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QUESTION The oven with the smell of fire is super cute and melts your heart

Very unique and interesting.....
Text that accompanied the video:
My sister asked to build an oven last summer and finally I got some free time to build one now. Actually ovens are very popular aboard, just not too many people make it in China.

BeeHappy 9 Mar 11

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Amazing! I love to see how thing can be done without being made by machine.


@BeeHappy I think this is worth sharing with "Food Glorious Food" so I'm linking to your post. Thanks.


Interesting. No guide when laying the bricks - all by line of site. Interesting recycling of bottles, I'm still trying to figure out their purpose. No thermometers, how is temperature guaged?

Cute design if you are into mouse caricatures. A lot of effort for 4 loaves but will last a lifetime.

Lol. Found out that it's not a mouse but a cat!

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