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QUESTION How did they keep a straight face?

Hope you enjoy this purrfect boys choir.
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BeeHappy 9 Mar 20

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Great! I shared.


And back to cats: Skip to minute 2:30:

This video freaked out my kitties! They're wandering around trying to find the newcomer.

@HippieChick58 Mine do that too! lol

That's great! I think I'd need to keep the mittens on the entire time, tho!

& it is fun to annoy the little buggers!

@phxbillcee Duct Tape mittens! rofl

These guys are great and very pro adoption. Also - geeks!


Have to balance this out...


"Meow!". I laugh every single time.

And I've vids of adults performing this - also hard to keep a straight face.

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