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What do you think about California?

I live in Cali and have been hearing some people speak badly about the state. I don't think it bothers me much because frankly, I would much rather live up north anyway, but I just want to know, has there been anything about California in the news that strikes you wrong? Or, if you've visited, did you like or dislike your visit. Did you once live here and now live somewhere else? What are your thoughts and opinions?

valerina 7 Mar 18

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I love California! Every time I've been there, I've enjoyed it immensely, the whole state. If I could afford it, I'd be living in Northern CA, in the Eureka-area, probably Trinidad.
I have friends who live in Hollywood. I look forward to getting out to visit them when I can.
There's always so much to do, and see.

The California Redwoods (Sequoiadendron Sempervirens) are absolutely the most magnificent trees. It's hard to fathom just how gigantic they are without actually going and seeing them.

@Condor5 The word "majestic" truly applies.


It's a big state with very distinct regions, each different than all the others. I used to travel to Sacramento and LA for business in the mid 80's. I loved Sacramento. LA is a different reality.


Just like anywhere else, good points, bad points.

Very true.


I love the diversity in California.

That's one of the things I like most about CA.


I was raised in Southern California, and all 3 of my children are native Californians. It's home to me. I've traveled a little throughout the US, and I always come back to California. Among other things, I lived in the Bible Belt for about 12 years, I've lived in several other states for brief periods, and I camped across America with my then spouse (before kids). There is no place like California--I love it. Geographically, it has everything: mountains, deserts, beaches, valleys, plains. It has a lot to offer in many other ways: entertainment, jobs, weather...all kinds of activities.

Politically, it's a blue state overall, which suits me just fine. Especially after the Bible Belt.

I only have 2 irritations: it's too crowded now, unlike when I grew up, and it's too expensive (I'm a cheap person).

marga Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

You've said pretty much what I'd say, except the living in the bible belt part. I'm 2nd generation born and raised in Cali, traveled in the States a bit, mostly up and down the West Coast; and I can't really imagine living any more easterly than, perhaps, Idaho where my brother is.

There is, as you pointed out, so much to do here, and you can do it all year round. I am becoming concerned about drought, and brushfires, however. And, as you said, the traffic is becoming unbearable, and the cost of living here is becoming almost prohibitive.

All that said, I don't see myself moving too far soon. If I do, it would still be somewhere on the Left Coast.


I lived in San Francisco for about 20 years and really loved it. I could take my dogs to the beach every day, get in my car and in about 20 minutes be completely out of the city in the Marin headlands. There is so much beauty in northern California! I moved to Arizona because my elderly mother needed me. She died recently, but California has become totally out of my price range (I am retired and live on Social Security). Everyone that I knew in San Franciso, no longer lives in the city because of the ridiculous high cost of living. Even places outside the city are out of my price range. However, if I came into some money, I would move back there immediately! I am originally from New York City where we went to the beach practically every weekend in the summers when I was growing up. I love sitting quietly on the sand and listening to the sound of the ocean waves. To me, the rhythm of the waves the "heartbeat of the universe." California is a great place to live and I loved the politics of the state. Now I live in very conservative Arizona, but I live in Tucson which is more liberal, due to the University of Arizona being here. Tucson is quite beautiful, but the summers are hell!

Here you go, Ashley


I’m from San Francisco so I might be prejudiced but I love California and especially SF and San Diego. If it wasn’t so expensive I’d live there in a heartbeat.


I LOVE CA!!! I'm Canadian and I try to spend as much of my Winter as I can in CA.
I'm very lucky to have friends that live there and let me stay in their casita.
They live in both the Bay Area and in the Desert... I love both! Weather definitely better in the desert though...


I have never been there, but would love to see the north. I do have issues with the population growth and the movement north causing the cost of living and the mowing down of mountains.

I agree about the population growth, but I also think that it is not endemic to California; it's everywhere.

Unfortunately, you are spot on.


I have spent time in and am more familar with Northern California. However, the fires and the floods are a little scary right now.

Ha, ha! I've lived in California most of my life, and I've never personally experienced an earthquake, fire, or flood. 🙂 However, when I lived in the Bible Belt, I experienced 3 hurricanes or tornadoes in the first 5 years.

@marga I was born and raised in Alaska where floods and fires and earthquakes run wild but not as concurrently as California and other lower 48 states have suffered recently. I've lived or spent time in 46 states due to two military husbands and felt as if I was in a foreign land, literally.


I've been to California a few times. All of them were for military training or counter-narcotics missions. I have been places that I enjoyed more.

I'll be back to visit soon I hope because my daughter lives in San Jose now.

I have nothing against California, but Trump supporters hate it because your state is making every effort to resist his racist, hateful agenda.

JimG Level 8 Mar 19, 2018

California girls??
Both my kids like it, I have never been.


I havnt got a clue but from the little I know theres good and bad areas everywhere and good and bad people everywhere and they arnt always in the same place as each other either.


Drove through Ca a number of times as an OTR driver. Quite beautiful! When they got us over there they tended to keep you there for a while reaching from one end to the other. I actually started in Seattle Wa once and worked my way down into southern Ca. But I always had that fear of earth quakes and being swept out into the Pacific while there 🙂 My first time over was with my trainer. That year there was a snow storm that shut down I80 and had to spend 2 1/2 days near Donners pass just before the state line in a truck stop.


I've never heard one bad thing about Cali. After a lot of research I'd first planned to move to San Francisco before getting a "too good to be true" offer in Vegas...which it was.

Unless you're far right I couldn't see anyone saying anything bad about it and that'd just be the politics. Cali is just one of those places that is so diverse if you didn't like where you were move a few miles, if not a few blocks.

It has it's drawbacks, but what place doesn't, right?


I would like to visit the national parks there

If you get the opportunity, drive the coast highway above San Francisco through the giant redwood forests. It's absolutely magnificent up there.


A nice place to visit for sure.


other than the fact that california will some day slide in the ocean in the future, i think its a great state. I have always enjoyed my visits to LA, and San Fran. i would never live ther because real estate is way too expensive. you get more house for your money in many other states


I love California and visit frequently. I would live there if I could find a job that afforded me the same standard of living I have here in Nevada.


I was born and raised here in San Diego. I left for Montana in my mid twenties and lived there for many years, and last in Texas for 9 years. I have been back in San Diego for 2.5 yrs. I know all the pros and cons about the state, and the BS put forth by those who don't like the progressive politics and high cost of living. But, all in all, I find it a good place. Each state I lived in, Montana and Texas, have their good points and their bad. One thing is that I can be proud of California for trying to take care of it's people through health care and gun laws and laws for equal rights. I could not say the same for Texas, or even Montana. I don't care for the traffic and some other things that come with big cities, but that is the case for big cities every where.
California produces a lot of wealth, and it is the 6th largest economy in the World. Cali supports many other states, especially the conservative states in the middle of the country. Remove Cali from the USA and the country as a whole would suffer. That is a fact based on the amount of taxes that Calif pays into the Federal coffers. And for it's size CA is under represented in Congress because of our system awarding congressman based on being a state and not population. That is how the electoral system let Trump win even though he lost the popular vote by 3 million.


I was born and raised in California, southern mostly. I miss it, it's my roots. But I can't afford to live there, I live in Arizona now.


I would love to visit Cali. I want to smoke your weed.

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