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What are your pet peeves about photos on dating sites? I tend to unconsciously discount women who post nothing but pictures of themselves with daughters or in silly snapchat filters. Also, why include photos that are more than a year or two old, max?

okiestache 6 Mar 21

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And save me from the nude-from-the-waist-up selfie in the bathroom mirror. Really? You can't present yourself better than that on a dating site? Ewwwww......

The worst!!!

Oh yes. When I said "people can have any profile photo they want," I wasn't including that one - that should be punished by immediate banning from the internet!

Agreed. A girlfriend of mine met this guy and later that evening he sent her a shirtless, bathroom selfie. I asked her, "what self respecting man, especially one in his mdi/late 50's sends that?"

She went out with him anyway only to find out, after she wouldn't sleep with him on the first date, mysteriously reconciled with his ex gf.

I've just seen an absolutely classic example of this from a new user here on this very website! 😀

@Jnei Me too!! I was sadly inspired by the travesty.

@poetdi56 😀 heheheheh 😀

@poetdi56 I suppose nude from the waist down would be worse still; we should be grateful for that at least!

@Jnei I truly wish I did not have THAT image in my brain now! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh <runs screaming>

@poetdi56 Mwa ha ha ha!


My preference, particularly on a dating site, is that everyone post a picture of themselves. Appearances aren't everything, but they are something. So yes, pictures of the sunset, or the default, generic male or female avatar...not helpful.


Same problem with men. Several guys I've met/messaged with that have photos over 5 years old on this site. Mine is 9 months old now and I'm planning on new pics asap. People are afraid to post current pictures if they've gained weight, have a receding hairline or have a physical disability. If you really want to meet someone interested in the real you people need to be honest with each other. Women appreciate that honesty and I'm sure men do too.


I don't like it when anyone posts pictures with children. It's the never really know who you're talking to, and we have to protect our kids. I get it if your kids are a big part of your life (mine mean the world to me), but dating site pictures should not include them. Another pet peeve is when someone has sunglasses on in every single picture and you can't actually see their whole face. Seems..."shady"? 🙂

I've noticed this trend too, with single moms posting photos of them with their kids. There's just something ludicrously naive about that in today's world.

@LucifersPen I try to be cautious with my children. I am now removing those images, as you have both made a very good point.


Maybe I'm a jerk but if their primary pic is them shirtless then I pass. If all their pics contain them holding booze/in a bar, I pass. And the gym pics with the flexed muscles.

I like knowing they have pets and children/grandchildren in their lives because it means they have roots or responsibilities.

I don't even consider it a deal breaker if they aid or live with thier aging parents either.

You are not a jerk. A shirtless pic seems pushy, and pushy is a huge turn-off.


I keep my photos current and untouched. I earned these wrinkles, silver hairs, and hips.

I appreciate it if others do similarly.
I like seeing who I'm communicating with.

Get outta here...What wrinkles? What silver hair? What's wrong those hips? The mustache is disconcerting though. 😉

@LucifersPen The stache stays.


I hate the filters. Just post an accurate pic of yourself instead of trying to be "cute" with a flower reef around your head and bunny ears or a dog nose or dog tongue. Are you trying to land a pre-schooler? I'm cool with anything else really. I guess there are some more exceptions though.


I totally agree with you regarding the use of Snapchat filters. I have no clue why so many women think it makes them look "cute". It makes them look superfically dumb if you ask me.

I also agree with the group photo. More than two people in the photo? How am I suppose to figure which one are you? And how would that other person feel knowing they're on the site too?

But what bothers me the most is the absence of a photo, or the substitution of a photo for a meme. WTF? If you're that insecure, you shouldn't be looking on such a public venue.

In my pictures, I'm the adult. 🙂

@Donotbelieve You might need to show some ID

@LucifersPen I'm nearly 40, that's simply not true.


I like the photos of the folks in their element, no not a Honda Element. If your into hiking a picture of you on a hikeing path. If your into scuba an underwater selfie would be awsome. I am more interested in a persons activities and personality than their facial features.


I don't like the photos taken in a bathroom (you can tell) profiles that say absolutely nothing. No photos at all ( no one is that ugly). Guys that ask a question about you and they could read your profile for that answer

Sunny Level 4 Mar 21, 2018

Bathroom selfies, just drives me nuts. I don't care if it's for your dating site or for another social site.


I definitely agree on the Snapchat filters, all pics with sunglasses, etc... I will add just face and no full body pics, pics with their butt facing the camera, a single pic with other women so you don't know who's profile it is, most selfies, the list goes on...

Sunglasses the worst to me.


Doesn't bother me. People can have any profile photo they want.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 21, 2018

@okiestache I have plenty of other peeves to make up for it 🙂


Photos of ANYTHING other than the person in the profile. Even though a photo including a pet tells me that the pet is their "god" and the most important thing in that person's life and to just skip and move on.


I'm with so many of these other ladies. Please put a shirt on, gentlemen. Too much information! It implies that you are more interested in getting naked than getting to know me, which seems horribly pushy, and gets an instant "Nope!" from me.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

I always read the profile before looking at any pics. If the profile doesn't interest me, I am not interested. The ones that really get my attention are rhe ones that most guys would pass up. Either they are in jest but careful enough that most guys would take it seriously or they are so bluntly honest that most guys would move on. If there is a pic and I find the profile interesting, I suss the pic to see if it matches how I feel from what I have read. An older pic showing something important to her from her past can be interesting. Pics holding wine glasses or with an ex is obviously a no go.


I dislike shirtless pics, snapchat filters, and photo of people with things that aren't their own, you know the ones, inside or beside cars and such that aren't theirs. And yes, old photos.


I hate nearly every picture of me. So when I find one that actually looks human I stick with it for ages.


Mine are usually recent. Mostly head shots with no filters. I have full body as well. I tell you what I hate are the guys who take pics like the are looking down their phon3, and 12 chins and you can see up this nose. Seriously that is the best you got??

I can explain the up the nose shot. I am an old man with bifocals for me to see the phone I need to look down through the lower half of my glasses so all of my selfies were up the nose shots. I finally gave up on selfies.


Go with your gut...if it doesn't feel 'right'...pass on by! Nature is speaking to you!

I should got with a picture of my gut? I'm gonna need a wide angle lens.

@Tominator It is a FEELING...doe-doe-bird! Your brain is connected to your tummy!


Agree with the snapchat thing


The picture of the fish or lobster the guy caught.

Spectator sport shirts and caps.

Bathroom selfies.

Nondescript or messy backgrounds

Not dressing nice

Unflattering angles


The guy in the diaper (yes really!)

Underwear shots.

Photos in a bar or with beer


Love the answers I've read here ! I have friends who post nearly daily photos of themselves , so understand the term selfies . I don't . The one I posted , was taken at an event I attended a year ago , by a very nice lady , who noticed I was examining the background ( loved it ) . She showed me a box of accouterments , and asked for my phone , which I didn't have with me .
I tried to look fierce . She snapped the photo and forwarded it to my phone . I like the idea of including something you're interested in , in the photo . It says something more about your interests .


I get annoyed at excessive snap chat filters in peoples pictures, they just look dumb and I want to just see a normal person dammit. The uber up close face shots, like nothing but face, always give me the idea that they're hiding something. And just random body shots sans face are always weird for me, especially when you go on to read their profile and they more or less complain about being objectified. You'll get less creeps messaging you if you don't just throw out a pic of your bust for all to see....just sayin.


Be wary of a woman who posts photos of her dog or cat.



A group shot at a bar, a lounge or at a party holding up drinks with glassy looking eyes.

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