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Do you get bothered by people saying “have a blessed day”

Typically I’m a little annoyed in general when I hear this but I just brush it off. It’s usually a random cashier or something and I’m not about to start a debate in the grocery line. But now a new school year has started and my kids teacher ends all his notes with “have a blessed day”. Now I’m starting to get really annoyed because I will be seeing these notes several times over the next nine months and I just think that it being a public school he shouldn’t be doing it. I might just be over sensitive from my ex being a rude jerk with his religion too so I wondered is it just me or would that bother anyone else?

LisaL81 7 Aug 16

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I do find it annoying because I don't tell them to "have a rational day;" but, I don't say anything. I also find it highly annoying when people talk about their god blessing them--for everything from giving them their natural talent/abilities, providing them with a good meal, or finding their keys. They don't stop to think--if their god is actively choosing to bless them, it is also actively choosing to not bless others. They think it is a sign of being humble (giving credit to their god). I see it as the epitome of arrogance when one thinks that they are so special that this god blesses them while simultaneously ignoring others.


That blessed day crap is irritating the hell out of me. Business calls on the phone ending with it. Every cashier in this area. Every voice mail ends with it.
I find it arrogant and condescending.


Depends who it is, my current frustration level, whether I know them, and other factors. Random strangers irritate me less than folks I deal with regularly. If it was my child’s teacher, I’d be concerned about other religiousity in the classroom. And I’d be major pissed if there was more.
In sixth grade our teacher testified and tried to save us all. I recall it well because I recall my eyes rolling. By that age, my scorn for Xtianity was well established.


Naaah... It's just their way of saying 'have a good day'... Nothing to get mad about.


It bothers me . Send a not back to cut that shit out! 🙂


There are moments when it bubbles over and gets to me. One year at "Meet the Teacher" (when parents went from class to class for their child's schedule) the science teacher must have used it 32 times in 10 minutes: I'm blessed to teach your child. Your children are such blessings to me. I want them to feel the blessings of the world. Have a blessed day. A science teacher! In public school! I was flummoxed and exasperated, but it's my job to ease my child into the world, not create problems. The kids laughed at my rant later, but they liked her: she was free and loose with the candy dish, and had live snakes they got to hold. And she meant no harm. Sometimes it's all people have to hold on to, so I let it go.

Blessings of Mrs Charles Darwin is Unitarian history .....lies of Genesis to Revelations is the crime of theocracy


No matter how they phrase it, "have a blessed day," "have a good day," "have a good one..." my response is always the same. "You're not the boss of me." 😉


The bless shit is tip of the visible iceberg....ask your child general questions by this theocrat he "home room teacher" ?? First class of the day ? Are there assemblies in the Auditorium gym or outside by the flag pole ? Take notes write down in a log all the religious details....number the BLESS notes of his....prEying to the flag UNDER does your child feel about these alleged gawds alleged blessings.....what songs are students forced to sing ? Don't react to the bless notes....spend a day with your child in school....take your own safe folding chair....don't try to sit in student chairs take notes .....don't cheat with child during tests.....put all those notes into an ACLU file and ask them if other parents, students or faculty are reported/reporting to ACLU, AMERICAN ATHEISTS, FFRF or Americans United about your school....don't go it alone and don't let this bastard blessing on your child's papers provoke you...take careful informed steps to respond to all your findings.....a magical "teacher" could be a serious subverter of biology curriculum/texts and history same subversion like Texas taking Atheist Thomas Jefferson letters out of history books....Betsy deVos so called Secretary of Education is doing billions of dollars damages to public schools and the blessed bastard notes man may be bucking for a job in VanAndel AmWay private religious school nearby....welcome to theocracy mom


I find it annoying.


Yes,this and other unsolicited religious statements irritate me.If made during government functions by "public servants"I am much more offended.Religious statements or advocacy are not part of your job.My taxes should not be used in this way.Your freedom of speech begins on your own time.I tend to avoid any commercial operation that permits or encourages such religious advocacy.I do not have that choice with goverment.If I did trust god for everything,I would not need constantly devalueing currency with religious statements.

wmk24 Level 2 Aug 16, 2019

I get them everywhere and most of x I smile back and say " thank the lord ". Debating w idiots is never good for your stomach , blood pressure , or mood . And it does not matter .
If it was said to me here , a place for non believers , yeah , I got a problem w that . I don't come to your house to talk about my absence of religion , don't come here avertizing yours .
How old are your kids ? I won't say I thing to him . U are not able to prevent any idiot who is going to influence your kids in life . Instead , talk to your kids .
My opinion .

No kids,not by design,but did not happen.I have not had to fight that religion in school fight,but I support those who do.Some of my "friends"on facebook demand that God be in public school,no,no.You want your religion or version of god only.I have never been a Hindu,but I do like their art,so lets put Hindu art in school,and teach about all religions thruout history.In that way all gods would be in school.

@wmk24 And the military still employs chaplain clown , great salary and full government benefits and retirement . For what ? And we pay for those .


No, it doesn't bother me a bit. I figure it is their world and if it makes them happy, then fine. I run into enough jerks without letting little things bother me, but I can see your point on her assumptions.


Sounds like a Texas Thing, and a way of injecting religion into public school. It’s wrong, and I hope you do speak up as you can.

Fortunately, I rarely hear that.. Though, it’s irritating enough having someone demand ‘you have a great ‘rest-of-the-day!’ How idiotic…

Varn Level 8 Aug 16, 2019


lerlo Level 8 Aug 17, 2019

Take it for what it is worth, You have to wisely pick your battles, unfortunately in this case it is someone that has power over your children's future so you may need to tread lightly. He is dealing with his own demons, and may be a self delusional jerk, but he is only a symptom of the problem. Conroe only recently entered the 20th century, so it is going to take them a while to enter the modern era of thought. (I grew up in Baytown). CISD would be the one to make him stop, and I don't see that happening.


Not in the least. They are just being nice. If I get mad at people being nice or polite, that says more about me than them.


Doesn't bother me as I believe they're just being nice in their own delusional way. I do wish them back a "good day" or a "lucky day". Many people know I'm non theist and it reminds them that not everyone drinks the koolaid.


Probably best to ignore it as a lot of the Christain’s are a lot better people than the left wing idiots who want to turn this country into a socialist one. sound sick.. Is there anything we can do to help 😕

A federal grand jury has indicted Todd and Julie Chrisley, the stars of the reality television show Chrisley Knows Best, and promoters of conservative Christian “family values,” on multiple counts of conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion. Another example of conservative Christian "good people". []

@rogueflyer There’s bad people in every group but there seem to be a lot of them with very bad looney ideas on the left.

@Varn I thought you were for border security. Those on the left definitely don’t believe in it.

@Trajan61 ..that’s my problem … I view every issue separately. So eventually, I piss everyone off 😕 Palled and volunteered with/ for a pack of moderate Dems in my previous rural digs. But let me encourage immigration enforcement ..and half would freak out..

It’s all so complex, and the info I’ll run through my head on a daily basis can’t be a running commentary ... as to ‘explain’ my conclusions to everyone. Believe me, though, I’ve encountered extremists on both sides.

Let’s consider the definition of ‘Socialism,’ so abused.. I consider there’s Capitalism at one extreme (where greed rules & consumption is king), Communism at the other extreme (doomed by human laziness), with Socialism in the middle, a balance between the extremes.

My fear, as a US American, is that Capitalism is devouring us. Lately, far more dangerous than ‘creeping Communism’ … leaving the nations with a workable form of Socialism poised to kick - not only our economic butts - but our moral butt cheek as well… Look at ‘the capitalist’ we’re currently holding up to the world (trump).

Was called “Captain America” in grade school, cuz I loved my country.. Still do ...actually tears me up at the thought.. I’m not fighting for a team, but for the success of humanity, and my nation. But as mentioned, it’s complex … though feel our ultimate answer’s in the middle - not at the edges ~

@Trajan61 "There’s bad people in every group but there seem to be a lot of them with very bad looney ideas on the left." Won't argue that point. But looney and lying shows up at the Presidential level and seems to be a part of most of the Republican party. I won't call it conservatism it's more like trumpism.


I used to before I got over my anti-theist anger. now I just say "thank you".

You’d ignore it with respect to your own child..? There’s a line - and that teacher has crossed it.

@Varn yes yes yes. I know. I have been through that whole gamut of hate and disgust. spent years seething in it. it all stems from perceptions of betrayal. eventually you grow past it.

@JeffMesser Sounds like you’ve given up, not moved to some higher level.. I fought that shit in my kid’s rural school district - and won! Got a wheelbarrow of crap removed - and placed our District and it’s Administrators on notice that someone was willing to take and make a stand!

@Varn given up? hardly. I found some objectivity and balance in the vedas and science. They're mindless drones and we're all going to the same destination no matter what trivial little crap they come up with that makes them happy to identify with one another. Mad about them trying to influence mine and me? no more than I'd be mad at a scorpion for trying to sting me. I've seen the truth so their little close-minded mythos doesn't bother me.

@JeffMesser ...doesn't bother ‘you.’ We’re discussing more than ‘you.’ We’re discussing a public school teacher exposed to ..around 180 students (not counting their parents) on a daily basis. This is a bigger issue than you, or ‘me.’

Life is confusing enough for the young, especially when forced to parse it out with someone supposedly teaching them facts. You’ve apparently figured it out, children haven’t. Had your child/ren been exposed to outright prayer in school, would you have taken it to the US Supreme Court … or figured, ‘it doesn't bother me’..?

@Varn those are solid arguments. I agree. I have a significant level of detachment from casual existence right now.

@JeffMesser If detachment works, that’s ok.. I just can’t back down from the red I see when it comes to religion ..maybe that’s just me 🙂

@Varn I just figured out that anger was doing more harm to me than it was to them and I saw them for who they were.


It does not bother me. I give thme my best smile and say thank you.


It doesn't bother me. It is just a phrase that has recently come to the forefront that really doesn't mean anything more than general well wishes.


Lol, believe it or not, when they tell you to "Have a blessed day", they're actually saying, "Have a magically enchanted day". Since the word blessed means magically enchanted. So when they tell you to " Have a blessed day", tell them to "Have a magically enchanted day", and watch their reaction. Have some fun with it.


No, why would I?


Not really, I think they are just being friendly. I normally will say have a nice day in return.

balou Level 8 Aug 16, 2019

Not even the the teeniest, tiniest bit. Why should it?

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