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Is it Spring yet?

Anyone else have a love of thunderstorms? I'm talking L.O.V.E.... Goosebumps, labored breathing with each thunder boom... The smells... The sounds... Go into a trance watching the sky... Or am I the only weirdo?? ⚡⚡⚡

CoffeeGoddess 5 Mar 15

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I do and enjoy watching them form and come across my area. I am in tornado ally and I do sweat the season. So far so good.


Lol @ "Or am I the only weirdo??" - no you are not 🙂

gater Level 7 Mar 15, 2018



2 more weeks 1 more week? Officially?


I think it’s been cancelled in Ohio!


I love them too.




Not spring in the UK very wet, cold and dreary..We do not suffer many thunderstorms.

@Stevil EEEK they scare me lol


What's a thunderstorm? They are practically non-existent where I live. Lightening is also rare.


Not spring for another 6 months here,
or another week for you guys I think.
Oz is lazy, we do it all on teh 1st of the month, easier to remember.
Most countries chamge on the equinoxes or solstices.
Bit of trivia,
days get longer in winter and shorter in summer for you guys,
ours is less straight forward.

Short winter days, long summer days. 75 today, 85 tomorrow. Texas

@Captnron59 That's it, but most countries begin winter and summer on the solstice, after which the summer days get shorter and the winter days get longer, but in Oz, summer days get longer for 3 weeks, and winter days get shorter for 3 weeks, I have no idea why we do it differently.

@Rugglesby your on the bottom of the planet bro!!


We have amazing thunder and lightning shows in North Dakota. We even had thunder and lightning a couple weeks ago which is very unusual in the winter for us.


Not at all! Love me a good thunderstorm!


Put your Bikini on and pretend its summer. Put on your tap shoes and dance in the rain. Find a good spot for night viewing of the Boomers which is best when your high up so you may have to travel. I still have leaves on my patio so it could be fall. It was in the high 60's two weeks ago but then we had snow last night. Its in the air as the robins are about.


Yes there so powerful, its fantastic going and parking your car in the middle of one.

and its safe in the open because your car becomes a Faraday cage.


I love storms. But they can be dangerous if you are out hiking because of lightning.


Today was 80, sunny, and breezy, just as close to perfect as a day could be. I tilled my garden and planted peas, lettuce and potatoes.

Tomorrow it will be 45 and rainy.

Must be spring. 🙂

Ypu must live near me!!! Yesterday was a beautiful day!! Today... Yes... 45 and rain!! Yukky cold crap!!


Yikes! I grew up in southern California and moved to southwest Missouri about 20 years ago. The first time I was in a severe thunderstorm I thought I was going to die!
It's not a big deal anymore, except when they are tornadic...the colors of the clouds though...those lucious lavender-grays and greenish-grays over the spring green pastures...have to admit...pretty striking

When I was a kid, I remember the huge, old bomber planes converted and filled with water or chemical to dump on the fires. The sky was a hot orange and ashes spun in the air. The planes were black. They flew so low all you could hear was the rumbling roar of the engines...all the windows in the house would shake. Surreal.
But here with the ex, stayed because all the kids are still here. But I'd move with proper motivation. I like it here for the countryside. It's lovely.

@arronpaul46 I know. Sigh....


Its coming, longer days,the sky is changing, more sun. Saw a robin...woo hoo


It snowed today in London

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