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If your pet were human for a day, what would they be like?

Mine would be a food conoisseur stuffing his face and giving me reviews. Telling me what I should and shouldn't be feeding him.

He'd also be a talker. Yappy little thing.

silvereyes 8 Mar 21

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I refuse to humor this post. My cats would be unbearable.

@AMNOTGOD I only have cats, at this time.


Satan, my cat would be Satan



My cat Percy would just be a violent asshole. My cat Nyxon would be a nature loving sports freak. My dog Koda would be a clingy drag queen and my dog Anya would be a tomboy football player

That's excellent!

Why would Koda be a drag queen? XD

@Neraven hes....well....he's a drag queen


A lazy, inconsiderate, illiterate asshole with bad personal hygine 🙂



I would have to hide they would be sexing me up. LOL



I haven't got a clue but probably really fucking freaked out.


A totally cool aurfer dude!!

@SouthernSerena -- What the hell is an "aurfer dude?"

@evidentialist, surfer dude? A and S are next to each other on the keyboard.

@TaraMarshall -- I knew that.


I love this post! My cat Moises would have a monocle and thin mustache and would ride a stage coach but would be a mid night underground boxer. His brother Mian would be a fat Chinese dumpling chef who is always yelling and holding a cleaver hahaha



My black cat, Elvira, would be a self-centered, middle-aged woman looking for a man to take care of her and cater to her every need.

Tiger-tiger would be a big brawny, young bully with a soft spot for his older girlfriend (Elvira) and his stepfather.


Much as they are now I suspect. Lovable fools in search of their next meal.

I have a 2nd kitty who is already a hate filled homunculus in a cat suit. But she doesn't stay still long enough to photograph or trap.

@TrailRider I think your black and white cat looks a lot like my Jewish uncle, Sal.

@paul1967 hoooot!


Hmmm. Louie the standard poodle would be Dick Van Dyke. Friendly, goofy, and kind hearted. My two rescue dogs are another story and would be hard to match to people !

Ohub Level 7 Mar 21, 2018

He would be laid back, always available with a pun, and calling me out for having him fixed.


For me, my dog is just another member of the family. It's hard to imagine him as human, when I already see him as a part of my family. If I had to guess though, I suspect he would be a lot like me as his personality surprisingly enough emulates my personality. He's already easy for me to talk with. So I imagine that wouldn't change. Outside of that, I believe he would be as friendly as he is already, but quiet and reserved depending on the circumstances.


I would repeatly hear "who's the good dog?", I think I need a treat then, and let's go smell some stuff".

jeffy Level 7 Mar 21, 2018

A relatively even blending of Wolverine, Cthulhu, and Jim Jefferies.

crikey 😀


They'd both probably sleep for a lot of the day, getting up occasionally to pester me to feed them.

Come to think of it... this is exactly the same as my teenage sons

miffy Level 5 Mar 21, 2018

One would be an overweight middle-aged woman who just sits and looks at me all day. Another would be an ADHD teenager on steroids


I dunno, sounds a bit odd to strip an animals intelligence to meet a humans level 🙂


Well, I have a gay dog, and I'm not just saying that for laughs. My dog is a big gay dog, and I love him for it. Louie is his name because I found him in Saint Louis digging around a dumpster as a puppy. He loves other boy dogs, but he's not so fond of girl dogs. Louie humps all the boy dogs he can, but he stays far away from the girl dogs. So if he were human for a day, I think he would spend it at a gay bar. I can see him wearing assless chaps and a cowboy hat.


My dog would be my new drinking buddy


One would be a loveable dope.

The other would a somewhat grouchy little spaz.

Very similar to my 2.


Well he sleeps on his back so no Change there. He would have long fabulous black hair, watch animal planet all day (it's his treat now. Yes he watches TV. ) He would lay in his pool or in the tub when he's warm instead of making a puddle in the kitchen and laying with his face in the bowl...


So, am I to infer that he would have a lot in common with you?.....LOL


One would be a gorgeous, smart, funny surfer dude.

The other a femme fatale russian spy. LOL


My cat would be one of those weirdos who perches on the back of a chair or drapes himself upside down on a sofa. He'd talk and talk and talk and want to go for a run or go climb Mt. Rainier or go haunt a curiosity shop. The kind who can eat anything and stay thin. Occasionally he'll wedge himself into an odd space and sleep. He'd climb things.

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