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Why Men Send Dick Pics

What are your thoughts?


VictoriaNotes 9 Mar 19

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Why do men send dick pics? Or to be fairer, why do the sort of men who send dick pics send dick pics?

If it comes at you out of the blue, then quite simply because they get off on sending you dick pics. Having you look at a picture of their penis gives them a cheap thrill, and since their cheap thrill is all that matters, happy days. It only takes one finger to click the 'send' button, and the other hand is busy doing other things.

If it happens later, I think it can be a misguided compliment. A sign of how excited you're supposedly making them (who knows when the picture was taken, or what they were thinking about at the time?) The thing is, "I like your pictures" is a complement. Add "while masturbating" and it no longer is. Guys will jerk off to just about anything when they're horny, including things that positively disgust them when they're not.


This is unfathionable to me. I first discovered of this on this site and some friends confirmed it. I must be really wierd andniave to think it is absolutely disgusting not to mention a total lack of self-esteem.

I think this is another area we can never get as most men would love a picture of a woman's Genitalia.

As the article mentioned, some guys apparently get off (literally) on the shock factor.

@Akfishlady It's happened but I don't think it's near as common as on other dating-type sites.

@VictoriaNotes One would think that a valid site would screen this sort of crap! On my posting of feminism this is the kind of stuff women are exposed to and some men just scratch their heads and wonder what this "feminism" thing is all about, clueless!


My "guess" is the same reason people flash: there is a certain thrill in knowing that someone else is looking at your privates... sort of like they are "touching" it with your eyes... don't know really.


I'm 64 & never, even in my teen years understood why men would think the way to impress women was to expose themselves. I have always been heavy, but never had problems finding partners. Respect & treeting a lady like a lady worked better for me than excessive testosterone every time.


Even better the unsolicited wanking video, Reply is always "Yes, I know you're a wanker!"

The equalled unsolicited detailed critique of said member usually sorts out the problem too, especially with the footnote that if it was really unlike any I'd seen before then I wouldn't be interested anyway because it would have to be seriously deformed or diseased.

Kimba Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

I did not know that was a thing! I must lead such a sheltered life 🙂 I can't imagine sending a solicited wanking video let alone an unsolicited one. 🙂


Part of this phenomenon could be a power trippy deal: you incredibly didn't ask for my dick pic...but I'm going to send it to you anyhow. Take that! Very juvenile at best. Very desperate at its worst.


Just because he is a Dick named Dick


I've never done this. I'm not as "bold" as the article mentions.


Some men have severe mental issues and in their fucked up brain, they think this impresses women. It would be like saying you were impressed with a rapist. I feel like saying "Is that the best you've got? And if so, you've really hit rock bottom."


I block them.


I don’t nor do I understand men who do.


Insecurities. They feel as though they have nothing else to they go with what primatively attracts them.


I am not sure why and I couldn't figure out why so many women complained and was seeing so many memes about it until it happened to me and received three random ones in under a week along with attempts to call me on messenger 2-3-4 am. Needless to say I blocked them really fast but I totally shared the pics with my gay friends and discussed the merits or lack of them thereoff and got a good laugh out of them. I still don't get it though cause to this day I've never thought of sending pictures of any of my private parts to someone, you want to see it you have to work for it. Leave some mystery alive!


Because they Assume you will be as excited as they are by this marvelous creature attached to them


There are a lot of factors in play. In part it's primitive thinking. Men like pictures of boobs, ergo women must like pictures of penises. There is also the hope a woman has gotten one and thought "huh, I would like to engage sexually with that." Statistically I'm certain it has happened, and desprit guy gotta play the odds. And of course there's those guys hoping for some quid pro quo.


Because they’re moronic?


My brain is unbelievably attractive, and I have an enormous heart, but neither are terribly photogenic ?



I have gotten a few vagina shots back when i was confused and still dating women.
to answer your question, i think that for us guys sex is mechanical and it basically comes down to the penis and the act. Some guys feel that is all they have to offer a potential mate.Keep in mind that we are far more emotionally detached compared to women.


Most excellent article. I'm just going to share a part of it here...

Ultimately, the answer here lies in greater dialogue with men and women, over what they actually want in sexual communications. This might reach some of these men, those who are genuinely not understanding some sexual differences. But, this requires for women to have the safety to be honest about their sexual interests. For instance, could women ever say, "Look, I probably WOULD like to see your penis pic, but I'd like to be able to ASK for it..."? The shaming and suppression of female sexuality is part of the issue here, as men don't feel they understand what women actually want sexually, and women don't feel they can express it safely.

But I encourage you to read the whole article!
Also, don't be a dic.


I wonder if the appeal is similar to that of being forced to watch a man masturbate (such as Louis C K or Harvey Weinstein)? Perhaps they're not using it as a method of starting a relationship, but as a way to get release via sexual subjugation?

The article did touch on that somewhat. From what I gather from the article, the reasons seem to be multifaceted.

@VictoriaNotes Ha! TOUCHED ON THAT!


They think women are impressed by a big, firm, erection. I think they are mistaken.

As a woman, I have to say, I am impressed by a big, firm erection. Just not in the form of a picture. 🙂

@marga You are right..... of course a big hard dick is needed for sex. I was thinking about a photo of a big dick.

@nicknotes I know, just being silly, lol


Ithink alot of them do it cause it gets the point across quickly. they offer the pic as an invitation and hope to get someone interested. saves on time of talkin and all that but most don't realize that the talkin and gettin to know her is a much better approach if u want to get to the sex stage.

jorj Level 8 Mar 19, 2018

Yeah, that was one reason mentioned in the article.

@VictoriaNotes prob should have read the article lazy on things like that sometime


I rather tend to agree with the Irish comic Dylan Moran who observed that by and large male genitalia resemble something hanging out of a shark's teeth.

Tims Level 3 Apr 9, 2018

God only knows. Somehow I feel that for those that do there is some kind of Freudian compulsion, a subconscious full-disclosure imperative to put the world on notice that "I am an obnoxious dick".


I'm with Resserts... lol. Words from the cowardly Lyon, what's he got that I ain't got? NERVE!

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