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What is the best path to find truth; science, math, art, philosophy, or something else?

Elvi 5 Mar 12

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The problem withn Philosophy is that thare are no ways to verify anything. The result is a lot of Sophistry. Science is a discipline that combines observation, review and repetition. It is the best tool we have to arrive at the truth

Yes, we owe a lot to philosophy. We have seen that it leads us astray and created a methodology to bring us back to the truth.

About Descartes, Boole, Turing Interesting - his most influential teacher was Wittgenstein), Leibnitz, etc.. Descartes as a mathematician was brilliant, as a Philosopher - IMHO not so great (BTW, "Cogitu ergo sum" is actually one of the etymological "Proofs" of god and is always quoted out of context). You have to separate the Mathematicians and Physicists from the Philosophers. Don't let the majority of the bad philosophers bask in the glory of the very few mathematicians among them. I have not yest seen a mathematician leading me astray, but philosophers always try to.


Science is the best path for truth. IMHO


All of them.


If you want to find objective truth, apply logic and math into scientific learning.
If you want to find subjective truth (about yourself), apply inner reflection, art, and philosophy with careful filtering through psychology and the other objective truths.

There are many interlinking streams towards whichever you seek, but there are far more ready to carry you away.

"Know thyself" and know the world. 🙂


Science is a methodology shared by those studying many different observable and theoretical phenomena. Math is a language of symbology and the means of expression of the relationships among many abstract concepts. Art is a means of expressing a representation of a variety of aspects of subjective and objective observations. Philosophy is a way to take an organized and structured approach to explaining the essence of reality. So the answer to your question is... Yes!


Well I think all of them are good but you can't miss out nature in this either. its amazing to watch. I love watching it from insects to plants to elephants. how everything has its place and reasen to be here.

And how everything is connected.

yes and symbioses though most humans just don't care

we can learn everything about life in our front garden Elvi


I'm choosing science.


"Truth" is a woolly abstract concept. Ask yourself a specific question as clearly as possible. And then answer it if you can, using common sense.


...Truth is after all a moving target
Hairs to split, And pieces that don't fit
How can anybody be enlightened
Truth is after all so poorly lit..."

from Turn the Page Songwriters: Neil Elwood Peart / Gary Lee Weinrib / Alex Zivojinovich

That being said, the best path for you is the path you choose. Seek advice along yor way but beware those will choose your path for you.


Literally, the scientific method is defined as a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. It is the process of seeking the truth.


One does not find truth; truth was never lost.



I would say the best way to find truth is to always try to disprove anything that u believe so that u can weed out bias and include all the facts out there that are pertinent to the topic u are seeking truth about

jorj Level 8 Mar 12, 2018

The best path to truth would be either philosophy or science, bc though nothing is truly certain in life, those two options give people answers that would typically not be answerable




Ignorance is bliss

Yes, what my wife does not know doesn't hurt me. Her ignorance is my bliss. The same applies to the IRS.


Why not everything? Why not life? Can't argue with art. It is from the person who created it. Wouldn't that be truth? Can the diversity of all individuals be the path to truth?


Where there is life there is a pattern, and where there is a pattern there is mathematics. Once that germ of rationality and order exists to turn a chaos into a cosmos, then so does mathematics. There could not be a non-mathematical Universe containing living observers.
John D. Barrow, The Artful Universe (1995)


Science, since this is the only one that can actually be tested to find out if something is 'true'. Art and philosophy are subjective, so cannot determine what is 'true'. This is not to say they do not have value of course, just that their value is different and is in the eye of the beholder.

As a side note, have you ever been to the Tate Modern? The 'art' in there is bloody hilarious. There was one piece that was part of an air duct. I thought it was actually part of the air conditioning system that was being replaced, but no, apparently this is what passes for art nowadays ?

Nomad Level 6 Mar 19, 2018

Science in the conventional sense of truth not the Jordan Petterson version or new age edition of it.


Physics and philospohy.


I suppose it would depend on which truth you were seeking.


I think it is all of the above, each in its own way


There is no truth, only temporary 'ahah's...combine them all, and you have the drive forward. Isolate any, and you have stagnation.


The path of actually doing it, what you find interesting, what you can pursue with passion. Learning sure, but It is in the actual doing, that you will suceed or fail, which is where I think all truth lies.

cava Level 7 Mar 12, 2018
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