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Why Men Send Dick Pics

What are your thoughts?


VictoriaNotes 9 Mar 19

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I have never understood this.


I have no clue.


That article was pure speculation at best, and totally slanted at worse. On that topic, I'm convinced the door swings both ways. Personally, I never have and never will send any woman I had met online photos of me below the belt, what I have down there is my business and no one else's. Of all the men I had met online and consider friends, none of them engage in that behavior either. On the flip side, I can't tell you how many times I've received unsolicited nudes from women of varying ages. In fact, on one app I had used the spamming got so bad that I decided to abandon it and move on to another, as admin did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue. I am currently active on another app similar in function to this one, and there are about two dozen channels dedicated to sharing nude female selfies, and not a single one for men, so much that some women on there are pushing for a nude male selfie channel. I can agree there are plenty of perverse men online who would be guilty of such, but I think the sending of unsolicited genitalia photos is something engaged on both sides. At least this app has shown promise in the sense that there appears to be very little to no spamming of that nature, considering this platform doubles as a dating site, which is good.

So, am I understanding that what you are saying is that there's an equal amount of women sending unsolicited pictures of their genitals as men? Were they prostitutes?

@VictoriaNotes Not in the least, and they had interacted with fellow users on public threads, so the regular users knew who they were, and for the most part they were exhibitionists, which I am not against per se but only wish they would have left me out of it. Regarding the ones on the other app I mentioned- they aren't prostitutes either, and most of them provided other social media contact information and what they did for their professions, not a single one a prostitute.

@VictoriaNotes Sorry, forgot to answer your first question. Yes, based on what I have witnessed after being on three different platforms, and I had observed fellow app users on there complain more about female nudes than male.

@SpikeTalon Interesting. You're the first guy I've met who said women sent pictures of their gentiles unsolicited. I've no doubt there are women in cyberland who do this, but if they are as plentiful as you are suggesting, the guys aren't saying so. Lots of women I know (including myself) have experienced this (even on this site) and not just for sexual reasons but for purposes of intimidating and trolling. I may start a post and ask how many guys here have received unsolicited pictures of women's genitals.

@VictoriaNotes That idea for the post sounds interesting. The men that I've been in contact with/met online who shared those details with me for the most part kept to themselves on that, aside from reporting it to admin, which did very little to resolve the issue. Thank you for your feedback.

@SpikeTalon And yours as well.

@VictoriaNotes EXACTLY- even though the men who send the dick pics don't even know you it's a way to exert power and control from afar. They love the idea of you opening it and being shocked and taken aback.

@HopefullyWiser Could you please explain as to how sending nude photos equates to exerting power and control? If you believe that much to be true, then technically I could say the same thing when I received unwanted naked photos of women below the belt, but hardly anyone seems to care about that though, at least not from what I see anyway. While I was somewhat shocked upon receiving such photos on another app, the shock quickly faded and I reported those users, I refused to be intimidated. I know I cannot possibly be the only guy out there who that has gone through such, and that has happened to me now on more than one platform, at least this site has been good so far.


I rather tend to agree with the Irish comic Dylan Moran who observed that by and large male genitalia resemble something hanging out of a shark's teeth.

Tims Level 3 Apr 9, 2018

God only knows. Somehow I feel that for those that do there is some kind of Freudian compulsion, a subconscious full-disclosure imperative to put the world on notice that "I am an obnoxious dick".


I'm with Resserts... lol. Words from the cowardly Lyon, what's he got that I ain't got? NERVE!


Men in accurate desription don't do these things. Males doing them are arrested in their sexual and emotional development due to untold but only imaginable damage. Their many juvenile, often destructive behaviors make actually being a man rather embarrassing in many circumstances. Furthermore, even the behaviors of lesser botched individuals makes it very difficult for us to honestly represent ourselves because of the natural barriers women understandably set up as a result of other males' conduct.

For example, being taken at one's word regarding such simple things as invitations out to points of interest, lunch, brunch, dinner etc. are most often evaluated and decided upon by women with a cautious aire of anticipation that one actually may not mean what they say or expects more from the meeting than what is stated. Men who say what they mean and mean only what they say are often vexed with having to compensate in some way for the disrespectful or disingenuous behaviors of those who've preceded them.

Take it to the bank that many of us are actually sincere in the specificity of our offers to get acquainted. It, admittedly and regrettably, might be a small some, but we do exist. 😉 It helps a lot when women honestly respond or reciprocate in gestures of mutual interest. too.

Very well stated.


No idea, never done it and never will. Its uncouth and vulgar


I don't have Dick Pics, does the fact that I don't send them explain why I'm unattached (relationship wise not todger wise!) And anyway wouldn't they be aerial shots?


Perhaps for the same reason woman send nudes


Its as bad as religion being forced down your throat really...interestingly though, this post got way mor replies than 99% of most of the others out there.
Just sayin' 


I don't know but I'll decide how Igeel about it when Iget one!


33 Dicks with Unfortunate Last Names

balou Level 8 Mar 21, 2018

Endowment is good to have but men just don't know how women think. This is true. Imagine a couple outdoors under the stars and they have just had sex. Smoking and looking at the sky one asks the other "are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
This situation is just impossible. It pisses me off that someone might even post it as a cartoon. There is no way they are thinking the same thing, just no way, period.

Maybe men should wonder why women do not send vagina pictures. I've never known one that did.


Gross is in the eye of the beholder! LOL


I'm 64 & never, even in my teen years understood why men would think the way to impress women was to expose themselves. I have always been heavy, but never had problems finding partners. Respect & treeting a lady like a lady worked better for me than excessive testosterone every time.


Well, if you get the camera close enough, they all look pretty big, so maybe they are so shocked that they feel the need to share! lol


Boundary issues I'm thinking... The internet is still the wild west! And I'm with @resserts Lol...


Because they want us to laugh at their shorties.


Some men ego trip alot, must have had women in there lives entertaining that mentality before.

Or no women at all.


I never really go tthis either... and I am a gay man. When someoen sends me a dick pic, about the most positive thing I can say to them is ... It's nice tht you have one... but is that all there is to you?


The thing Iknow that is hard to understand about men and their dicks is the insecurity most of ue feel when we see them in porn pics. so as a way for someone that is insecure, some reasons are and in no particular order are: the guy is a self consious jerk and thinks his is the best you have ever seen. the guy is a self consiuos jerk and byt sending a pic he is looking for affirmation. why yes that is a good looking dick. and then the best slice you women can get in is to say Ithought they were bigger than that. some think it is their best part, (maybe with good reason), Iam 60 years old and while Ihave sent said pics, it was only after being asked, and Istill feel embaressed to admit it even now. Iguess what Iam saying is that to most of us it is the most useful tool we have in out toolkit. and yes it gets overused by idiots.all Ican say is sorry to being a dick, it is just who we men are at times. sorry lol

You never sent them unsolicited, so that makes you A-OK in my book.


They do it because they can. There are no repercussions. (Please note I am speaking of unsolicited pics).


I don't know. It's weird. I believe I even don't want to know.

Gert Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

Even better the unsolicited wanking video, Reply is always "Yes, I know you're a wanker!"

The equalled unsolicited detailed critique of said member usually sorts out the problem too, especially with the footnote that if it was really unlike any I'd seen before then I wouldn't be interested anyway because it would have to be seriously deformed or diseased.

Kimba Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

I did not know that was a thing! I must lead such a sheltered life 🙂 I can't imagine sending a solicited wanking video let alone an unsolicited one. 🙂

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