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I am a member of the Marine Corps League. They do a opening and closing prayer. I do not wish to stand as I do not believe in fairy tales. I can not find a President for this any ideas. I know freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.

Docaj 4 Mar 21

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Can you stand and say nothing? Compromise?

I will have a talk with the Commandant


I am so glad the army rejected me because of my hearing problems


stick to your guns excuse the pun


Do you mean precedent?..and indeed freedom of religion does mean freedom from it..sadly that line has been blurred.

it is very and normally to suit the religious


I was around brainiacs that thought a lot like me didn't have a big issue. Some of the special forces were hardcore nonbelievers you might hit them up for some ideas.


I think the word you wanted to use was "precedent", not president.

Yes auto correct thanks


Religion is so ingrained in the military. But it didn't really bug me much. Other than they wouldn't allow me to be agnostic..."So, you're an Atheist, Private Thorazine?" "Sir, no, Sir! Sir, this private is a devout Agnostic, Sir!" "That's what I said, an Atheist? You know what God thinks of Atheists, Private?" "Sir, no, Sir!" "God thinks that Atheists need Jesus PT-ed into them. BEND AND THRUST, PRIVATE!" An actual experience I had during boot....after boot, it just became a mild annoyance...occasionally being forced to go to church (which I realized much later was so officers could have some time off from us...makes sense.)

I concur, my dad was carrier royal navy (1940-62) and even though he was an atheist, church parade was mandatory or you did PK.


Don't stand. If anyone asks, give them your explanation. Don't allow yourself to
be bullied, or railroaded. You served to uphold the Constitutional rights of every
citizen, including your own, as has every other veteran.

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