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LINK Tennessee GOP Senator says getting rid of higher education would save America

Here is another example that Republicans are the party of ignorance. They need the uneducated and uninformed populace to stay in power. The country would be better off if Republicans would simply adopt policies that have a wider appeal to voters.

ATDayHiker 7 Sep 10

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It's universal. Information control is always a major issue for tyrants.


And after receiving enough backlash, decided to let everyone in on the joke.

Yeah, it's always "just a joke" when they get called out by the public for their bullshit.


Ahh! Those damned educated liberals are the trouble. Not inbred, redneck, gung-ho automatic gunsters!

Those Founding Fathers were sooooo uneducated as well weren’t they. Washington, Franklin, John Adams; if only they’d learnt to read. What a glorious place America would be now.

The irony would be I suspect that they would applaud the idea that someone as stupid as Trump could become President, the American Dream in action, but totally dismayed that someone as stupid as Trump has actually become President! 😱


The educated answer is to get rid of Tennessee GOP Senators.


Well, we all know that facts have a terrible left wing bias.

Same with truth. Danged ol' librul conspiracy!

@Canyonrunner Oh, and don't forget science! Horrible, terrible lefty libtard bias in science as well.


For him,educated people wouldn't vote for him

bobwjr Level 10 Sep 10, 2019

I see that he graduated Lipscomb University, "a [private] faith-based, liberal arts institution dedicated to challenging students academically, spiritually and as global community citizens".

So, he didn't actually have any higher education. Points for practicing what he preaches, I guess.


Republicans want uneducated, apathetic citizens who are easily manipulated and bamboozled by:

  1. False "trickle down" economic policies;
  2. Blaming immigrants and people of color;
  3. Empty promises;
  4. Poisoning America's water, food and land;
  5. Environmental destruction;
  6. Greed;
  7. Fear;
  8. Tax breaks for the wealthy; and
  9. Corruption.

Not hoodwinked? 🤨 Or deceived? 🤔 Of course you said it perfectly so why bother. 😉


Sentiments such as this, are to be EXPECTED from the Party of Philistines!


Which brings me back to how we are in this mess...remember when public schools wee funded by us, and overseen by state boards of education? And if you wanted to have your kid indoctrinated into weird things you had to home -school or pay for private school? And then, somehow, WE ended up paying for private schools & now we are afloat in a sea of ignorance,

Spiraling down since the 1980's.


Getting rid of the GOP will save America!


Getting rid of higher education would give Trump more supporters.


Hell, let's get rid of high school and stop at the 5rh grade. Once you can do that there readin, what else you need? Think of all the money it would save. Downside, no more college football.

The NFL would start a young feeder league.

@Beowulfsfriend They need to anyway. Pay for it out of their own pockets. Why are we citizens paying this? ....too subsidize the Billionaire Owners!!

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