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Which do you prefer, books or ereading? Why?

I'm old school! I'm more comfortable with a book & I find ereading gets tiresome quickly!

atheist 8 Mar 18

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If I can't get it on my Kindle, I probably won't read it. That's for novels. I used to like newspapers, but I broke that habit too. I miss the crossword puzzles, though. And the cryptograms. Doing those online just isn't the same.

I used the Kindle app on a tablet for a while, but after someone gave me a Kindle device optimized for book reading, it was all over.


Books, it isn't as much of a disaster if you drop them in the bath.

Kimba Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

I forgot that one!

Aha! Just last week I saw an ad for a new "waterproof" Kindle, think it is called the "Oasis". Reading in the tub is safe again! πŸ™‚


I'm a sucker for a good story regardless of the way it's delivered. However, I do enjoy the space that's getting saved in my home by not accumulating more physical books.

The Library is pretty good for saving space. πŸ˜‰

@FrndlyNbrhdAthst Funny thing, most libraries also have an online checkout for Kindle's that allow for digital versions of the books to be temporarily downloaded thus saving space on Libraries. πŸ˜‰

@atheist HAHAHAH


Books! I can lie in bed and flip the pages. I like the way a book feels.


Books! I need to sense how far along I am in the reading or I get restless. Reading ebooks feels like an endless chore.

skado Level 9 Mar 18, 2018

@atheist β€˜zackly


Physical books are best


I love my Kindle Paperwhite!

  1. The XRay feature allows me to look up characters, which is helpful when a book has a lot of minor ones. No more flipping around trying to remember who someone is.
  2. It has its own adjustable lighting for easy reading anywhere, and no screen glare for outdoor reading.
  3. I can highlight interesting passages or dog ear pages and look them up later.
  4. It can hold sooo many books, so there are plenty of options waiting when I finish a book. Very helpful for traveling and no need to have stacks of books lying around the house.
  5. Small and lightweight so it fits easily in my purse.
  6. Holds a charge for weeks.
  7. I can easily look up things via Wikipedia or dictionary just by highlighting a name or word.
  8. Lots of free or inexpensive books available through Amazon. Prime members even get a free new release every month.
  9. Ability to change the font and size of print, among other means of personalization.
  10. You can set the footer to show how far along you are in the book, how many minutes left in the chapter, etc.

I highly recommend the Paperwhite!! One of the best purchases I've ever made.

dkp93 Level 8 Mar 18, 2018

@atheist Oops, I should have qualified that claim by saying I am primarily a weekend reader. Someone reading daily may need to charge more often. Still, it does hold a charge longer than a smartphone or other tablet.


Like the tactile aspect of books, they are asthetically pleasing. Also love how finite. When you've consumed a book, it consumes a time and place, you can pick it up and that package has a specific meaning.

Like ereading for a very different purpose: that it's an infinite resource.


Books, I have an e-reader I have yet to turn on. A gift.


I used to prefer physical books, but now prefer e-books, for multiple reasons. The most practical of which is that I wear bifocals. With e-books, I can just increase the font size. With real books I increasingly need to supplement with a magnifying glass.

It's also handy, for the weight of one book, I can carry around hundreds of books in memory, with immediate access to millions more anywhere with an internet connection.

My experience as well. Ten years ago I would have told you " books for sure" but age has made normal size text in books more difficult to read unless I have bright light. The Kindle works well for me.


I like audio books while I'm on the driving, ebooks when I'm away from the house, and books when I'm at home. I don't like the possibility of losing my books or getting them damaged.

Gohan Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

I see dog-earing pages as insult to the authors.


It depends. When reading fiction, definitely turning the real pages is where I like to be but doing research for fun , I prefer computer allowing me to flip with hyperlinks,
With research , it is the content I am after, with a novel it is the inner feel I seek . To be captured within the pages and smell the action in the print.

EMC2 Level 8 Mar 18, 2018

Books, when I get tired of reading I can place them across my face to keep the light out, lol. And the smell of a book cannot be replaced...


Each has pros and cons.

eReading is great because I always have a book with me (in my phone) and I can always get a new book once I’ve finished the last one. I can read in the dark, and I can hold the β€œbook” and turn pages with one hand.

But I lose a sense of place in the book. I have a friend doing her PhD research on this, and in general people don’t remember chronology in a plot as well as for paper books. This accords with my own experience. On top of that, there’s something nostalgic and comfortable about holding a paper book.

Finally, when I’m reading a paper book people actually know I’m reading and not just catching up on Facebook (or This matters for the example I’m setting for my children. But it doesn’t seem to affect men I don’t know who think that me reading is an opportunity to talk to me.

miffy Level 5 Mar 18, 2018

Ebooks don't get folded pages, food stains, you don't need to tape them back together... Yeah, give me the real thing!!!

It just isn't the same if you spill coffee on a button. πŸ™‚


Never tried ereading. I do find books comforting and comfortable to read.


books! I want to hold a book. I spend enough time in front of screens as it is! I also like a vinyl record over any other medium for my music. listening to a 55 year old jazz album right now that is so alive!

@atheist yes, i agree. can't wait to get my hands on my woman! he he he


I find I enjoy the experience of a physical book much more, but I admit it's a lot easier to carry around Moby Dick and Don Quitote, etc. all in one place. I guess I'd say: paper books for everyday, e-books for travelling.


I like audiobooks. I am listening and doing other things

Audio books are awesome for long drives.

But the best part about audio books is when the author reads them. I’m currently listening to Neil Gaiman reading his book Norse Mythology. I have a copy to read myself, but it just doesn’t compare to the man himself reading it.


E reading atm as i can amass a greater library and manipulate the files how I please. Books are to me a readable display peice. I collect them so one day I can have a physical library and show how well read I am. ?


Books probably because I am old I love nothing more than getting my jammies on and a hottie and snuggling up with a book.

@atheist hottie liverpudlian for hot water bottle but you knew that eh!


My eyes are too weak now.I listen to books on tape or cd and reserve my eyes for instruction books. These days I walk around my house and look at all the books in every room and know that I will have to give them up pretty soon, or my heirs will have them carted out of the house when I am dead. Horrible thought!


I'm 99% ebook now. I'm collecting a very big library. I can read across several devices, carry as many books with me as I want, and even store on the cloud. I understand some people prefer books, but some arguments against ebooks are just silly. It's bad on your eyes! I've heard. Oh yeah, well turn the text size up. Anyway, you want hard to read, try those novels you buy with tiny text. Ruin your eyes. It doesn't feel real unless it's paper in my hand! Another claim. Oh come on. It's symbols going into your brain. How is irrelevant. I can imagine that back when they invented the printing press there were people going around and saying, 'No, unless it's a scroll, handwritten by monks in monasteries, it's just not the same!' Ooookayyy.

Wow! I'm shocked by all you book huggers here. And I thought you were all progressive types. πŸ™‚

@atheist yes I learned to read with my father we would read Alice in Wonderland over and over pointing to the words . It was the one book he took to the war with him and it was an original copy and had fly leaves over the illustrations by Tenniel it was brown spotted all over from when he was in India and Burma and sellotaped together in many places .


It depends on the book.

@atheist : Some books I don't mind reading on my tablet, others I may want to highlight something, or write in the margins and I find it easier than trying to keep track of such things on an ebook.


Books and audio books

@atheist Great when driving. Pretty cool at Home to turn out the lights and just listen. Of course some of the enjoyment comes from narrator or not. 99% of the time they are really good.

@atheist Easier on the highway than in town. I have done both.

@atheist they arent good in bed more for long train journeys etc.

@jacpod With practice I have learned to both lay down and listen at the same time. πŸ™‚

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