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30 years too late to end video practice cyber-shooting people.....WalMart = NRA global short term profits instead of keeping customers alive


I'm still not shopping there.


Bullshit move following the republicans response to mass shooting


According to the party line...

Carin Level 8 Aug 9, 2019

The guns that Walmart sells are strictly hunting rifles and shotguns. They have long stopped selling the AR15 style rifles with large-capacity magazines. And If I remember correctly they no longer sell pistols.


Walmart is a great business and I shop there often. They have helped bring real wealth to many many places.

They bring wealth to themselves. They put local shops out of business and their employees need public assistance because they get paid so badly.

@Carin “They” are a corporation owned by shareholders. If you have a managed retirement fund you are probably a Walmart owner.

A lot of those local shops needed to be put out of business. Often at Walmart I can get twice the product for half the cost. Through economy of scale products can be sold for much less, bringing real wealth to ordinary people.

Walmart pays the prevailing wage. If all those employees were grossly underpaid wouldn’t they quit and find work elsewhere? Do you really think mom and pop businesses pay their help more?

Rather than enrich a handful of small-town merchants I prefer to shop where prices are lower and I can share in the profits.

They've not brought wealth to anyone but the Walton family. With 55% of the employees being part-time, Wal-Mart employees are the largest demographic of employeed SNAP (Food Stamps) benefits & Medicaid in America. Wal-Mart costs taxpayers $6.2 billion per year (average) for safety net benefits.

Add that Wal-Mart captures almost 20% of all SNAP sales, this means that Wal-Mart is not only costing taxpayers billions, it's then profiting from the system it's inundating.

Wal-Mart may be everywhere and there may be an illusion of an economy positive, but if you look closely, MOST Wal-Mart's have been given HUGE tax breaks (property taxes) to build everywhere they are.

It's not nearly as impressive or wonderful as it may appear (Amazon is also guilty of the same type of sleazy business practices.)

@SeaGreenEyez The Walton family does own half of the stock, which means that they are very wealthy indeed. Their wealth however is not causing anyone else to be poor. Their assets are largely reinvested in ventures around the world—ventures that create real wealth for humanity. In terms of goods and services I doubt if the Waltons actually consume much more than the average person. They are, in fact, instrumental in creating much more real wealth than they consume.

If all the Walton assets were confiscated and redistributed just in the US, each American would receive about $500. It is certainly causing envy in some circles and some people are greedily licking their chops in anticipation.

That is some kind of twisted logic that says Walmart is costing the American taxpayers by hiring part-time workers. I sometimes hire a neighbor to do day labor, and he also gets SNAP are you saying that I am costing the American taxpayers the amount of his SNAP payments? That makes no sense. By hiring part time workers Walmart spreads wealth to more people. No one is making people work at Walmart.

BTW, I know some people who work at Walmart and they are full-time workers—have been for years and they like their jobs. New hires might be part-time for awhile, but you can bet they wouldn’t hire on if it wasn’t in their interest to do so. To think otherwise is very disrespectful.

@WilliamFleming Please.Do.Not.Apologize.For.Greedy.Republicans. 😐 The Walton family ABSOLUTELY keep people poor. They REFUSE to pay A LIVING WAGE, offer benefits, offer educational opportunities, offer day care incentives, offer paid vacations/maternity and other BASIC human decency to the very people that make them disgustingly financially wealthy.

Apologetics for people that do NOTHING but take take take from those less fortunate is like apologizing for a date-rapist ... because she asked for it by going on the date. Just sayin'.

@SeaGreenEyez Apologize??? What did I write that could possibly be construed as an apology? Are you alright?

You seem very fixed in your opinions, probably because of left-leaning media propaganda. I doubt if you’ll read this but here it is and I am through with this conversation.


@SeaGreenEyez, this one's for you:

@WilliamFleming She was using the word "apology" as in a rhetorical defense. "a reasoned argument or writing in justification of something,"

You might consider there is right wing media propaganda that the facts simply do not support. Or don't consider it. But repeating it again and again doesn't make it so.

@WilliamFleming, @mcgeo52, @SeaGreenEyez

When Tucker Carlson sees a problem in the market that grossly benefits the super rich and shafts everyone else, there is a problem. He can hardly be called "left leaning propaganda".

@greyeyed123 OK, so in that sense I was writing an apology, but I’m not convinced that she was using the word in that sense. She compared it to apologizing for rape, which would be be the regular kind of apology for an offense.

Of course there is right-wing media propaganda. I am not coming from that kind of platform and I never look at such stuff knowingly.

However, facts are facts and they can be ferreted out and verified. Hyperbole and exaggeration based on envy, fear and grievances stirred up by the media should always be answered with true assertions. The truth is that Walmart compensates it’s regular employees as well or better than similar retailers. If you click on the link you’ll see what I mean. The fact that they use part-time help means nothing except that by hiring those folks they are throwing them a lifeline. It is extremely disrespectful of people to think that they would work for a company when it was not in their best interest to do so.

If you want to generate REAL poverty and homelessness start shutting down these dreadful Walmart’s.

@greyeyed123 There is a basic problem with this idea that taxpayers are supporting corporations by giving SNAP to part-time workers. The workers NEED and want those part-time jobs. Without those jobs even MORE tax money would be shelled out, and many of the people would be living on the street.

I asked a question above and it was ignored. I have a neighbor who sometimes does day labor and he receives SNAP. If I hire him occasionally does that mean that I am cheating the taxpayers because of his SNAP payments and that I should be made to hire him full-time? The idea is ludicrous.

I never watch Fox and I know nothing of this Tucker guy, but I do have some basic common sense about economics.

@WilliamFleming I'm sure you are very sincere in your views.


Let me help you here.

*ApoloGETICS - noun

reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine.*

I said "don't apologize FOR Republicans and/or the Walton family." The better question is: are you alright? It was typed in all caps with periods between the words. Pretty clear.

I'm not certain WTF you're going on about but I'm guessing you had NO clue what apologetics are given your odd reply. Know you know. You're welcome. 🙂

@SeaGreenEyez Thanks, I apologize. 🙂

@SeaGreenEyez I don’t think it is correct to use apologia or apology in the sense you are talking about as anything other than a noun, and then only as a word for a formal written defense of one’s position.

Regardless, if someone wants a part time job and Walmart wants to hire them it is no one else’s business, and their having a part time job does not cost the taxpayers a solitary dime. If anything it is SAVING the taxpayers because having income means that whatever SNAP they receive might be reduced.


What costs the taxpayers money is the horde of government workers with plush union jobs. Many of those jobs contribute nothing to society.


Trump said his message to soothe anxious children going back to school is to study hard and maybe they will become president someday. He also said they shouldn't be scared, except of some random crazy people running around loose out there.

I'm sure the children feel so much better.

Plenty of evidence of scholarly active with this President. Glad it worked for him!


I ceased being a Walmart customer eons ago.

I am now weaning myself. Also afraid of copy cat shooters.


They're not going to pull a high revenue product, because...gosh, the Waltons need a few more billion dollars.

You know if we all stopped shopping at Walmart, it would make a statement.

I know. I saw that Long John Silver has pulled all their advertising from Fox/Tucker Carlson. I had hoped others would follow and haven't check to see, but there is strength in boycotting. Much more so than protesting (in the U.S., that is.)


After decades of research shows no connection (that is NO, zero, zip, nada, niente) between video games and violent acts by players. But the Columbine shooters played Doom; and people who play videogames don't have a very effective lobby in Washington; so it's pretty safe to blame them.....

Yeah, MOST reasonable people are aware, which is why this is so absurd.

@SeaGreenEyez It's a nice distraction though, with the illusion of doing something

I used to play Monopoly and I am not a property magnate. I also used to play Cluedo and I’m not a successful detective. No correlations for me!

If this was 30 or 40 years ago, they'd be blaming it on Rock music. And 20 years ago, Harry Potter would be sincerely blamed in some quarters.

@greyeyed123 Well, I could blame Harry Potter. Anybody that mangles Latin that badly could get up to anything.


Typical money-is-everything corporation. Uncaring, avaricious capitalist, money worshippers.


There you go. Problem solved. Next.


Human lives aren't worth shit to them, only $$$ are.

Zster Level 8 Aug 9, 2019

They’re still going to sell the violent games too - just not advertise them - wtf?

Love the kitty though🙂

Similar to years ago when they wouldn't sell "Maxim" magazine because it was immoral, but continued selling guns.


The mind boggles!


Whoops. Wrong way round!


Stupidity is corporate in America. It’s horrible.


🖕Walmart But they're still selling the videos.


Money talks, not research or common sense.

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