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LINK Full Video: FOX News Town Hall With Bernie Sanders | Video | RealClearPolitics

Any one that has not seen this presentation, you may find this incredibly wonderful. Bernie Sanders is interviewed in a town hall HOSTED by FOX They try to catch and burn Bernie but the result is just so pleasing to absorb. In my point of view, Sanders killed fox news this evening

EMC2 8 Apr 16

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Sanders is a clown. Even looks like an old dinosaur from the Soviet Leadership.

zesty Level 7 Apr 16, 2019

You missed the point I assume, This is what he spoke of, Is a person not attractive enough, too thin, too fat, too gay , but on the liberal side we see a movement to bring Americans to the fore front. NOT one sided any further. What you see in Bernie is what 3/4 of the nation sees in Trump but the difference is that with Trump the evidence and reality are there, With Bernie, you just do not like freedom for all, But that is why I hope we, the liberals, Make American Once Again.

@EMC2 You, the so called liberals try to take away all the remaining freedom we have. Try to create something instead of redistributing what hardworking people made.

@zesty Well I am not in the top 10% and you are,. This is fine as it is difficult for you to understand what freedom is , such as more money for family, helping children, helping the poor
Oh my I just described that radical liberal Jesus. Sorry

So, you judge others based on their looks & not brains, heart, ideas? Good luck with that.......

@AnneWimsey No. His ideas and ideas are even much lower grade than his looks. The guy is a walking disaster!

@zesty just wow. You like poverty wages, everybody working 3 jobs, unaffordable college, and no health care, particularly if you have any pre-existing conditions? Well, good for you & your charmed life......

@zesty I call 2 parents working 2 jobs each, never seeing their kids, and one accident/illness away from disaster "hardworking" but having no hope. You & your charmed life have No idea, any more than Cheeto does!

@AnneWimsey Poverty wages are paid for high school kids in McDonalds. People move up. Everybody works 3 jobs? Nonsense. College is affordable, I know I'm a college professor. Health care, even for people on Medicaid, is much better than health care in socialist countries. The system obviously could be improved but not the way Bernie suggests.

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