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If you were being sent off to an isolated island with 3 other people, who would you pick to go with you?

I'd pick my husband and my middle brother. I think my brother needs to take a female of his choice so we can populate this island with more helping hands. lol.

silvereyes 8 Mar 10

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Donald Trump, Pat Robertson and the exchange student who kissed me a few weeks ago.

With company like that, she'll settle for me eventually.

If it's a one way trip for 2 of them, I will talk you up to the girl.

@DJVJ311 Trust me. As soon as I find a suitably sized rock or tree branch...

@JosephHarrison petition to make this happen for real.



George Carlin, Buddha, and Mitch Hedberg


My daughter, my brother and woman doctor.


Can my dog count as one?


My wife and my daughters.

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