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March Madness is here. Are you going to watch the NCAA tournament and which team are you cheering?

Mark9393 6 Mar 11

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Bet the ranch on the Ivies.


Since I live in Lawrence KS. It’s KU all the way.



Dribbling is for those with no control.

No, I won't be watching or worrying or wondering.


The only madness I want to encounter is in a laboratory. Egor where's my scalpel?


I'll be viewing D-1 wrestling but not bastardball. Oops....I think I said that outloud.


Of course. the ncaa tournament is the greatest event in sports. my normal team to root for is OU (Univ of Oklahoma) but I don't think I could stand to watch them even if they make it so I will be cheering for all the Big-12 teams.


Not into Basketball tournaments.


I'm a football fan- NE Patriots

@sassygirl3869 Just when I was starting to like you, a patriot fan. Say it ain't so. Lol. Well at least you are not a cowboy fan. Lol.

Grew up near Foxboro Stadium, dad was friends with team owner and several players worked for my Dad when they got cut.

One of my neighbors was a Boston Celtic- Sam Jones.

I grew up in South Florida, so by default I am a Dolphan and I have to dislike the Patriots.

My mom lives in Palm Beach County. Still a Pats fan.

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