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My desire to travel is kicking in again. I would love to go somewhere by railroad. Suggestions? Thanks


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I traveled from Indiana to Colorado twice by train. As long as you are not in a hurry, it's a pleasant way to travel.

Bring a good blanket as it gets cold sometimes, especially at night.

Wake up early and go to the observation car to see the sun rise. It's awesome.

Bring something to pass the time. Books, knitting, crosswords, whatever floats your boat.

But also, talk to your fellow passengers. The second time I went it was by myself. I met some lovely people and got to share stories with them.

A young woman from Ohio and an older couple from...hmmm...somewhere east of that and I ended up taking dinner together in the dining car. It was a really terrific time.

On the way back I met an elderly gentleman who travels the country by train a few times a year and had a lot of knowledge about the different kinds of trains. He and our other dinner companions, two other nice men, and I had a pleasant dialogue about traveling.

Expect delays though. They happen.


Rail is always my first choice, unless I have to get there in a real hurry. I enjoy the movement of a train and watching the landscape roll by. Yes, train is always it.

I want to travel by rail since everrrr...and it has to be in a sleeping car. Thanks.


Went by train from Kansas to Louisiana and back a few years ago. Never doing that again. Took me from kansas, down to texas, back up through Chicago, then down to Louisiana. Weirdest trip ever a 6 hour drive took 2 and a half days. Then upon returning I left louisiana, went to texas, back up through alabama, into northern missouri, where our train hit a dude and had to stop for the night while police cleared the scene, then back down through kansas. Not to mention I caught a bug halfway back. Oh and they are not kind to disabled people. Basically threw my baggage off the train, and at one point it started moving while I was still getting on.

They're pleasant enough to me on like a luxury trip for a few miles and back, but I'll be driving or flying from now on

Oh and if you have a delay for a long time, some places won't let you lay down. You have to sit in their crazy uncomfortable chairs for the entire time so they don't mistake you for some homeless dude seeking shelter

Still it's good to experience it at least once in a lifetime. Some people really love it, I am not one of those people lol


A train station perhaps


I never go anywhere! In part because, like farmers, there are critters who need care. Lately though I've been seeing ads about train 'tours" from coast to coast, both across the central US and across Canada. The US trip was advertised for just over $200. Of course being located right in the middle of that route, I would have to fly to one coast and back from the other. I'd prefer starting and ending in the same place, within driving distance of home. These trips sound like fun though.

Are you SURE that trip was only $200? That seems impossibly low. Maybe you are missing a zero at the end of that figure? Even two grand would be cheap for a cross-country trip.

@citronella Lost track of this thread between kindles. The train trip is even cheaper on this site. Of course I would offer no guarantees about the accommodations or your traveling companions. You could end up talking mostly to 4 legged vagabonds. 😀.


Might I sugget watching the many YouTube videos on traveling by Amtrak to get some idea of what they have to offer. My favorite trip is Chicago to Sacramento on the Californis Zypher. The Canadian across Canada is a good, scenic ride.


I want to take the ride down the Pacific coast line when I can take a vacation that doesn't involve time spent with family.


Guys, thank you for all the great suggestions and for the jokes. I presented the same question to two in Buenos Aires and the other here....the first is investigating the rail trips through Argentina and the other -a travel agent- is checking the entire USA. I guess I will go somewhere. LOL


Niagara Falls if you haven't been.

A treasure cluttered with Casinos and trash.

Makes you very grateful to Prez Uncle Ted for creating the National Parks and that all
aren't this way.

After seeing the Iguazú Falls, the Niagara didn't impress me at all.


You have to hike ten miles to see this one.


@LoriMcAfee As I said, after seeing the 250 jumps of the Iguazú Falls, Niagara doesn't impress me at all.

@DUCHESSA That was not Niagra.

@LoriMcAfee The entire are is of no interest to me for the reasons I told you. Take a look (The Iguazú Falls are shared by Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay).


Go to Europe. You can travel all over by rail.

Iffy Level 5 Mar 12, 2018

You live close to NYC......take the subway out to Brooklyn. That's a fun trip.

Unfortunately, darling, is a fun trip I had to do four times in my life (to Dep. of Ed.). Enough.

Of course you know I was just teasing you. I lived in NYC until I was 25 years old and then moved to New Jersey, so I often rode the subway. When I retired I did what most people from NY/NJ do.....I moved to Florida @DUCHESSA


The Amtrack up to Canada along the Hudson River is very nice. The Border can be a problem but the Hudson and Lake Champlain are really nice. The best one is supposed to be across the Canadian Rockies but that you have to search out because of the weather and the time of year. I think they have a hop off hop on policy which you can find out when you research it.


The Trans - Siberian ?


Have never been, I here Vancouver is beautiful.


I don't know but if you find a way one can take a train from Central Wisconsin to Denver will you let me know? Have to take that trip with kids again this summer. I've taken it so many times. I'd like to do it by train sometime, and sleep in one of those sleeper cars, but can't find a way. I could even leave from southern Wisconsin.




When is southern California or Baja...try these:



And let me know so maybe I can join you.

Nena Level 6 Mar 12, 2018

How fast can you run?

lol. Just remember hopping freight trains as a kid.


You can travel by train from NYC either north to Canada, or south to North Carolina and Florida (via Washington, DC). And they also offer a great discount for seniors. I know what I'm talking about because I've done it. Then you can visit me...but there are no trains to where I live. I've been in Hawaii for over 25 years, moving from NYC and then Orange County (NY).

Are you "" insinuating" I am an oldy? Hummmmm....LOL
I was in Hawaii, twice. Maui is unique. Too bad I didn't meet McGarrett


I recently had an adventure on a train and to be honest it wasn't all that great. I think we have a tendecny to romanticize the expereince of going by train, it can be rather hard on the body. I went from Oregon to Ohio by train, spent a total of 8 days aboard and after the first 2 days the novelty wore off. It is true I got to see some amazing scenes out my window, and at times met some interesting people, the entirety of the trip and what it cost really wasn't worth it. Perhaps taking the train overnight or even a day trip is fine, but 3-4 days like I said does indeed come with multiple challenges. 🙂

Thanks for the advise; I may not go in a more than three to four days trip.


A coworker of mine took a train trip through a portion of Canada.....she said it was absolutely amazing. I would like to do that one day, too.


Yellowstone? I've thought of takgin the train out there myself.

By the way, I am thinking, also, about a rail trip with stopovers near nudist resorts.

@DUCHESSA That woule be a bit more difficult. Most Nudist resorts are in more secluded areas, while most train stops are in cities and heavily trafficee destinations. Trump has also cut back on AmTrak destinations.

Then again, you could rent a car to get from a train stop to the resorts. I don't drive due to partial blindness, so that is nto an option for me.

@snytiger6 Of course I will have to rent a car...


Hard to beat Scotland for a fun trip.. Can't wait to go back for my motorcycle tour..



If you're going by railroad take the train. It will be faster and more comfortable.

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