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Have you ever had a romantic "pet name?"

Pet names from lovers, do you like them or are they silly?
Have you ever had one assigned to you by a lover?

When talking to me, my husband calls me "squishy bear." And, when talking about me to others, he calls me "the General."

I think I would like them to be combined. As in, General Squishy Bear. LOL

silvereyes 8 Mar 17

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I called an ex lover, "Sticky-dick-snuggle-nuts."

He called me,"Snaggle Puss."

Needless to say, we were teasingly rude.

@MrLizard Why, thank you.

@MrLizard I don't have those books. I've only got shit lists.

@MrLizard both



Ugh..."baby cakes" by my ex. When he would get really drunk he'd only be able to manage "cake"....geeze...but it still makes me laugh

@MrLizard thank you so much!


LOL! general squishy bear! hahaha!

i had one lover with whom i shared a selection of sentimentally coloured, kitschy pet names in an affectedly gushing way, like plueschi (fluffy) & hummelpo (bumblebee's bum); we were the igelbauch ([tender as a] hedgehog's belly) & he was katzibaer (kitten bear) which turned into kotzibaer (puke bear) during arguments.

@silvereyes, i used to fall for the creative guys, musicians, poets, painters, with empty pockets πŸ™‚

@silvereyes, until it comes to paying the bill πŸ˜€


I married a Latina, she would call me "El Pandeho Gordo". I think that means big man or something. Whe having sex she call me "El pene de cucaratcha". I think that means lion dick or something.

the closest to "el pandeho gordo" in spanish is "el pendejo gordo", which means "the fat asshole" in english. sorry to estallar la burbuja πŸ˜€

As usual, spell check screwed up the post. el pandeho gordo means "fat fool or fat drunken fool. El pene de cucaratcha means cockroach penis. It's a joke, see?


Thumper and The man are the last 2 that i can remember. I have given every long term partner a nick name. I think it creates a special bond.@azzow2 Did your girl move to Florida? LOL

One of them did she was working for Disney for a while she would do overtime as one of the charters Cinderella.

@azzow2 The girl I'm talking about did work at Disney for a while. What are the odds? I'm not in touch with her anymore so we'll just leave it as an amusing coincidence.


Former lovers usually refer to me with the pet name: "Dirty bastard". I could never figure out why. πŸ™‚



Thumper lol that was when I was 18. Have not thought of that in years.


He called me oreo cream lmao

(He was black, I am very white skinned, and he said "plus the cream is the best part!" )


Someone used to call me panda and "something else about me" Vader lol


"My Honeysuckle". She said she enjoyed turning me over and suck the sweet juice out of me.


I call my wife fluffy bunny


"Blue." In reference to my being "distant," and my eyes.

MikaB Level 5 Mar 17, 2018

Sweets - my ex-husband actually called me that on phone 10 years ago.

babe-my last BF who remarried his wife and daughter still is a friend and still calls me that on the phone and FB.


Yes, I've had them.Yes, they're silly.
Doesn't mean I didn't like them.


Does, "You're sick"count? Followed closely by "get away from me you disgusting pig" count as a pet name because I hear that a lot from women.


I recall an occasional joke or something but no real romantic pet names.


Make a great pop group lol. I give my dogs pet names always.


To a lovely QuΓ©becoise I dated for a while I was "My Crazy American." I may have fit the description.

JimG Level 8 Mar 17, 2018

When we were single, my ex's signature looked like it said "Beagle" so she was called Snoopy by the people at work, hence I got "Charlie Brown".
The ex would call me "Fido" because of what she said I was always chasing.
Most recent partner calls me "Marvin" because she says I must have a brain the size of a planet and because I am always complaining. She named part of my anatomy "Merlin" because of the magical power it could have over her.


I think the closest my ex came to a romantic nickname was calling me a Lazy Bastard, compared to some of the other names it was really quite endearing!


Lots, silky was one of them...


Of course. Who hasn’t ?


Babe, Love, Dear, Muppy. (Monkey-puppy- don't ask it was high school...) Lol.


My family called me ChaCha or Chicy..


"God's gift to women." Okay, I made that up. And even in my fantasy it was said sarcastically. sigh

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