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Best Remedy?

I've been sick with allergies for a week.

Every September is the same.

What's your best remedy when you feel like crap?

ElusiveMoby 7 Sep 20

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For allergies... Local gathered honey. The bees gather it from your local plants and it can sort of immunize you or help take away some of the affects of allergies.

That and a belt of bourbon!


I have had sinus problems most of my life, with a few sinus surgeries. It depends on your specific symptoms, but for nasal congestion I like to use sinus rinse. I have used home made mixtures but now I use NeilMed sinus rinse. It is premixed packets that you mix with distilled or boiled water and irrigate your nose with. My older brother has sinus problems that flare up and triggers his migraine headaches. So, if that is happening to you it would need additional treatment.


Avoid dairy products, and tomatoes.

I've had so much fairly lately. More than normal. I'll cut that out.


chicken soup and whisky --- separate mugs


My latest go to is Azelastine, was loratadine and flonase.


sex 🙂 sorry but it sounded good while typing it but I have turned it down before when sick. Mucinex seems to help with many things...of course there is hibernation

lerlo Level 8 Sep 20, 2019

So you're saying lots of sex, followed by Mucinex, followed by hibernation. I can do that!!!!

@ElusiveMoby I'll send you the bill or I can make a house call 🙂 feel better!


My kid has been miserable this month too. He’s like a snot machine. Nothing helps. I read about a netti pot but then read about the woman who used tap water instead of distilled water and got some kind of brain eating bacteria, so we won’t be trying that.

I purchased one right before that story came out. Just terrible.

Yes my son went to school one day this week. A little plugged up, bad scratchy throat, painful swallowing. The Nurse Practitioner in town gave him penicillin
( to prevent strep she said) and he's still not 100%.
I made him some chicken soup

I've been throat dry and some phlegm for the last month or so myself.

@twill oh for Pete’s sake prophylactic antibiotics? WTF?!

@A2Jennifer "prophylactic antibiotics"....penicillin?

@twill yes?... penicillin is an antibiotic. And giving it to “prevent” an infection is one more irresponsible behavior that is creating antibiotic resistant strains.

@A2Jennifer I totally agree. I am aware of this issue. I thought the penicillin was old school, but IDK anything about StrepThroat either, so what could I say to her? Thank You noting this and speaking up

@twill penicillin is the appropriate treatment for confirmed strep throat but I am appalled that a health care provider gave to “prevent” it.


I take a daily allergy pill which costs me $10 for a hundred. I have been taking them for probably 15 years. I don't get allergies. Rarely something might creep in for a day or so every couple of years and I use a generic version of Flonase.

Maybe I will try Flonase. Thanks.

@ElusiveMoby Cetirizine is the daily I take. If they had any adverse effect it has never shown up in my blood work or any side effects.

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