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Men (sorry ladies) would you date a woman much taller than you?

I have really had issues dating men much shorter than I am.
How do you feel about tall women (4 inches or better)?

Akfishlady 8 Mar 10

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Being a 5'8 male who dates models and dancers it happens all the time. Some even have to stoop to hear me in a loud room. For photo ops, its a must!

Four or more inches taller presents a whole new set of dilemmas...especially if she wears heels...but I've always soldiered through.


that would be a first, lol im 6ft 2. we talking amazon giant women? im in. lol

How refreshing.


I'm 5' 7" and my wife is 5' 10"

My ex is 6' 1"

Never had a problem with it.


I dream of Amazon women.

godef Level 7 Mar 10, 2018

@lolamariafe What would be the word? The enchantment? Bewitchment?


I have dated ONE woman who was taller than I. I am Six foot five inches tall and she Six foot seven. We would step out and get gawked at, especially when she was in high heels. I did enjoy her company.


It makes no difference to anyone except the one dating!


I'm not a man but do date women. I'm only 5'1 and my current crush is 5'7. It doesn't bother me. Maybe that's cause I'm fem?? I think it's who you're with not how you look together.


I'd be completely shocked to meet one (I'm 6'9" or 205cm) but sure...


I'm 5'7". Now problem dating someone taller than me.


I'm 6'2" .... very few women taller than me.


I'm 6', but 6'1" with shoes. I can't recall ever being told my height is an issue. Usually my weight is the issue. When they (men or women) are attracted, my height, hair and eyes are my biggest attractors.

No doubt on that. I like tall women myself


I am 6'2, I like ladies around 5'10, most I have dated are more like 5'2, but one was 6'6.
A stunning woman by all accounts and she loved the fact that she was taller, many people would stop to talk to us, just to comment on her stature.


not a problem....haven't met too many women taller than 6'4" though....well, none, other than in heels....and it doesn't bother me at all....though, this reminds me of a fun story that I only partially was my 30th birthday? and I was helping out a friend as a roadie/security guy, and no one had even bought me so much as a beer for my birthday....Rozz of Christian Death fame, is dressed in drag, huge high heel platform shoes, standing way taller than me...he hears it is my birthday and we got wasted all night....we had to be the funniest, a biker looking punk, and him giant drag queen....I don't remember most of the night....but it was epic...very sad when he committed suicide...really cool dude.


I'm sure you have heard the old saying....Everyone is the same height in bed.

...but they're not xD

Oh...don't be so literal. When you are in bed with the love of your life who cares who is taller? @Neraven


I've happily dated shorter and I'm only 5'5".


@Akfishlady I looked for it. Could not locate it. Commented here.

Good question.


I think that’s a woman bias. I’ve seen it before. Most women seem to prefer taller men. I don’t really have a problem with tall women.

I had similar thoughts...




Don’t care, don’t want one that outweighs me, though.


My first wife was 6' 1" I am 5' 11", not really noticable since I had a full head of hair then.


It doesnt matter to me one bit. I find its women who don't want short men. im 5`6" and happy with it. I don't get choosing like that at all. ive said all along I must be attracted to the outside but the inside is what really counts. I don't care about hight,hair colour, age within reason or race or money. im not into heavy women and thats just choice.


A tall woman is a beautiful woman.....

jasen Level 7 Mar 10, 2018

This is such a weird, arbitrary thing to me. I mean who really cares, but at the same time it's permeated culture to the point it's hard not to notice. There might be an adjustment period to get used to it, since everyone I've dated has been roughly the same hight or shorter (which is kinda weird since I'm only approx 5'10). But I don't think it would be a problem.


Yes I will. I don't care if they are short or tall as long they can wrap their legs around me than I'm cool.


I would date any woman who was beautiful on the inside, regardless of her hight...


Holly Hell! They ring my bell! I am 5 ft. 7.5 inches. I have lusted after Sigorney Weaver and her 6.0 ft. frame for years...and any other big beautyful amazon!


Sure, but not many women are taller, so it hasn't happened.

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