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QUESTION Early Study of Male Birth Control Pill Finds it’s Safe and Effective

"These promising results are unprecedented in the development of a prototype male pill."

VictoriaNotes 9 Mar 19

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So if the man says he took the pill but didn't does he have to raise the child himself ? I reckon he should

@doglvr1882 no it wouldn't , there's plenty of cases women haven't taken the pill but said they have and that's not classed as rape

@doglvr1882 its not rape when women do it to men tho just like ppl that have been drinking.....double standards all over the sex issues

The guy having to raise the kid on his own could be a minefield, I know a few young guys who want to be dads, and would make great dads, just can't find suitable mother material. They would probably be quite happy with this.


Vasectomy for the win. All juice, no seeds, no worry.

@doglvr1882, what's not entirely effective about vasectomy?


I find celibacy has been rather effective for me. lol


It says it's effective but not yet approved. I wonder if the religious extremists will try to slow things down. It will be interesting to see what happens when it does get put out on the market. However, I think a lot of women should still use protection just to be safe. There are guys that want to have a child (one just moved to the island) and I know of one who is the father of several kids from different women. Remember, we will say anything to get what we want!!

I guess some men might be like that, but I doubt most men are having sex because they want a kid. I agree that it never hurts to have some extra insurance, and if approved, I hope it won't curtail condom use. Unless I was in a monogamous relationship, a condom would be a must.

@VictoriaNotes The one thing a male pill won't do is protect against STD's.


Passed that stage!


"...the study's senior investigator, Dr. Stephanie Page..."

Wait a minute, the senoir investigator is a woman?!
I'm outraged! 😉 lol

I wonder how many male lawmakers will protest this drug being researched by women when men have been making the decisions on female reproduction for all these years.


...and you know we men will SAY we're on the pill...but

Hutch Level 7 Mar 19, 2018

@doglvr1882 ofcourse there will be a few that deceive just like u see females do it now

Doglvr82... I misread...apologies

@Hutch, every man who is deceiving about the procreational issue is a nasty piece of shit.

@walklightly every person perhaps?

@Hutch, yes, but i reckon women deceive mainly because they want a child (i think it's selfish with the population density we already have, but besides the point here - sorry), whereas men would lie in order to get sex.


But then that would shift burden to men...

Hutch Level 7 Mar 19, 2018

the burden is on both to protect their own self. women know the risk just as much as men do and currently they have all the options. men can only use a condom that can break for now. men will celebrate male birth control, we can then sleep around all we want without gettin hooked on child support


I'm sure government will protect male birth control a lot better than they do female.
If male birth control ever becomes truly practical, they'll probably write it into the constitution.
I don't understand why any man wouldn't jump at the chance to control his own firtility with the same effectiveness as women can.


I fixed that problem over 6 years ago. I was fortunate that the VA performs vasectomies, they do put you through a series of psychology evaluations and ask many times if you are absolutely certain you want the procedure done.

thank you! you're another legend 🙂

@walklightly I took me a long time to get my hat to look like this. I will have to get a whip to hang with it. lol


Interesting if men will take the initiative to take it? May take education of adolescents.


It was about time.


Im a teacher (in Australia) I teach history - last year I was teaching at a catholic shool - history in the senior years here is theme based - last year Itaught feminism to a bunch of yr 12 girls at a catholic school - Idid some research into this - I remember reading about it - apparently it was never marketed as companies thought men would object to having to take a pill everyday!!! that was it - so they were saying men were uncaring and lazy - apparently thats what their research said. Im a male - as my photo reveals - if Iwas in a relationship and we had not decided to have children Iwould like to be able to control my own fertility - anyway that research was done in the 60's.

Dommy Level 3 Mar 20, 2018

I got snipped at 19. I was forced to do a year of therapy and have my therapist sign off on it before any doctor would do it. I never regreted my choice.


I wonder how many men will flock to this. The responsible ones will, I hope.


It's been known for quite some time exogenous testosterone, in sufficient doses, makes men infertile. Exogenous testosterone suppresses a man's endogenous testosterone so a sufficiently large dose must be administered or the circulating testosterone will be too low. Low testosterone is closely linked to depression. Getting regular blood work with a decent endocrinologist can make sure the man stays within safe levels without getting too low. I'm 55 and am taking a testosterone gel as part of my old man HRT. Done under supervision it's safer than OTC NSAIDS and I love how it makes me feel!


SIde effects may include hot dog fingers, beach balls, tounge ties, and limp bisquit.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 19, 2018



We should have someway to make us all sterile until we grow up and decide it’s time to have kids...THEN you get a pill to make you fertile again.

BarbR Level 3 Mar 19, 2018

sounds like an idea. Temporary is better than a permenant fix


Various thoughts: STDs will abound! Women won't trust men saying they took it. The idea of ingesting a spermicide makes me puke in my mouth a little bit... Perhaps it will be more for married men.


Sex is fired by the animal within us. Humans pretend to be more or better than the animal, so they should be able to control the animal within by being smart. If you can't control that animal, and you don't want the result of where sex is meant for, it's ok to use chemicals and/or hormones to help the human that can't control the animal to prevent negative results of its animalistic behaviour.

I wish they would develop a pill against agression, just to prevent people dying in all those wars around the globe. The rich would not like that.

Gert Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

Considering the consequences (they aren’t going to get pregnant either way) ..not sure I’d trust them.

BarbR Level 3 Mar 19, 2018

Male birth control will be attcked all over cuz the "unplanned" pregnancy will disappear for the most part and put men in control of reproduction for a change. there will be some that continue to not use protection but overall this will protect men and be a nuisance for some females so Isee it as a "hate" medicine in the future from a few selct groups.

jorj Level 8 Mar 19, 2018

Umm...Sarcasm? Hello?

Hutch Level 7 Mar 19, 2018
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