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Ever since a tour guide forgot me in the middle of Cuzco, Peru, I have been traveling solo, even to Rwanda where I spent time with wild mountain gorillas in the Verunga mountains.. My next adventure will be flying alongside wild geese in an ultra light in south central France. I would be very interested in hearing about your travel adventures. I am also longing to find a wonderful, adventurous, intelligent man who wants to join in the adventures.

SynergySeeker 4 Mar 14

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Ditto-want to travel and explore again. Think I can handle a canoe trip again should I find a partner. Your adventures sound awesome and eclipse my 40 lb backpacking across Europe and Israel.


My most interesting was an impromptu three day solo trek in the dessert when I had prepared to be dropped in at dusk and picked up well before dawn.

I like hiking and kayaking combined with camping, but I stay relatively local. It's nice to be familiar with the local flora and fauna when you're on a solo camping trip.

JimG Level 8 Mar 15, 2018

I decided that being alone should not limit where I travel, funds do however. A year ago I went to Corpus Christie, TX for a winter vacation. In the fall I am planning a trip to Winnipeg. I can drive to Winipeg and I want to use my passport before it expires. Then I am limited only by funds and PTO. I'd love to have a travel partner, male preferred by a compatible female would be appreciated as well. I want to go to Cuenca, Ecuador one day. I want to stand on the Equator. I also explored Cuenca as an option for retirement, and then my kids started to have babies. I really want to be close by to see the grandkids grow up.


The world is really not so scary. I have met wonderful people in foreign lands who have become good friends who have welcomed me into their homes. I also think traveling almost anywhere outside ot the U.S., as long as it is not a war zone, is safer than the U.S. where everyone can carry a loaded weapon. Yes, there are some cities, especially in African countries, where I feel uncomfortble traveling alone. Start with Europe and go for it. You will love it.

I lived in Augsburg and Stuttgart Germany courtesy of US Forces. I never felt uncomfortable walking around the cities alone. In the US... not so much. My first free day in Augsburg (I was 20 or 21) I got on the bus and rode around the city looking for a Garden Center. I did not speak German and had no idea where I was or how to get back. I found my garden center, bought my stuff, and got back to the base. I have no idea how I pulled that off.


Have fun.


Having spent happy times hiking in Peru, and exploring Cusco, both with an amazing guide who would never have forgotten anyone (he counted relentlessly LOL), I can't imagine what that was like. Kudos to you for your bravery and turning that into a major positive!!! I love to travel, but have not gone solo. Perhaps you've inspired me! You go!!!

I enjoy the extensive planning before a trip. In I spent two weeks assisting with a research project in a South African wildlife refuge. I was trained in how to use a GPS, range finder and compass and then, accompanied only by one ranger with a big gun, spent dawn till late morning walking the bush. It was amazing. I did have to climb into a tree three times to avoid charging rhino but it was totally worth it. I was 68 at the time. It pays to stay in shape.I do get a pretty major panic attack starting a week before boarding a plane. Once in the airport, I calm down.


I get lost in target....


I hearya.

I have a terrible sense of direction. I grew up in a town of 3,000 and live in a "city" of 7,800. No real experience with urban public transportation. However, when I am alone, I realize I have to pay attention and so I do. Plus a smarty pants phone makes it really easy.


I envy you as I hate traveling especially on my own.


No current plans. Last ones were in Spain, exploring battlefield sites as described in Bernard Cornwells "Sharpe's" series. Been to europe several times, should've read like this before going and planned on seeing similar historical sites... wish I had back in the day, and will do so, sometime, in the future.


Is that you, Indiana Jane?

3 I wish I was your man type!!! Keep it up, your life will be long and enjoyable, for sure! My adventures have been across America and oh, how I wished i could have gone further!


Sounds like a fun lifetstyle!
I'm similar to you in activities and travels, but those men do exist; I was married to a fit airline pilot who went with me everywhere, even on camel treks in Australia.

I've been single and teaching in Thailand since 2010 though, six minutes by motorbike from the beach, near the Malaysia border.

That sounds fantastic. I did research teaching ESL abroad a bit. However, I am now Granny Fran and so being away for years would be hard. However, I have found work in Spain. It involves staying in 4 star resorts, eating beautiful food, drinking damn good wine and talking all day into the night in English only with wonderful Spaniards and native English speakers from around the world, all expenses paid. It's tough work but someone has to do it.

@SynergySeeker Sounds like great work, if you can get it. Do you work for a travel review business?

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