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How do you de-stress?

I was a christian for 26 years and was used to praying through the hard times to feel better. Now that I don't believe there is a god out there in control of everything, I've had to come up with other ways to de-stress. Sometimes I just remind myself of how far I've come and what I've been capable of. Sometimes I take deep breaths. How do you de-stress when things are tough?

LisaL81 7 May 8

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I go out and take pictures, flowers, plants, mountains, animals.


Sex and alcohol


Sex..except when I'm stressing out over sex..


Smoke a lot of weed!


I masturbate


I do believe in the power of massage. The power of human touch and muscular massage can really de-stress and get those feel-good transmitters and receptor going with the good stuff. Even an inexpensive massage at the mall can do that for you. It does not have to be a $300 spa day. (And I'm not talking about the happy-ending kind at the asian massage parlor, either.)


Nothing relieves my stress better than a long hike

Unity Level 7 May 9, 2019

I meditate. I talk to people. I positively affirm what I most desire. I lighten up. I get massages. I practice self care. I take a nap.


Take my dog for a long walk by the bay


At 66, I know that this, too, will pass. In the summer, I take care of my yard and spend time outdoors. In winter, I quilt and knit.

Yeah, next year you will be 67 but unlike me you will still have your beautiful long hair.

@FrayedBear The hair is a result of genes! I take care of it and it has thinned considerably, but I inherited it from my great-grandmother. And I will 67 this year! I will still be able to pass for 66, though.

@Gwendolyn2018 1. Hair loss - blame it on that male hormone - testosterone or loss of female hormone.
2. Once you get past 50 vanity, the young pet needing walking or playing with, retiring (as in being retired from your life) partners and your increasing aches and pains are the only usual suspects bothering to date your age accurately.
3. Your great grandmother was the original alien on earth or they simply broke the mould with her realising how dangerous it would be to let more be birthed?

@FrayedBear Oh, I know all about the issues of aging and losing hair. My hairdressers always told me that I could lose half of my hair and then, have a "normal" head of hair. I notice the thinning, but my sister is the only other one who does.

As for other effects of aging, I am not experiencing many of them as yet. I am still doing what I was doing 20 years ago. I attribute that to genes, as well, and losing 100 pounds in my mid 40s.

I am quite sure that I am of alien descent--it explains "things."

@Gwendolyn2018 "things" please tell more. Go private if need be.

Jealous sister?

100 lbs - an excellent decision. I wish that I had achieved similarly. I was given a very early prognosis that I would not live beyond 40. I hope that the bastards who gave it are long since dead!

@FrayedBear Nothing secret about the "things"--I have just always been a bit different from most people, but I have learned to assimilate well.

Not a jealous sister--just an honest one. Neither my grandmother, mother, or my sister go the Hair, though.

My maternal side tends to be long lived. I realized in my 40s that if I lived a long time, it would be better for me if I did not weigh 250 pounds. It is one of the best things I have done for myself. I could easily pass for 65 between the hair and my good health.


Everything is just temporary. Glass of wine, temporary. Work out, temporary.

I just try to trick my brain into releasing the chemicals I want. Ever just hug somebody for like 30 seconds? Works amazing for killing stress.

Of course, that requires cooperation and advanced warning. You can't just like wrap somebody up for that long without their permission.


YouTube debates with flat earthers!!!

i actually met a guy that thinks the earth is flat.


Weed and then writing.


My puppy


I don't have to de-stress near as much as I did when I was a believer. I do, however, need to from time to time, so I enjoy hot baths, candles, and a glass of wine --- brainwave entrainment --- being creative --- research --- listening to music --- massage --- dinner and a movie --- blogging --- going to the beach (which is 4 blocks away).


A little scotch and a little weed, or when I am playing music. Sex works, but the other two are much easier to come by. No pun intended. 🙂


What is this "de-stress" of which you speak?


I head outdoors for a hike, or watch nesting desert birds from looking over our yard railing.

Photo I just took of a male curve-billed thrasher guarding his nest in a sagebrush thicket growing in desert area adjacent to our yard.

By the way this particular male comes to my sliding glass door at night to say "good-night" to me with a loud "WIT! WIT!" until I nod to him. His mate also calls to me from the thicket, and I can hear other thrashers all over the mountainside also echoing the "wit, wit" call before the male dives into the thicket and everything goes silent for the night.


Sex, garden, hike


Meditation is going to be the closest comparison to what you used to do. I suggest meditating.


Praying is basicly talking to yourself, if that gave you comfort before, talk to yourself, out loud if you have to. If it was th fantasy that was so attractive, close your eyes and let your mind wander, visualize what you will and work with it. The answers were always within you. reach out to others.


I take a long bike ride.


Games, gardening, wine and chat with a friend (or friends).


Draw. Go for a walk. Play video games. Drink. Get a massage.


It is thought that certain types of music works well. I lie down as if to meditate and listen to classical adagios such as baroque, Tchaikovsky and Chopin.


Ripping out weeds in my gardens is great during spring and autumn, winter= grabbing the axe, the steel wedges, the 10lb sledge hammer and the chainsaw (if needed) and splitting wood for the wood heater, it gets the blood flowing, the temperature up and I often imagine the face, etc, of some annoying person, problem, etc, being on the piece of wood.
As for the accursed Telemarketers/Survey Pollsters ringing my landline, well, answering and speaking in either German, Latin or some meaningless drivel language I've invented at the time usually annoys them and release my stress.

Btw, I 'de-stressed' quite well yesterday afternoon, split, cut and stacked 4 wheelbarrow loads of firewood, the axe, sledge-hammer, wedges and saw got an excellent work-out, now I'm waiting for the Election Results from the Federal Election next weekend and BOY will there be wood chips flying after they come out....LOL.

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