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If you could spend one day with a deceased loved one, how would you spend that time?

CollegiateJules 5 Mar 12

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Trying to convince my twin brother not to kill himself.

Shit! Sorry to hear that, mate.


I am sorry for your loss. thank you for sharing <3


Oh, this is a difficult question. Grandpa (my hero) or stepdad (also my hero). With either one of them, though? Just doing what we've always done, which is pretty close to nothing special. But I sure do miss doing nothing special with both of them.

Very nice answer ! Thank you for sharing 🙂


I would spend it with my late partner. I would need a day to tell her how many positive connections have been made because of how she chose her own way to die. She would be very happy.


Probably beat the shit out of my old man for 23 hours and 50 minutes, then ask him how he would like that to go on for 16 years? I knwo you said loved ones, but I figured a deceased parent would siffice.


My grandmother, talking about my children.


My brother, he died when he was 20, it will be 30 years this December, I miss him so much.


My father. 10 was too young to really get to know him


I loved my friend Mandy, she was really amazing, she had problems walking and used sticks and her arms and legs seemed ot have a mind of their own and she was outrageously funny - When grown men picked her up to carry her accross the road she would make them pick her up and go back accross the road so she could do it herself - We went to the Co-operative college at Beechwood Leeds to a worker Co-operative fair and it was hilarious when she got tipsy and tried to pee, in teh wild - She taught me such a a lot and died youngish - She taught sex hygiene to young apprentice boys as an FE lecturer and confided in me once that she was terrified of falling over on stage and all the lads getting off and leaving - It actually happened one day and she said they very respectfully caught her and put her upright and returned to their seats as if nothing had happened. I do miss her - She knew that she didnt have long here and she made the most of it.


Drinking beer and eating extra crispy meduim hot chicken wings.


What Amy said.


Ooops, I meant to tag you in that :/ @AMGT


Well, if they are deceased that really limits the choices.

Nice imagination lol..It is a what if scenario!


I miss my mom.

JK666 Level 7 Mar 12, 2018

This reminds me of the movie A.I. Haley Joel Osmet plays an android who endures all kinds of terrible experiences. He was an advanced human-like robot designed to be imprinted upon by his "mother" (the human female who purchased him). In the film, he is a ready-for-production prototype who goes home with an employee of the company who developed/built him. They (the company and the husband) feel it will help the wife because the couple's son somehow became comatose and has remained so for years, but she keeps hoping he will wake up. To shortent this up a bit, his troubles begin after the comatose son awakens and he is eventually rejected, but by then he has bonded with his "mother" and all he wants is her love and affection. He ultimately winds up frozen in a future ice-age and is reactivated by super-advanced A.Is who grant him his only wish; to see his mother again. They discover he has a lock of her hair in his possession and are able to quickly clone her. He is able to see her then, but is warned to not tell her what the actual situation is. She will die in less than 24 hours. The A.Is create a perfect replica of the former home and he spends a glorious day with her, from the moment she wakes up until they lay down to "sleep" at the end of the day, and he is fulfilled.

So my wish would be to spend that day with my mom. I lost her to lung cancer in 2002 and have many regrets about past missed opportunities.


Was an Pennsylvania Dutch He was a great friend, I do no get emotional about death when I think of memories of my friend Daniel, I do feel sad that there could have been more. His wife would invite me to dine with them. He was a tremendously good woods craftsman. If I could I would spend the day with him just making some project in his woodshop. Was such a good friend I gave my kids their middle names to honor him.

Thanks for sharing! He must have been special to have your kids be a namesake. That sounds like a good way to spend the time, woodcraft, 🙂


Thought about my father who died 3 years ago after a fight on the telephone with my parents-would I want to resolve the issue? I don't know. Would be unsettling speaking with the deeased. Or my 109 year old grandmother who was drugged and fed baby food the last two years of her life? I DON'T THINK SO.

WOW! I am sorry to hear about your grandmother...whoever did that to 😟 Yes I can understand wanting to deal with conflicts of the past...i had to deal with that with my father...

My grandmother was an icon in a Jewish Rehah Center. Oldest person at the time in Boston-celebrity status but babied.


Jamming and just bs-ing with my maternal grandfather, the only other musician on either side of the family in anyone's memory. Also the only other nontheist...he was the only person who understood me in my family as a child and offered me advice not distorted by dogma.

It sounds like you grandfather was a great person. I wish I had a relationship like that with my parents.....who are Episcopalian, and don't understand my choice


I would spend it with my grandmother. I would love for her to teach me how to make her home made bread.


Talking, touching, listening, remembering.


I would spend the day with my father who died when I was 19. I would introduce him to three grandsons he never got to meet with a big group hug. I would tell my kids all the stories and memories of growing up under the mostly gentle and sometimes firm guiding hand of their grandfather while we all laughed together. I would tell my dad about all the crossroads I have been through, the decisons I made, the wishing that he was there for advice, and the mourning of all the crossroads he missed. Then i would ask him how he would have lived through my experiences. I would soak up his answers while being sure my kids appreciated the immeasurable importance of words that otherwise could not be spoken, the love that otherwise will always be missed, and wisdom that otherwise is forever lost.


My younger brother Randy. I'd tell I'm sorry I couldn't hang on to him when he fell into the storm water drainage ditch after a deluge of rain. He was 4, I was 10.


This is a nice thread.


I wouldnt want to


I can't begin to imagine how there would be much to be gained, what with them being dead and all. I suppose, because I'm a bit squeamish, I'd pick one who is at least 100 years dead so all I have to deal with will be the bones.

I suppose I'd spend the time rearranging the bones to see what other critters I could create. That could prove interesting, though I don't know how it would then apply to my life.

Ummm interesting...wasn’t meant to be literally take a person from the grave...just a what if 🙂

@CollegiateJules -- I know, but I couldn't help myself. I am a person of weak character.

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