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An odd experience

I experienced something from childhood to early adulthood that I really can't explain.

I remember, late at night, laying in bed. I'd hear the various noises around me. Somehow, I could make those noises sound louder. Doing this seemed to make the room I was in expand to a huge ize, and the blanket on me got thick and heavy-- almost too heavy to bear. This would go on for a while, and just fade away.

When I was younger, this scared the heck out of me: I hated when it happened. As I got older, and I realized that I wasn't being harmed, I got to enjoy it, and on occasions even induced it myself. It hasn't happened to me in decades.

I've basked various people about this, and was given answers ranging from sleep paralysis to a meditative state. Any comments?

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Hypnagogic state.


If the house you had lived in was made of particleboard the formaldehyde from the wood could have caused hallucination even the chemicals from a new carpet can be intoxicating.


Hmm..or you have extraordinary control of your sensory perceptions.

Growing up I would mentally slow down speeding objects, such as baseballs, tennis balls, or ping pong balls to see their spin, and how to hit and return them. I would imagine the basketball hoop being huge, so it was easy to sink a shot from anywhere. Later, I read that being able to "slow perceived time" was common in professional athletes.

wow thank you for that - I am hopeless at any sport and tend to run away from flying balls yet I love the concept!


Sheesh! Why do all the people I'm 99% compatible with, turn out to be batshit crazy! Oh. Hang on a minute, maybe I'm ......


Might have been a congenital heart issue that healed over time.


I would guess it was some form of lucid dreaming but while u are awake. if not then maybe a controlled hallucination??? I don't know for sure but I wish I could do it too

jorj Level 8 Mar 8, 2018
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