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LINK Kentucky Noah's Ark attraction sues over flood damage

The irony is hilarious!

snytiger6 9 May 25

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I wonder how far Noah would've got, had he tried to sue God for 'flood damage'?


Hey, I always thought that this Sky Daddy of theirs was in charge of the weather/rainfall, etc, NOT the Insurance Companies, so why haven't the simple asked Sky Daddy fix up his mess instead?


I hope they lose the law suit.


It is deliciously stupid hypocrisy.


I thought they were the people who said climate change wasn't real?


Thanks, looks interesting. The website link isn't accessible to me in the UK unfortunately . Have the somewhat contradictory message:
"Our European visitors are important to us. This site is currently unavailable to visitors from the European Economic Area while we work to ensure your data is protected in accordance with applicable EU laws."
Something to do with the GDPR data privacy laws which are now a year old.

A bit like the call centres who say."your call is important to us"


Didn't see that coming 😂


They didn't do a very good job of protecting for flooding 🙂 I also like this pic of learning about Noah:


AW, so sad, too bad, I'm glad.

Me, too.


Not suing for any damage to the arc itself... that would have been too ironic.

Correct, it's about the cost of clearing landslides from heavy rains that have twice blocked the access road. Headline is still funny, but I wish it were rain damage to the ark itself.

Not any more ironic than the stupid bow on the boat, useful for increasing the efficiency of the boat when it is power through the water...on a boat with no propulsion system at all.


The dummies should have built to withstand floods or better yet not build it in the first place.

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