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BenefIts of books

sassygirl3869 9 Mar 9

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Do you remember the book 1984? In the book, 1984, all knowledge is on computers. In the story the key character has the job of editing history. Events that happened in the past were edited to fit what the authorities now wanted people to read if they researched an issue or an event. You can't do that with books. But as computers take over, Google can change history with a cut and paste.


I like the hard back books from my local library, as they have larger print, and only have to deal with the ones I have checked out.


I use my Kindle to read short Sci/Fi stories when I go to bed at night, no need for a light on and if I fall asleep I don't lose my spot. Non-Fiction or popular novels I still prefer in print, preferably hard cover.


All the trees are shivering at your post.

Why should the 'trees' be shivering? We have the abilities to recycle paper over and over again BUT electronic devices keep becoming obsolete and the plastics they are made from take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to decay away creating even more pollution just as the production of those plastics causes in the their creation.
Has anyone tried simply planting the plastics from a Cell Phone, as they can with the seeds of a tree for example, and observed a NEW Cell Phone start to emerge?

@Triphid Are you aware that a very small amount is actually recycled.


Nothing beats nor even comes close to the good old printed book, well books that contain FACTS or a truly decent subject/story/plot or a that is. There is 1 book known almost world-wide that falls cosmically short of ANY of those things and more and that is the bible.


I have come to depend on my Kindle, but I wish I could give many of my books away when I'm done reading them. I do love the way I can switch between my phone and my Kindle or iPad and my computer and still pick up at the same place where I left off. I also love being able to adjust the font to suit my vision.


I like both. Sure, real books are things of beauty, but when you live in a small apartment with two other adults and their belongings and a hyperactive mountain lion that someone at the Humane Society mistook for a cat, you learn the value of how much space an e-book reader saves. Also, have you ever tried to take a dozen books with you on a plane?


I built this almost ten years ago.



I love reading and collecting real crime books


I'm like Captian Kirk--I much prefer holding the book to electronic readers etc---


Oh I LOVE real books. Someday the good old fashioned printed books are going to save humanity.


Dog ears whoever does that needs burning there's a technological advancement called a bookmarker you know !!!!!

I agree with that! What are we, savages?

I don't like dog-ears. What I really hate though with paperbacks is a broken spine!

@MST3K can be the sign of a well loved book though

@SimonMorgan1 That's a good way to look at it too.

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