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Do You Have An Age You Turned Which Made You Sad?

They say "Age Is Nothing But A Number" well I think its a matter of perspective.

From the age of 18 to my late 20's I mainatined a youth appearance and constantly got ID'ed if I bought alcohol, cigarettes or entered a night club.

When I turned 30, it was very emotional because the baby face was gone, I was starting to get a little gray in my hair. I also noticed I wasnt getting ID'ed anymore.

Please tell me if there was an age you turned that was hard or emotional for you.

twshield 8 Mar 14

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I hated turning 6.

LOLOLOL You're so awesome! LOLOLOLOL

@KKGator It's true, though!
I was devastated.

@Donotbelieve I believe you. I'm also glad you got over it!

@KKGator 10 was also difficult.


But, but . . .that's the answer, isn't it?

@Gwendolyn2018 no, that was my first birthday after my son’s death, every birthday since has felt like reality just taking me farther from him :/

@NothinnXpreVails Ah, pardon my blithe reply. I thought that you were being facetious.?

@Gwendolyn2018 no worries, the reference doesn’t escape me


I'm turning 30, and I'm wondering if I should feel bad about it or not.

Why would you?

@Gwendolyn2018 Because there are certain things you can do better at 20 than you can at 30. It goes both ways, but I can no longer be twenty and regret that I'm not 30. Plus I missed out on a lot in my 20s.

@Honestape At my great age, I have learned there is no benefit or gain from mourning or missing what has passed. There are many more things I can do well at 65 than I could at 20 or 30. There some I do not as well, but the trade off is fine. However, I am in good health and many, even younger, are not.

You should not.


I was 3 years old when existential dread kicked in. It was all downhill from there.

Did you grow the beard at 3? For some reason I associate existential dread with beards......

@Blindbird I had to go with a faux beard for the first several years, unfortunately. 😟

@resserts gets the job done!


Somewhere between 47 and 50 I started to become invisable. Old men get respect, old women get ignored

Right there with ya, sister!!

Ha! I am 65 and I assure you, I am not ignored. Sometimes, I wish that I were.


When I was 20, I thought turning 30 would be hard for me: it wasn't. When I was 30, I thought that it would hit me hard like it hit my friend. It didn't. When I was 43, I started losing weight and by the time I was 45, had gone from 250 to 150. I left a 25 year marriage and moved halfway across the country. Still, I thought 50 would knock me down. It didn't. I was sure 60 would depress me--nope. I turned 65 last year and I am what I am. I think, in part, none of my milestones birthdays bothered me because I was a late bloomer. I didn't "lose my looks" but gained them. Now, I don't even think about 70 bothering me. We are all going to die someday and though I will be a year closer to that final step, so it goes.

Thats awesome! well said!



When I turned 28 I was sad because I genuinely thought I turned 28 the year before and had to figure out how old I was and that that might be the first sign I am getting old

nope you probably were like me and lied about your age so much, you got confused lol

if so, it was unintentional. I don't try to lie about my age.


Not sad but strange. My Dad died at 50 and turning 50 and being older than my father was weird initially?

i bet it seemed a bit surreal

@twshield yes totally nuts! I’m 10 years older than him now but my mum was 89 so not totally off the wall. I can’t imagine the weirdness of being older than both you parents!


When I turned 40 I remember waking up in a shock from a nap because I didnt have much time left

planned your funeral huh


I think I was 28. My husband and I waited 7 years to get pregnant and I felt my life would never be the same. Preminition of going into labor at 6 months? Having special needs child? Who knew?

that is scary


Not an age per se but when I knew I was done having babies, I felt "old". Not that I want more, it just felt like a milestone in my life.


I'll be a little sad when I hit age "dead".

Don't worry about it; death is just a number. 😉


50 - no doubt about it 50. Too old to get a new job at the pay you are getting if laid off or quit - you realize you have to ride that horse until either the horse or you drop dead. Stuck like a butterfly on a pinning board. As well, at about 50 - the body begins its slow decline - that which was phsically easy at age 40 -- not so easy -- and it only gets harder.

On the other hand -- all of the above is beatable -- you might just get to 60 and have a real retirement - then you can take your time and start a 2nd life -- modern medicine is a godsend to growing old (think Viagra). You'll never be 28 again, but you won't be a washed up shell of yourself!

lol thanks!


I turn 21 in a few months, so I’ll finally be an “adult.” Yay?

congrats! Randy


I just turned 57. It has been really bothering me that I’m growing old alone. I have no idea how to date anymore. Even my best friend has a boyfriend now. They live in the same retirement community. I hate the way I’m feeling about myself these days. Maybe if I could figure out how to get rid of my resting bitch face life would be different.

you should try to be more social if you are not already. networking is the key. i hope you meet a great guy


It was when I was 49 in 2000. (I lied a bit about my age on here in case anyone's checking)

Always thought I wouldn't actually be old by then.

Never expected to live this long.

I am 46 now and when i turn 50 i know it will be tough so i will make sure i am in Europe on an great vacation on my birthday to help ease the pain!


WHEN I TURNED 60! I had many health problems to go along with that age, but it rang my bell!

hope your health improves!


Most of my 20's through early 30's were awful. I was clinically depressed with social anxiety for most of that time and have large gaps in my memory. So glad that's long past.

I am happy you are happier!


Thirty was a toughie for me. Now that I will be 62 in two months, I look back at how upset I was over turning thirty, and I just laugh.

Deb57 Level 8 Nov 19, 2018

thirty was rough for me too...


Oddly enough, when I turned 25, I had a REALLY hard time with it.
Since then, not even a blip. I'm closer to 60 than 50, and I really don't care.
Every year that I'm still here, forcing everyone to deal with me, is a freakin' win!!!!


I'm not thrilled with the one coming up next month.


For me it was 30... I thought I was no longer young and it was only downhill toward the grave from there... But that was society's opinion of that age. I've matured over the last three decades and no longer pay attention to the numbers, and perhaps I don't always act my age when unsupervised. I'm 61 now, and aside from a few wrinkles and less energetic dancing, I'm happier and calmer than I've ever been!

  1. I'd just moved in with my parents after filing for divorce. I had no money and a son turning 6 the next day. That was a lousy year.

Not so much sad as a bit more crocked. It seems to be every "9" birthday. 29 my shoulders went. 39 I aquired a permanent back injury. 49 I got diagnosed with arthritis in my fingers. This may be confirmation bias.


Actually No, Some milestones made me Happy, 16, 18, 19 (Canada & Grandfathered into Idaho's Drinking Age), 21, 25 (Save on Car Insurance). 30, 40 & 50 were Ho Hum, neither happy nor Sad

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