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LINK If We Want To Stop Queer Kids From Dying By Suicide, We Need To Start At The Top | HuffPost

"Conversion Therapy" or "Repairative Therapy", defended by many republicans, to try to make gay kids into heterosexul kids more than triples the risk of suicide, and in ten year follow ups less than 1% consider themselves to be heterosexual. In short it just doesnt' work. You can't "pray away the gay".

snytiger6 9 Apr 26

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The practice has been debunked by none other than the founder & disolver of Exodus.

The two men who founded Exodus, fell in love and left the program they founded. I remember reading about that in an article published sometime generally around 1990.


This is so true. You can't pray away anything. Converting gays is like trying to make left handed people right handed.

I like the comparison. I plan to use in future Facebook comments.


The BYU project Evergreen (AKA Evergreen International, Inc) sponsored by the Mormon church was literally torture, and is a known contributory factor to Utah having the highest (known) LGBT youth suicide rate in the world.
Project evergreen was founded and run by then BYU administrator and Later prophet of the church, Thomas S. Monson who described it as valuable work in combating the "sickness" of "same sex attraction" SSA for short (Mormons don't believe there is any such thing as homosexuality because "god would not do that to someone" ) .
Personally I am of the opinion that if you think it is right to strap kids to chairs and inject them with powerful emetics to make them throw up and wretch uncontrollably while watching gay porn for three hours a day three times a week and think it is a good idea, you are sick one!

Evergreen International, Inc was disbanded in 2014 and was bought lock stock and barrel by North Star another Utah base "reparative therapy" organisation owned and run by the LDS, but off BYU campus.

If you go back to the Durkheim Suicide Study, It showed that the more rigid the religious belief, the higher the suicide rate.

I was raised Mormon, and I had suicidal thoughts before i left the church and one of my sisters actualy attempted suicide before she left.... and we lived in lhe Los Angeles area.

Yeah, Ihae seen videos of people talking about the torture implemented by BYU. They are on Youtube.


Conservatives are just unable to wrap their heads around science beside delusions are so much easier for them to comprehend


LGBTQ youth have enough peer pressure placed on them. The last thing they need is to be ridiculed for their sexual lifestyle. When are people going to accept others for being who they are and quit trying to change them into something they are not. This shit has got to end and soon.


I recently had a physical checkup. One of the questions I was asked was what sex was I attracted to. Medical personnel said it was a required question. What’s up with that? Also how many sexual partners? How is that relevant to health?

Well, obvious more sexual partners increases risks for soem diseases. What kinds of sex you are having also determines risks. When tryign to nail down a diagnosis it is helpful additional information to get before running tests.

It bothered me a little bit that when i was sexually active, because I m a gay man, the first test they always did was for HIV. However, once they elimate the possibility it dos help them narrow the possibilities.

@snytiger6 really? They asked am I sexually active? After the answer to that, they have what they need.

Today I wanted to contact our state Crime and Corruption Commission … the third question was about my sex/gender (M/F … no other choice) which I skipped as I did not see any relevance to the issue. The system just didn't allow me to go past that question without answering it.
The system is fucked.


Perhaps to stop referring to them as queer would be a good start.

The author of the article referred to himself as queer, and many others also identify positively with the term. It's the Q in LGBTQ. And let's not forget the highly successful show "Queer Eye"! Depending on who uses it and how they use it, it may not be derogatory.

@dkp93 yep “queer” is now a term embraced by the LGBTQ (Q is for queer!) community.

@A2Jennifer a bit like the N word for rap artists. OK if they use it but others......
This political correctness gets confusing

@powder actually it’s not a matter of political correctness at all. If you use a word as a slur, it’s a slur. Otherwise it’s fine expected even, to refer to people as however they identify themself.

@A2Jennifer I don't buy that. Statistically the norm is what is expected in a sample group. Statistically, gays are abnormal. Now if I started sprouting that, with no judgement eg abnormal does not equate bad, I would be howled down.
I don't think of people as queer, if anything they are abnormal as they don't fit the norm.
Queer implies not right and I dislike the term.

Queer has been a term taken up for self labeling by a large portion of the LGBTQ youth. For manyit is a transnational term. They know they don't fit in as heterosexual, but haven't figured out exactly how... yet. Some take it on as a defiant label for themselves. If they label themselves as Queer, then it takes the derogatory power of the word away. Then there are those who just feel like they are an outlier in society and don't feel comfortable with the usual labels.

I believe the show "Queer As Folk", first the British mini-series and then the U.S. TV series with the same title helped change the acceptability of th word.

Anyway, queer,at least in the U.S. has often been used to describe LGBT youth lately to denote that these are kids who dont' fit the norms, but have not yet figured out how they do fit, so, queer has become a general catch all word for those still figuring themselves out.

It is still touchy, in some cases, because people wish to label themselves, and not be labeled by others who know nothing about them.

If you look at original meanings queer is one of the less offensive words used to describe LGBT people. For instance faggot, originally meant a bundle of hard wood branches used for burning peopel at teh stake, which give you an idea of how gays(who weren't wealthy) were treated back when they did that.

@Deiter language, like culture, is alive and forever changing. I would term queer as not a new term adopted by millenials but old language adopted by them.

@MissKathleen @deiter The Q can stand for queer and/or questioning. I've even seen it doubled up, as in LGBTQQ. @snytiger6 had a great explanation above.
"...queer has become a general catch all word for those still figuring themselves out."

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