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Has anyone else had to cut ultra religious family out of their lives?

I had to see my father for the first time in years because of a funeral. I didnt speak to him or indicate I was open to him speaking to me.

He refuses to accept my lack of religion, and I certainly don't will never accept his politics.

Anyone else had to disassociate with family over religion?

tmonsta 5 May 10

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Do husbands count? I’m divorced because I rejected religion after being married almost 14 years.


Getting there, but not so much because of religion but his politics. Combine the two.....ugh!


I told the whole fucking family to fuck off. Reason: Religio-nazis, racists, the old man was a child molester, and is defended by even his own victim . . . . fuck them all . . . . it is not worth the bull shit and head games.

THHA Level 7 May 10, 2019

Sadly yes, but I am better for cutting that toxic shit out of my life.


Sort of but they just seemed to withdraw from me, that's just fine.


I didn’t necessarily cut her out so much as challenge her ridiculous behavior and let her know that if she had a problem with me, she was free to gtfo. It all happened on FB and she was stalking my posts (on my own page) and reporting random things that she was “offended” by. I remember the last one was a meme I shared telling people to google something (I think it was your name) and post the third image. Mine ended up being a drawing of a female centaur that had a tiny bit of side boob showing (no nip) and she reported it as nudity.

Awfully petty of her to have done. She must've had some idle time... lol

@HockeyGuy She didn’t see it as petty. I’m the heathen that she was trying to save. Cleaning up FB, one cartoon side-boob at a time

@Leeshi virtue in the eye of delusionality I'm sure. Good on you for challenging her at least. Your approach seems to be one of well mannered moderation which makes you an ideal representative of presenting logic and reason to those without. My self control isn't nearly as consistent as I have an unfortunate history of disowning (working on improving this fault) and even sometimes offering an FU farewell in controversial instances which hurts our overall cause on displaying how we can be moral, respectful, etc without religion and overseeing deities. Again, great job on your end - keep it up!

@HockeyGuy Thanks! I certainly don’t always take the high road, but I do try and, I think, succeed in being fair and attempting to understand the other person’s point of view much of the time.


Half my family love trump and jebus


No, I think that people in the US are very intolerant when it comes to religious beliefs. I have never heard of it happening in any other places I have lived in, ie Poland, Sweden or Australia.

To find USA levels of religious fervour and intolerance, perhaps Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia. There are not that many any more.

@amymcmxcii I don't know if I would go quite that far. We don't exactly have jihads, suicide bombers, beheadings, or radical fatwas.

@Piratefish Give the repubs time. Give them time.

@freeofgod I'm not a fan of either party.

@Piratefish We just have right wing so called christians that go into black churches and kill the people they are praying with.....

@Piratefish Of course you do! It's just that all this mayhem is exported to other countries, where you cannot see it and doesn't bear Arabic names. No one would use suicide bombers if they had access to lots of F-16s. You don't think the latest and barbaric Georgia ruling on abortion is a "radical fatwa"? You don't think the relentless persecution of Palestine and Iran are Jihads?

@amymcmxcii You're confusing politics with religion.

@Redheadedgammy That more than outweighs the 3,000 killed in 9/11 alone. And all the beheadings. And suicide bombers. And honor killings. And stonings. And violent jihads.

You've got to be kidding me. They're not even close. Not even in the same ballpark. Not even in the same ZIP code, city, or state.

@Piratefish Am I? I think it was you who brought fatwa, jihad, &c. into this discussion; I was merely responding. Could it be that you are the one who is confused?

@amymcmxcii I'm guessing you didn't do so well in school. If you honestly think the US is anywhere nearly as violently religious as Saudi Arabia, you are either incredibly stupid, or haven't been paying attention. It is difficult to take you seriously at all when you cannot seem to separate politically and economically motivated US foreign policy and beheading women because your religion says having an affair or premarital sex is punishable by death. We also don't fly hijacked airplanes into skyscrapers because we hate infidel Muslims and want to wipe them all out.

Or are you just trolling?

@Piratefish Once the conversation descends to ad hominem and gratuitous insults, I know the conversation is over. I win; you lose. Adieu, Mr. Piratefish. I hope you feel better in the morning.

@amymcmxcii You still haven't made the distinction between politically and economically motivated foreign policy and religiously motivated violence yet, have you? Every single word I wrote is logically valid and accurate, and I stand behind them.

But if it makes you feel better to declare yourself the "winner" and resort to acting like you're 5 years-old because you are in over your head, I can't stop you from remaining clueless. Obviously no one else has, either.

@Piratefish Yawn. Are you still there? Adieu is a French word for goodbye, used only when we do not expect to see the other person again. See? You've learned something tonight. Adieu, Mr. Piratefish.

@amymcmxcii Is that why you came back one more time?

And what is your response to the perfectly valid differentiation between politically and economically motivated US foreign policy and cutting off a woman's head because your religion says she must die for having sex with a man who is not her husband?

Is this how you always react when faced with a hole in your argument? Because I am all ears if you can tell me how invading countries for oil or other resources is anything like waging all out bloody war on anyone whose religion is not exactly like yours. Or throwing rocks at a woman until she is dead because your religion says she deserves to die? Or strapping a bomb to yourself to blow up a crowded venue full of infidels? Or ramming a hijacked jet into a building full of thousands of innocent people because they are part of the "Great Satan"?

That's why I have to believe you are just trolling. You cannot possibly think these are the same things, or even on the same level. How can anyone whose been paying attention to the past century honestly think the US is anything close to as religiously violent as Saudi Arabia? When is the last time you saw 15 people have their heads cut off in public for violating religious law in the US? Or the last time you saw a couple of dozen people surround an 18 year-old woman and pelt her to death with stones for being with her boyfriend? You have to be joking.

@amymcmxcii Please show me the news story covering the last time 37 religious minorities were publicly beheaded in the U.S. It just happened in Saudi Arabia about 2 weeks ago.


@amymcmxcii And when is the last time you saw a story about the religious police in the US killing unmarried women for associating with men, like in this story from Saudi Arabia?


@amymcmxcii There are many people in those countries that are not that intolerant either, it is usually only the fanatics who are.

@amymcmxcii, @Piratefish Well if you look at what is happening then you would know that those things only happen in very few countries, mainly Saudi Arabia, the great friends of the US the one's who are responsible for 9/11

@amymcmxcii, @Piratefish No she is not, nothing to do with religion but all to do with money and power.

@amymcmxcii, @Piratefish You try to sound like some kind of expert on this subject. You need to be careful of what you say with out the evidence. Not that those things don't happen but you make it sound like a daily happening.

@amymcmxcii, @Piratefish They don't behead women because of adultery, they stone them but also men. Why are you being rude to her, I think you are probably the one who is those things you said about her. If you are incapable of having a discussion without calling people stupid and uneducated then please be quiet.

Thank you for your support! You have made all the points I had hoped to make before piratefish lost his mind. It is absurd to pretend that radical islam is somehow separate from the brutal aggression perpetrated on Middle Eastern countries by the West. I have recently been taught, however, that I do not have to endure rude, ignorant behaviour, so piratefish is on time-out until he learns some manners. Nice to meet you and all the best!

@amymcmxcii You are welcome. Don't put up with anything as rude as he tries to give out. Do take care.


Nope, they cut me out and I don't care! My parents are religious and they know that I'm atheist and we're really good! Love them! We respect each other


Not yet, because none of my family knows yet. They would hit the roof if they found and put an extra pin it to tell them I'm pan sexual.

Yeah I'm not telling mine either.


I don't cut out family for any reason....everybody has the right to be wrong.. ....especially family.


Nope, I keep them around for entertainment purposes! 🤪


Yep. And I don't regret it at all.


No, but my Jehovah's Witness cousin, Sarah, cut me off because I am an atheist.


Yes, but fortunately not as close as a Father.. Cousins, fuckin cornfed god preachen trump suckin midwestern country cousins 😕

Varn Level 8 May 10, 2019

I finally severed ties with my younger brother, not so much because he was an insufferable religious zealot, but because his hypocrisy and lack of cognitive dissonance finally became too much for me to stomach. His seething hatred toward me and my indifference to his belief system didn't exactly help much either. Put up with his shit for far too many years, actually.


My dad cut most of the family on his and my moms side out for the most part when we were younger, self superior anti-religious or mental health reasons or both. I therefore don't have much of an extended family to cut off.

MsAl Level 8 May 10, 2019

I didn’t cut them out so much as I just don’t show up to events.


No. They disassociated with me.


Lucky for me I didn't have to do that.



Neenz Level 7 May 10, 2019

Almost all of them.


I've got one cousin who was one of my favorite relations until she started guzzling the hardshell fundamentalist Kool-Aid. I just kind of quietly slipped away from dealing with her, and there's been no resulting drama. Irony is that she is also one of the smartest and best educated of the bunch. Go figure.

Sounds familiar.. My valedictorian cousin … climbing out her bedroom window to hitchhike into the big city ..smoking pot rolled in gum wrappers.. And who knows how many abortions. Now, the worst kind of fundamentalist, even planning to build her own church!


So far none of my family are nutty enough to cut out but I’m concern about my mom’s sanity...


I was never close to the ultra religious members of my family, mostly due to growing up on the other coast, so they were never much part of my life to begin with.

...that helps.sometimes the inviorment
is a big deal breaker for free thought &
speech.Look at abortion/race issues...


Don't have any family fitting that description.

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