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Ladies I have question for you.

What do you think about facial hair? Is a mustache sexy? Is a full trimed beard, or a shaggy beard sexy? Evis style side burns, or do you prefer a clean shaven man?

Some other question: Do you like a shaved head? Do you like long hair or styled hair?

I have been married for 44 years, and I thought I would use your thoughts to maybe surprise my wife.

Leutrelle 7 Mar 17

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I don't like the duck dynasty look but recently discovered I'm good with a soft short, clean beard.
Life is short, enjoy your hair.

Qualia Level 8 Mar 17, 2018

Same here, @Donotbelieve. A very solid motto.

@Donotbelieve Been on both sides of the fence. I wish I'd done more fun things with my hair but enjoyed lots of good years with sheena of the jungle hair. Now I've got 3 by comparison to play with-trust.

@SACatWalker LOL 54 saw Fred Flinstone 😀 Bugs Bunny, PInk Panther, Ant & Aarvark ... Popeye 🙂


I like the beard look that is currently in. But I don’t find having a six pack and some gorgeous celebrity sporting cologne on tv attractive. Yes, they’re hot, but I wouldn’t want to date someone like that. I want a REAL person.
There’s a huge pressure on women to have that beautiful hourglass shape. But I think we are seeing that same pressure on men. My brother tells me that guys don’t give a fuck if I’m fat. It’s about having an intellectual conversation. That’s what is attractive. I must admit that I’ve always found that attractive in men as well. The whole facial hair thing? I love certain looks but I’m more interested in the person I’m talking to.

One of the reasons I love Jude Law is that he's hot but like NORMAL MAN hot. Like you could totally see him being that dad at the PTA meeting. I have mixed feelings about Benedict cumberbatch too, cause like, he's not inhumanly gorgeous, in fact he's rather odd looking, but yet I find him hot

I have to be attracted to the outside for sure but mind over matter for sure. I find intelligence a real turn on like talent. I think beards are awesome but I'm biased lol. really different things suit different people and at different parts of there lives. on a more personal serious note, i do like some pubic hair on a woman.

Well I think we all share that sediment. Communication is paramount.

@LadyAlyxandrea I’m totally in love with Benedict Cumberbatch is so attractive to me too. It’s because he plays such an intelligent person on Sherlock. Brainy is the new sexy 🙂

@LeighShelton Arm pit hair too?

@irascible If you read many of my comments you will notice that spelling is not my strong suit

honestly, i can take it or leave it as its just a preference ie armpit hair. really if im attracted to you though it all doesn't matter too much. my first partner went off of me because I cut my hair off big time and I only did it because it was going thin.what a shallow bitch. my spelling is shit too @Leutrelle. have you tried Grammarly? it's very good most of the time. I hate people pulling me on my spelling too and I try my hardest to do something about it and like you im dyslexic.

@irascible I’m glad to be part of the team lol

Benedict does indeed have his own special brand of sex appeal...what is it?

@Freespirit64 attitude

@ReverendJohnDoe well I’ve got that covered. 😉


I like whatever makes the guy feel confident . Moustache, full beard mutton chops. If you like it, it will steer your behavior toward feeling good; and that makes my radar beep! Long hair, love it. Shaved head-love it. Styled hair-sure. Make sure you have seen yourself from all angles.

You sound like the kinda gal that most men could get along with🙂

@Leutrelle I was the oldest of two brothers. And there is a dark side as well. I don't take shit from men or women, and i don't allow bad behavior in my presence.


I say go for one end of the spectrum or the other. This half-assed look that many celebrities sport, looking like they haven't shaved for several days, drives me nuts. Either shave or don't shave, but be consistent!

I hear what you are saying. If I shave, but then don't for a day or two is just me being lazy🙂


I've always liked hairy men. I mean, not sasquach...but long hair is cool if they can pull it off. And beards just feel good rubbed all over you...just sayin...


It is totally the woman's decision to wear a mustache or other facial hair, at any age or in any way she likes, if that is what she wants.

Oh, wait, I just read the third sentence - you mean on the men!

@TerriCity ❤

As a young adult, I was quite envious of my aunt Minnie. She had quite a nice little goatee.



Facial hair can be sexy if it’s looked after. Nicely trimmed and soft is lovely. Beard oil is good and smells nice too. Us ladies are all about things smelling sweetly ?

Hazel Level 4 Mar 17, 2018

Never heard of beard oil. So I wonder about Old Spice?

@Leutrelle I use beard oil on mine it makes it soft and conditions it. Brings the color out in mine to. My girlfriend loves it since I started using it.

@Leutrelle oils and balms are not the same as old spice. They’re pretty much required for me.

@Leutrelle look for Beard Balm, it will nourish and soften your beard and keep your skin healthy. I have three bearded SILs (Sons in Law) and I made beard balm for them. Some nourishing oils, some beeswax, some essential oils, and their beards look great. The smell doesn't linger, but the health benefits remain. There are hundreds of websites selling Beard Balm.


Long hair for me is a wild teenage fantasy. I used to think nothing was sexier, but then suddenly the clean trimmed well groomed look became optimal. I think how a man has his hair gives off a sense of "ooh he's secure and stable" or "hmmm he works at dennys while hoping to be scouted for a band yet has never picked up a guitar in his life" prejudice, and while stereotyping and prejudices are bad, I can't help but no longer find myself overly attracted to guys with long hair. My taste in men has moved to clean cut men. (Preferably with a well trimmed beard)

@irascible you grow the best unruly beard you can, friend. Lol


I adore facial hair! Mustaches with or without trimmed beards can be very sexy.

I am also VERY drawn to well kept long(ish) hair. However, a shaved head can look great. It depends on the guy.

Zster Level 8 Mar 17, 2018

I'm going to regret doing this:

Is the bearded look current? It looks great!

@Zster Let's face it - I need a hair cut.


I don't mind trimed facial hair..what drives me insane is overly abundant body hair...Uuuugh!

Used to know someone with a plaitable back, so not my thing.

@Kimba you just ruint my


Depends on whether or not a guy looks good bald, bearsed, etc. I know, based on my age, skin tone, facial shape that I cannot pull off a teal colored, shoulder length bob. Not happening. I'd broaden & squash my facial appearance & look jaundiced.

That said, I'd much rather see a guy bald than with a comb over or a bad tupee or holding on to those last 6 strands of hair way dow their back of what used to be a mullet (party is over, call it).

As for mutton chops...not a fan.


I like men with short hair on their heads and no facial hair.

@Captnron59 my step daughter said the same thing when I shaved my beard. Lol


I want thank you lovely ladies for your insightful thoughts. It has given me new perspective🙂


Facial hair is fine, but I am not fond of the "Haven't left my cabin on this mountain for 40 years" look. A nicely trimmed beard that defines the jaw line can be dead sexy, though.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 18, 2018

I like well groomed, and I like natural, quick and easy. Personally I don't understand shaving the head, but if it makes you happy go for it. I think sexy comes from within, a man who is comfortable with himself and interested in me is likely to have a sexy vibe to me. I like beards if they are soft, the brillo pad feel is tough to get close to. The duck dynasty style I don't get, it think it is taking creative anachronism to an extreme. If your hair is long but you have a huge bald spot I think the long hair just looks sad. But again, what makes you feel good. Now if a guy sports a mullet I don't think I'm even going to get close enough to talk to him. Everyone I've ever known with a mullet has not been someone I wanted to associate with.


First let me say its nice to see that most of the responses so far appear to have favored well groomed beards. As a Beard man myself it makes me feel more confident. The last time I had shaved the beard was almost 5 years ago was because of a trimming error which resulted in me having to shave. I had come out of the bathroom and when my son saw me he became upset. He then told me to "put it back on, I don't like that face." So I haven't shaved it off since. I look totally different without it and some have said I actually look older without it.

As to the original question, I would agree with some of the last comments about asking your wife which she prefers. Assuming she gives you the whatever you like Dear answer though. You will have to rely on your memories of time with her; what gave her the best reactions etc. Like others have said what makes you more comfortable will give you greater confidence and that may make her day more than anything else. Best of luck.

@Donotbelieve thank you so much for your kind words. ☺


Um..I suggest you ask your wife since it's her opinion that matters.

As for my personal opinion, I had an ex with a neatly trimmed and groomed beard, and one without and both were OK with me.

Yes that is the best answer, but she does what ever she wants with her hair, and I am just looking for other input. You gals have made me look at the beard in a new light. Thanks.


So (off topic) why do I find women with wild hair, out of control, (and a bit of pubic hair) so sexy?

Serious question.

I think that is part of human sexuality. Different strokes for different folks🙂


I like facial hair on a man Cave men had long beards and the male human was designed over thousands of years to have facial hair. I persoanlly like the sideburns run into a small and well cropped beard and a mustache, but all nicely trimmed. Some men look gorgeous .. young and old.


I don't really have a preference. I don't think looks or hairstyles, etc. are what attracts me to a man. It takes a lot more than that.


I don't have a particular set of "rules" for any man's appearance.
The only thing that is a MUST for me is good personal hygience, and being constantly
unkempt gets really old, really fast.
The rest depends upon the individual man. Some guys can carry off looks
that others couldn't pull off.


well-kept Facial hair can be quite attractive to look at. Personal preference, I’m not really crazy about how it feels. Had a boyfriend who’s mustache was so long it got in my mouth when we kissed. Not my thing. So basically as long as your beard doesn’t have its own website or zip code I don’t mind it. On top don’t really care for long hair on men. Bald is perfectly exceptable .... Certainly better than better than a come over!


Depends a lot on what texture and colour it grows in at. Ever the pragmatist not into sandpaper texture facial hair at any length and can't quite get my head around mutton chops without at least a mo to keep them company. Possibly have a preference for long hair, but then it has to be a good head of hair, not stringy and thin. Main thing is that you like it.

Kimba Level 7 Apr 21, 2018

I cut my pony tail, and shaved my head.


No shave no never.

My eyes are up here.

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