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The other day two Jehova's Witnesses rang our doorbell. In explaining to my daughter why we weren't answering the door (because they are going door to door like salesmen trying to sell us their religion), it occured to me how strange it is that they still do this. 30+ years ago, I remember my own mother telling me not to answer the door. Thoughts?

JulieBFree 4 Mar 20

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Same basic reason the Mormons do it, recruitment. I always answer, and stop them in the middle of their pitch to tell them I'm an atheist, and to have a nice day. ?

Well, after I give them this business, I back into the house and close the door. Heh.


A lady approached me at a truck stop with a bible and some pamphlet. Before she could say anything I said ma'am I'm not interested in your religion. She said have you ever read the bible? I said yes, have you ever read a science book? She just walked away.

Don't try to bore them with facts. 🙂


we don't go around there houses telling them how to fuck and drink booze

Maybe we should try a "ding dong ditch" and leave them with some beer and condoms.

That's what them fuckers need

Is that because your too fucking drunk? It might be a fun afternoon. Print up a pamphlet and go door to door with a a bottle. You never know it might work out okay.

it sounds like fun


Get a big dog that barks. My dog Sassy keeps the snake oil salesmen away.

Have German Shepherd who can scare anyone she doesn't know. She is harmless and knows her job.

My dog is also a pitt, but she's a little sweetheart. Just likes to jump and give kisses. 🙂

Good dog!

My english mastiff made them VERY nervous. I walked out and closed the door on the dogs barking behind me, a chow and the mastiff (175lb). I told them politely that I was in no way interested and that I would only be polite to them one time. They have never returned. That was over 2 years ago.

@SilverDollarJedi I don't get the ignorant part. People looking at a barking pit bull and being afraid aren't ignorant. People that believe something you don't aren't necessarily ignorant.


"According to your beliefs, I'm already condemned. According to my way of thinking, you're selling snake oil and I don't want any of it." Door then closes.

I have to remember this.


They usually end up telling me I am a hellspawn.

Well, aincha?


I'm polite to them and just say no thank you. My dad used to say he belonged the the round church so the devil can't trap you in the corner.


I was raised Christian, the ones I knew were very good people. I try to be polite as I can while I let them know im not interested.

gater Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

As long as we have humans who cannot handle reality,we will have silly superstitions. Look at Scientology. Why would anyone with half a brain believe that nonsense in the 21st Century, but it goes well beyond common sense.



Say to them, "Let me tell you about our savior the devil. I have some borchures (grab anything paper, fold it, and offer it to them.) I think they will leave.


I ask them if I can share my good news with them... that there is no need for them to be chained to ancient superstition and ignorance, that science and reason and caring for your fellow life forms, respecting others and the earth will lead them to a better ever after. They don't seem to appreciate my good news.


I taught my children that simply because someone rang the doorbell, it doesn't mean we had to answer it, same with the phone. I think teaching boundaries is important and this is a boundary issue. We should not feel compelled to allow other people take up our time when we don't want to give our time to them.

K8TE Level 5 Mar 21, 2018

My mother was a Jehova's Witness when I was young then left them when Iwas late teens, then went back again a few years ago, then left again not long ago so I know all to well the Witness talks. More than once me and one of the Decons of their cult would discuss the Bible and they would always be polite and try to explain stuff but they even have said I don't know to me a few times. My mom has her doubts and talks to me about it sometimes but she is just to scared to let go of the belief. Glad to say she isnt part of the Witness group now but she does still go to a Freewill Baptist Church but I know she is agnostic at best but just can't say accept it yeat.

jorj Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

I thought it was a bit like Hotel California "You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!"


This is proof of their Iron Age mentality and shows their rigidity to any new ideas. I feel sorry for ignorant people, but it's not my job to be their entertainment.


I've never understood why people are nice to them. They rudely interrupted your day, so I personally see no reason why I need to gently tell them I'm not interested. Before I had my demon gargoyle watchers I just told them I wasn't interested and forcefully closed the door.

Exactly...I was about to get in the shower!


I always open my door and have a little fun Biblically jousting with them.


Yup, religion can be sad.


Engage them in conversation, I haven't yet with JW, but did with some Mormon missionaries. Interesting discussion.


I used to live in an apartment, they came knocking, I cussed them out and told them not to come back. I now live in a house on the opposite side of town, same ladies came knocking this past Sunday, I cussed them out and told them not to come back. At this point I feel as though my freedom of religion is being infringed upon. I guess everytime I move I can expect at least one visit from them.

Just tell them you are an ex-JW, you have been cult-free for a few years after you discovered the truth about the Organization (their governing body), and that's it. They will never ring your door again 🙂
Every single one of them has been "programmed" to avoid the "Apostates"! 🙂


Some religions have a mandate to proseletyze. Their aim is to make sure everyone has the chance to be "saved" by receiving and accepting "the word of God". It doesn't seem to occur to them that many of us don't buy the malarkey, and don't want to be bothered with it.

Probably the most annoying thing at my house is that the damn dogs go ballistic when the doorbell rings, happens every time.


If you tell to put your address on a do not return list thay will do so, there Just lost people at least the ones on the bottom anyway.


I've always answered the door when they've knocked. It's always been a polite exchange and have never had an experience where they've tried to sell me on god and JW's.


I'm old enough to remember the Fuller Brush Man.
He was more useful.

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