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Well you believe in air and you can't see it!

Twice this week I've had this really weak argument thrown at me.

JuanUribe 3 Mar 17

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The only thing they fear is sphere itself


Well, all I know for sure, is that if I hold my breath long enough, I will die without the air! And I sure can't see it!


Dear oh dear


Tell them you believe in stupid and you CAN see it!


First blow some air onto your hand.

"I can't see it, but I know it's there because I can manipulate it. I can smell perfume and farts also."


You need to hang out with smarter peoplepeople


That's the Children's Time lesson given this past Sunday. I've heard it so many times in my life


When you get a theist right down to it he will claim his god is in another dimention and you cannot touch his god because of this. He thinks he has protected his god and confounded you at the same time.
Then he starts maiking things up again and this is like 2 fish bowls. God is in one of them in his dimention. The other fish bowl is us in our dimention. Then the theist has his imaginary god jump into our fish bowl anytime he wants to and do whatever he wants. God does this without leaving any evidence. The theist will go on and on about this.
OK. Then it's sort fo like your god was imaginary the entire time, right?


The existance of air (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon, Water Vapor) can be proven in a labratory. Only an ignoramous would compare the existance of God to the existance of air (take it on faith).


Can't see gravity either. Yet, you don't see everything floating around.


No, you do not BELIEVE in air, you KNOW it exists by evidence, facts and data.

Yup what he just said.

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