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What are your deal breakers? Not like the major ones (dishonest, unfaithful, self obsessed, abusive) but like little deal breakers

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Mar 8

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Like Bernie Bernie like to chew not chew...pop

If you fire two warning shouts into his head... He had it comin'... 🙂😉

@DaveSuvada well he only had himself to blame


Bad teeth

What if it is a genetic defect and not a direct correlation to bad hygiene practices

I probably wouldn't. Just can't.


Insulting one of the following:

Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Star Trek
Dungeons & Dragons
Video games
The Royal Navy.

I said not major personality defects lmao

This is the best list here! I may have to be restrained if anyone insults any of the first four. ESPECIALLY D&D!


I don't even know at this rate, all I see is rejection.


Texting while we on a date.


Smoking tobacco. Just can't deal with the smell.


Lacking a genuine love for truth, in the scientist-at-heart kind of way, is a deal breaker.


Cigarette smoking, having or wanting children, actively disliking Doctor Who (mainly because it's absolutely everywhere in my home and they'd be miserable/infuriated/etc), not being at least somewhat active.

@WizardBill I might.


Bad hygeine, serious alcoholics, and smokers. I guess depending on how well the connection is I can MAYBE overlook smoking, but it has to be ONE HELL OF a connection to rule all loves, and when they smoke they better do it outside and away from me......and keep their breath fresh all the time. Being controlling or nagging or being a big worrier. I already have a mother lol




tobacco smoking, poor hygiene, poor grammar/communication, braggart, bigot, self-absorbed, greedy, doesn't like animals, anti-social

eek , hope that's not one person !

not one person-but my list has grown recently-lol

It could be one person... does Trump smoke?


Bad taste in music, likes the Kardashians, or doesn't appreciate art....all deal breakers


I can handle unfaithful dishonest and self obsessed even a little abuse doesn't hurt too much but the rewards are great. you have to stab me in the heart literally to get me to break the deal

Wow. You need to work.on your boundaries. You deserve better than that.


The only 2 dealbreakers for me are fanatical religious and fanatical Republicans


Trump lover. Dog hater. Constant complaining. Racist. Rude to people, especially waiters. Doesn't think I'm hilarious. Physically unaffectionate (over time; does not have to be immediate)

Boy, I'm picky.

One loving the orange one is a major for me ...

The orange one, lmao. Yeah, Trump-loving or conservative sociopolitical views are a total deal-breaker for me too. Some people get all self-righteous and preach about how wrong it is to discount someone as a friend based on their political views, but times have changed. Someone who really loves Trump (or any number of modern Republican politicians) is either in support of or willing to overlook some serious bigotry, ignorance, and creep-ery! I could not be friends with let alone PARTNER UP with someone in that boat.

@phil21: I like "doesn't think I'm hilarious".


High fiving in public

This is from a show popular in Seattle in the nineties.

@Benthoven was one of them bill nye ?

Yes he was: Bill Nye the Science Guy.


Someone who uses "all inclusive" phrasing and defends such phrases as "truth". Phrases like, "all christians, muslims etc are..", "all men/women are...", "all white people are responsible for the genocide of my people (my people are indigenous North Americans) ". These type of phrases are divisive and nonsensical. I cannot have a decent conversation with folks like this and conversation is an ESSENTIAL ingredient in any relationship that I participate in.


Bad teeth, I once had a friend who was so lovely but I couldn't get past the bad teeth 😟


Cigarettes, meat consumption, calling their ex bad names, lack of basic etiquette.

@Troy I just don't want to hear it. It's uncivilized. We all have reasons our exes are our exes. If it's still so painful for a person, they still call their exes names, I feel for them, but I don't want any part of that journey out of bitterness. Maybe we'd hook up when it's not so raw.

@Troy It's one thing to talk about it with your familiars and platonic close relations. If you're at the point where you think it's reasonable to refer to your ex as "the bitch" while you're talking to your potential love interest, I think you still have issues to sort through.


I have a couple, that are pretty big for me: Listens to country music... likes Ayn Rand... Is into pseudo science... And how they treat customer service people.


Monogamists, Consumer fetishists, Career mindedness, Timidity, Spinelessness.


If she smokes, no way


I don't roll that way. I know a deal breaker when I see it, in vivo, and not before. Everything's situational. Everything depends. Due process reigns supreme.


I have loads, I guess, superficial people tops the list

AdieG Level 4 Mar 8, 2018

Racism. Extreme leftist or extreme rightist. Religious. Non-affectionate. Non-communicative. Couch potato. Television junkie. Smoker. Heavy drinker. Drug user. Dishonest. Evasive.

Must have sense of humor and be difficult to offend!

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