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What is your favorite meal to cook for your family or loved one? Or just for yourself.

I love to cook my grandma's homemade mac and cheese. The sauce is so good. I've memorized how to cook it on the stove. Sometimes I see my aunt for a meal at her house and she lets me to cook it. We melt the the butter in a sauce pan and then add a small amount of flour. A few cups of milk is added, stiring it until it gets thick. Then we add shredded cheddar cheese, a little bit of cream cheese, and some Velveeta cheese. It is so good on macaroni or on tortellini. What do you like to cook?

Sarahroo29 8 Mar 7

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Pork tenderloins, saurkraut, and mashed potatoes.


My nephews and nieces each have a favorite meal that each of them like me to cook for them, so I have many different meals that I love to cook because it makes them happy. One likes southern fried chicken, one likes shrimp Alfredo, one likes curry chicken, one likes beef ribs, one likes corned beef, one likes coconut fish and shrimp curry. All of them likes rice and beans and baked macaroni and cheese made with Parmesan and Romano cheese.

Do you have a lot of brothers and sisters? Or do they have a lot of kids?

@Sarahroo29 I don't have any kids of my own, I am the oldest and raised my brothers and sister because my single mother worked two jobs to provide for us. I kind of take my siblings kids as my own since I do not have any of my own and spends a lot of time with them.

@Sarahroo29 I have 7 nephews and nieces and three siblings.

@noworry28 Oh, okay.


Beef bourgouin it is a Julia Child's recipe it is classified expert class. I have nailed it spot on a few times it is easy to mess it up. I can cook beef stroganoff from off the top of my head my kids love that one.



@Sarahroo29 why have you not joined "Food Glorious Food" and made this post in there?

What is that?

Oh, I only know one recipe very well.

@Sarahroo29 Just press on the link and you'll be transported there. Then you may be able to learn more recipes, tips, ways of food preparation, people's likes and dislikes, failures, successes ... limited only by your imagination, respect for yourself and willingness to share and enjoy being part of the group sharing ideas from around the world.

@FrayedBear I'm not allowed to cook at my facility.

  1. Salmon steaks on a cedar plank cooked on the grill; with broiled asparagus spears and onion. 2) Frenched rack of lamb served with haricot verts.
    Both served with either roasted potatoes or wild rice medley.

I've never had lamb.


Spaghetti all carbonara ... you would have to torture me for the recipe!


@Sarahroo29 The pasta or me ?

@MarcIveson Pasta is my favorite food.


I will use any excuse to cook. I can make just about anything. But I'm famous for my meatloaf. The big secret is to make it and let it rest in the fridge for at least 8 hours. Yum! But I'm also pretty good at Asian BBQ Pork.


@ColinChapman Please come to "Food Glorious Food" and share your meatloaf recipe under the #Meatloaf and #MyRecipe hashtags.


Apple crisp! My siblings especially love it because we grew up with it as one of our favorite desserts, and I recently mastered what I consider to be the perfect crisp topping (the secret was adding obscene amounts of butter).

Yummy. Apple crisp.


Cuts of steaks with sides of vegetables. Or spaghetti bolognese. Simple meals.

Sounds good.


I cook a mean roast with all the trimmings, including Yorkshire Pudding.

What ie Yotkshire pudding?

@Sarahroo29 it's a simple batter baked in the oven to accompany the roast dinner .
It's a must with roast beef and horseradish sauce .They must be crunchy !!!
Enough ! . I,ll get prosecuted for treason if I give away anymore national secrets .

@MarcIveson Yorkshire pudding was designed as a stomach filler so that diners would not need as much meat. Sure many a Yorkshire pudding has a crisp skin on the top but is a solid 1-2 inches thick with a consistancy thicker than a custard that can be thrown in a solid chunk. If it is dry and leathery it is overcooked and not of the correct size.

@FrayedBear That may be true in the colonies (Lol) , it tends to be cooked nowadays in fairy cake moulds , although my mum used to cook it in a flat tray , until , as you say , crunchy on top and a bit spongelike .... But not thick at all .My Dad used to eat it cold with jam....yuck !

@MarcIveson I still eat it with cold jam....yum.

@MarcIveson Lol.


Not so much what I like to cook, but what I get requests for, chicken breasts stuffed with seagood, avocado camembert cheese and hollandaise sauce served with glazed vegetables.

That sounds good.

You should be sharing this in "Food Glorious Food" @Rugglesby


I like to make a brown rice and lentils concoction. I cook rice and lentils separately, then start cutting up raw-edible vegetables (e.g., onion, tomato, cilantro, cucumber), press some garlic, and mash up avocado into it in a bowl. Then, when the cooked ingredients are ready and still hot, scoop them into the bowl with the uncooked ingredients and mix thoroughly. Add hot sauce and/or seasonings (e.g., Mrs. Dash) into the mixture. Squeeze a bit of lemon over it. Serve and garnish as desired (e.g., a couple of lemon slices). That's all there is to it. It's easy and really tasty.

I love fresh veggies.

Another "Food Glorious Food" entry


I can do an awesume steak, with barbequed asparagass, corn, and potatoes.


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