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LINK Officer-Involved Killings Now a Leading Cause of Death For Young Men in America

The alleged opiate crisis didn't even make the list. That should SCREAM to every American citizen what & who law enforcement is in America.

@bigpawbullets Maybe ask your neighbor to explain this away. Just sayin'.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 10

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Why do so many US police training sergeants die so often on the job, they tell recruits to shot first ask questions later without explaining where the toilet is first.

Why did the Southern American sheriff shoot twenty men, he forgot he was wearing sunglasses.

How many US cops do you need to change a light bulb, non if the room goes black they shoot it.

What happens when a US cop runs down a black man, the black man is arrested for flying without a license

I live in the UK and this is the widely held perception of your US law enforcement around the world, a load of bad jokes I hope your boys in blue are proud of that.

And that's a VERY kind view.


People that do not comply with the orders of police or cooperate and resist are a leading cause of their own deaths .This anti cop culture is one of the reasons there is so much violence in the first place .

I wholeheartedly agree my man

Couldn't At all Be the violence perpetrated by cops right..especially towards people of Color,right?

Yes I agree. I know several law enforcement personally and they are great people and would far rather avoid violence if possible.

Anti cop culture does not just spring fully formed out of nowhere, it takes time and effort by the cops to build it up.
Also what a police officer reads as not complying with orders of the police or cooperating and resisting can be simply asking "what is the problem officer?" while being black, objecting to being called an n word or boy while being black, being in possession of thick black curly hair and a deep voice, or simply being in possession of an offensive wife...while being black.

Cite your sources, please.

Rich That is soooo...stupid. πŸ™‚


Not surprising At fucking'd think it should be shocking..but No..the amount of violence perpetrated by Police is staggering..Especially in the African American male's open police season on themπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ!

What about the violence perpetrated by the public like the recent idiots throwing water buckets at the police in NY

@godlessguy These same people who love to criticize the police may very well beg for their assistance when they are the victims of the thugs they feel sorry for .They are all pathetic .I long for the days of my youth when the police were looked up to and did not have to take the crap that is now handed to them .This society is going to hell

@godlessguy well let's see..oh yeah cops in NYC are 10Γ— as likely to stop and frisk you if your Black.. And bitching about Blacks throwing Water is like a White Boy complaining the cops didn't stop All the cars just for him..guess your the White boy..

@granny I don't beg Anyone for assistance darlin..especially cops..I've been stopped too often in the past just because my clothing "Was not right" Or "Suspicious" to cops..your "Longing for the days of your youth when you were young" is and was a lie. The only reason You weren't bothered by cops is You Are White..and that's the it or Not.

@granny The point is they should not have to BEG them, it is their job to protect the public, regardless of their ethnicity, not be an object of mistrust and fear.

@granny, @Charlene Bare in mind the days of her youth were probably the same era when respect politicians were fighting to stop the Civil rights movement because it was a commie plot, they respected blackmailing assholes like J Edgar Hoover and when black folks knew their the back of the bus.


Ok SGE. I will. I read the article and can't argue about the fact that police are apprehensive while working. I asked my neighbor awhile ago about the procedure of unsnapping the holster strap and placing your hand on your sidearm as you approach a car you've stopped. (This happened to me while I was driving to the grocery with my wife). His comment was that in one out of five traffic stops, there is a gun, legal or otherwise, in the car. As long as we (civilians) are armed, the police never know what to expect. In my opinion, this kind of action simply starts a potential escalation. But putting myself in their place, I'd do the same.

Given that only 47 cops were killed in the line of duty by a firearm in 2018, a logical person wouldn't be all sorts of "fearing for their life" in a country that DEMANDS more and more and more guns being on the streets.

I realize you're pro-cop. Unless you're willing to arm yourself with facts, and actually believe your cop pal, you remain part of the American cop culture that gets way too many unarmed people killed. Your buddy is either repeating non-existent "facts" or making them up because there is NO study on guns found during tragic stops in America. There are NO gun studies by the American government at all. This is cop-talk, nothing more and while it's possible every tragic stop could include a gun or guns (there are more guns than people in America) since Fidel Castile was legally carrying and said so and got blown away because he followed commands, it's not likely people are actually admitting they're carrying.

If these people are fearful because a whole 47 cops died last year, they need a new job. This isn't China. They aren't forced into this line of work. That's a cop-out line that simply makes it legal for them to commit murder with NO accountability and it's shameful.

I believe my neighbor was speaking from experience and data from our area's police reports.
Your comment about me being pro cop and a part of the gun culture is accurate. But I certaintly don't feel that I'm getting anyone killed.
We've much different philosophies. I don't consider this a central focus in my life, as you seem to.
I'm curious as to why you seem constantly enraged by law enforcement.

@bigpawbullets I can assure you, it's not central to my life. I barely have time to stay educated but I find the time. It's important. And I just happen to prefer educated opinions over shit that can't possibly be true but rather some nonsense that's simply regurgitated by a bias party.

You're right about one thing: I despise American law enforcement in their present mode. The Police State I'm forced to live in, the chronic civil right violations and the nonsensical notions that we owe these people respect because they CHOSE to do that job and we're forced to pay them to do, regardless how errant and rogue they've become. We're supposed to trust them yet they don't think any of us are trustworthy. It's twisted, it's wrong and it's deadly. This should enrage you and every other person that pays taxes.

Central to my life? I happen to fight for your right to own guns whether or not I chose to own them anymore. I also happen to fight for the right to NOT BE MURDERED by law enforcement just because they've been a greenlighted to do so. You see, the two things are not mutually exclusive.

47 cops were murdered last year. 47. They killed 997 citizens. (1,147 in 2018. Over 12,000 in a decade.) If that's OK with you, like I said, you're part of the problem.

Why can't my neighbor's statistics be true? If his data set is local...and he has access to all the police reports.... it would seem valuable from a manager's viewpoint to analyze and draw conclusions for proper staffing and procedure.
As for only 47 police being killed, I'd say that's an indication that the majority of police are alert, and able to control situations. I do trust our police. But I understand they are people. It's my job to protect myself, not theirs. Their job is to enforce laws.
Why are you forced to live in a police state? You're young, articulate, probably well educated. You should be pretty mobile.


Just doing their racist capitalist job shooting the easy targets and keep pension/survivors benefits cost low.....I lost my city job interview because I showed too much eagerness to revive crash victims WHO MIGHT BE HIV positive....I recited UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS protocols published by the city but unknown to me were stricter policies being promulgated that month....and my Lutheran fiance' 1985 blamed me instead of her cousin on the interview not life is what matters to xians in government


Have you watched the bod cam and other videos? Back in the day, 70 and 80’s, cops carried 38’s or 357 magnums as their duty weapons. Even way back, during prohibition, when gangsters were toting semi automatics and Tommy guns, the beat cops were carrying 6 round or less revolvers. Then a decision was made, due to drug dealers arming with large capacity Uzi’s and MAC’s that the beat cops needed more fire power, even though the vast majority never or rarely take them out of the holster, let alone get involved in a gun battle.
Here is the point of the history. When a beat cop had only 6 rounds before he needed to reload, he made sure he aimed and tried to make every shot count. In a situation where he was not sure if the suspect was armed, but felt threatened, he would shoot once or twice and either take person down or the guy would get away. Compare that with the beat cop today, armed with a 9mm semi-automatic with a 15 to 17 round magazine, plus 2 or more quick to change mags on the belt. If the cop feels threatened, he draws his weapon and within seconds can fire those 15 rounds into the suspect. And once you start pulling the trigger, it’s hard to stop. Chance of survival if if half of them hit? Really low.
This may not be the only reason for death by cop, but it is a factor. When you read about some of those killed where the cops fired 50 rounds within seconds at an unarmed suspect, or even one armed, the results are pretty much as expected: fatal.

I guess it's it's a damn shame about those unarmed civilians..those cops just can't trust a 9 y.o with a toy gun..


Thugs in polyester! I would add that number to the numbers for domestic terrorism.

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