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Got rid of another scammer. Agnostic staff followed through.

A guy without a written profile or photos messaged me. He claimed to live in Los Angeles.

"Without a photo or description of yourself, I am not interested," I replied. "Besides, we live too far apart."

"Give me a chance," he replied.

I blocked and reported him. "He appears to be a scammer," I wrote in my report.

Today I saw his profile was deleted.


LiterateHiker 9 Aug 9

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No time to waste. Life is too short and too precious.


Might have been the other guy you already had a problem with.


excellent,,Happy to hear you did repeort it but not happy it happenned to you


Good for you!!


Scammers are everydamnwhere ! Bye dude ...


This person didn't have a profile. How did you know the profile was deleted?


Although he had a profile, he didn't write about himself or post a photo. How do I know his profile was deleted?

  1. His messages and profile were deleted from my inbox.

  2. In the list of people I blocked, he is no longer included.

POOF! Gone.


One down more to go

Unfortunately, MANY more to go.


They have got to know that we will only mess with them for only so long until they take a ride on the toe of a boot off our community.


I get those scammers once in a while, I just give them 24 hours, and they usually disappear on there own.


but ... but ... but ... what if he was "the one"?

I don't believe 'the one' exists in this case.

@maturin1919 I see what you did there

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