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What traits make a good boss? Have you ever had one?

The best boss I ever had was one that encouraged me to continue my education. He was more of a listener than a talker -- and he seemed to always have the backs of his team. (Especially when it came to higher ups).

In my opinion he was a little too soft... sometimes letting bad behaviors from people continue. But, overall still an admirable man.

He defined leadership as "inspiring others." Which, I fully agree with.

I've worked for many other people that confused leadership with dictatorship.


silvereyes 8 Mar 16

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One that leaves me alone to do my job, trusts my abilities, and doesn't micromanage.

@Chefedone I was once asked on a job interview what I wanted in a boss and I said the above. Didn't get that job Lol! At the time I did low voltage electronics... telephone, alarm, cctv, systems installer/repair etc... I did site surveys and estimates. Just give me my tickets for the day and I'll see you back here at 5.


I had a couple of really good bosses, in different ways. One was better than the other, and would stand up to upper management routinely. The other played the office politics better, but still went to bat for his employees. They cared about quality, knew how to effectively delegate, were generally even-tempered, stood firm when needed but were approachable otherwise, and would roll up their sleeves to make sure work was done when we were short-staffed.

@silvereyes Yeah, they were managers where I work now, but they retired when the regime change came. They were smart to get out when they did. I should have followed their lead, I think.

@silvereyes Working on it. šŸ˜‰

@silvereyes Thank you, lovely. I'll take ginger with a twist of lemon, please. šŸ™‚


You can have your dream job, but have it ruined by an idiot manager. Good bosses are encouraging, positive, clear with their expectations, and strict as needed. Bad bosses are bullshitting backstabbing psychopaths who will throw you to the wolves at the drop of a hat. I've experienced both.


My most excellent boss taught me how to lead. Assume your workers want to do a good job. Your job is to clear the obsticles so they can get their work done. When mistakes happen it is a training opportunity. Only after several training opportunities for the same thing do you actually get nasty. Pay attention to your workers not so you can attack them, but so you can encourage and support them. Note who stays late and thank them. It is amazing what an occasional thank-you donut does for moral. Sit down and learn their job and do their job when they are on vacation so they come back to a not very big backlog and you have a much greater appreciation for what they do, and it will probably show in how your repect them.


As the best boss I ever had once said, I'm just a leader among short, being treated with respect.


My boss is amazing she actually cares can't ask for more than that..


That of having experienced the bottom rung šŸ™‚

Varn Level 8 Mar 16, 2018

@Chefedone Iā€™d first worked for our region's most successful grocery/ variety store, where the Founder required that all management experience ..what I did. Worked a couple weeks alongside a guy in his late 30ā€™s doing just that, before he became one of my better bosses.


I'm lucky to be in a job that requires collaboration, not leadership. My boss is the weather.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 17, 2018

One of the best bosses I had when I was in Employee/Labor Relations, had a saying, "Don't do something because you have the right to do it, do it because it's the right thing to do". That has always stuck with me.


Respect, humility, the ability to enforce rules without being authoritarian. And patience. So much patience. Lack of it is what causes bosses to snap or crack


I always felt that you needed to have your workers back and expected the same from you. Instill integrity in your people as well as loyalty. Having empathy with other people goes a long way. Being a hard worker and not being afraid of doing whatever you ask of your subordinates. You have to be firm but fair.


A smart person will always employ people who are smarter than themselves, or at least better at the job. A good boss will give credit where it is due and not take credit for the efforts of their subordinates, except as their leader. A good boss should be the only person you report to, you shouldn't be answerable to others further up the line, that is your bosses job. A good boss will accept that there are times when forces outside will affect your life, you and your capacity to work, or be at work, this is the real world. A good boss does not micro manage, if you know how to do your job, they let you do it and believe you have the brains to ask if you are unsure, that said, a good boss is approachable so staff are willing to ask if such help is needed.


my best boss was Italian, he loves life and family, and getting real pissed on the company credit card


I had two great bosses. One I worked for the other I married.


Never had good managers. One who listens, treats you like an adult. Encourages you to be open to new learning experiences. Doesn't try to micromanage.


There are some that develop people and some that use people. That is good your boss encouraged you with school. I can respect a person like that.
There are many business owners out there with the mindset to just get every dollar out of someone that they possibly can with no regard for anyone else's interests but their own...


leading by example makes a great boss


My last boss was a micro manager, he drove me crazy. He also was into everyone's business and started conflict between employees. I hated going to work. Called the company hotline and reported him, but nothing ever came from it.loved my job but hated to be there.


Knowing what the fuck they are doing, understanding the needs of their staff, does not answer questions with questions


The best bosses aren't bosses--they're leaders. They set examples, listen, and guide. At the same time, they make the hard-nosed decisions which are necessary. I've found very few of them, a fact which made me truly appreciate the gems I found.


One who knows his job and isn't afraid to work along side anyone. Synergism is the key to success in any job and the more heads the better the results are going to be. To let yourself get pushed into a job thats over their heads or that no one else wants. If all you get is negative appreciation or get put into the burn out then get out.


Anyone who thinks of himself or herself as a boss, won't be good in a position of authority, a leader not a boss is required to be a good manager or supervisor.

The man you describe is a leader.

JimG Level 8 Mar 16, 2018

I have had a few good ones. My favorite was a Viet Nam vet that made his superiors afraid of him. He tried his tricks on me and I promptly called him a crusty old bastard. We became great friends after that.


I've run the gamut from excellent to shitty bosses, and I tried to be a good one myself. The best ones give you what you need to succeed, nudge you into areas where you ought to be, and trust you to do the job. And yeah, they have your back no matter what. I always tried not just to be a good leader, but to develop good leaders. You want to have guys that can do it on their own, but come see you when they need help, and trust you to help when they ask. Bad bosses blame you when things don't go right. Good bosses blame themselves for not anticipating what could go wrong. A good boss is a partner, a bad one tells you what you did wrong after things go sideways. And a good boss always knows what you are up to, because he or she makes sure to communicate regularly.


most bosses infuriatingly mistake leadership with dictatorship, not understanding the principle of democracy whereby everyone - including the boss/president/teacher - has but one vote. it keeps any system alive, which is the guaranteed way of success. all else is doomed for failure sooner or later, stagnation & rigidity being an antidote to life & thriving.

i wouldn't accept any authoritative force over me at this point in my life.

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