account. If I didn't have some good friends on there, I'd be deleting it and setting fire to my email address. The guys on there never read your profile; they just go straight in with 'do you want to meet/when can we meet/what's your address, I want to meet you tomorrow for sex. I posted that I am not looking for hookups. Do they care? No, they do not. And the sending back a dick pic when I receive a dick pic doesn't work on Fetlife because those guys are into almost anything. It's unreal.

Ori89 Level 4 Mar 6, 2018

One of the many reasons why I haven't been on Fetlife for years. I identify as submissive, and when they see that, they equate it with doormat. I DO have a brain and I DO know how to use it.

I'm a sub as well, and I've had men claim that my 'no, thank you, not interested' wasn't valid, because I must like being a 'brat'. That's how you identify a bad Dom. If they can't take no for an answer in the real world, how likely are they to in the bedroom (or any other play room)?


Yeah, trolls. Discouraging, isn't it?


kids these days


He seems nice....

Right? It's actually two guys


I guess he knows what he wants, but, with that approach I doubt he's going to get it.




Been there..Great dinner table anecdotes ensued!   Lol!


Big waste of time for nothing. I have a friend who wants me to check all his unknown phone calls. He puts this on me coz he knows I can do it. He also thinks all of his unknown calls have something to do witha girl he is fascinated with. Some things are just ignorant. We all get unknown phone calls.


Why waste your time with this shit?

I literally just tried this yesterday. Thought I'd meet some local people. Yeah...


Well, not necessarily guys meaning to troll, just that they have naturally troll-like personalities. Never underestimate the cluelessness of some people.

It would probably be best for these guys guy to stick to a kink site, and read up on how to do well in a relationship.


BB, That is awful.

Care for a cup of joe?
Oh and bring extra underwear for me and we can snap photos of my junk.


Well! If I'd known you were going to screenshot our conversation..... 😉

Lol. Hold up are you underwear guy or little unit guy?


What a bozo that guy was. Can't believe people think that putting sex issues out there is going to be attractive. Teases me with intelligent thought get me interested in who you are then the intimate part might happen. The more I here the more I think chivalry is as rare as common sense .



Reminds me of when a friend of mine received a snapchat from a stranger - it was a picture of his very small penis. He was looking for someone to make fun of it. To each their own, I say, but he didn't even know her. He just sent this to a random person. What if she were a child?? Do they really not think about that? It blows my mind.

Same. People do some weird stuff. Every time I get one of these I become more convinced I'm going to be single forever.

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