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If you are a tea drinker, how do you take your tea?

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Crimson67 8 Mar 22

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I like my tea like I like my women: lukewarm and bitter.

Lmao You're welcome @resserts I prefer mine passionate, rational and full of differing flavours

@atheist did she also say to you after making love "George, the ceiling needs painting?"

@FrayedBear no, she said, Nice pillowcase.

Just like our beer !

@MarcIveson Flat?

Just a slight step up from cold and bitter, I guess.

@FrayedBear like my women ! ,


I'm English, so my blood type it T Positive 😉

Nomad Level 6 Mar 22, 2018

HAHAHA! Brilliant!!


Being a Brit, tea runs in my veins. Black tea, with milk and sugar. Neck tar of the gods!


Iced with lemon... Don't know how the southerners drink the sweet stuff...


traditional sweet iced tea, or any kind of tea hot with just a little bit of honey.


I like my tea like I like my women - all natural.

My favorite homemae mix is half teaspoon Indian vanilla black tea, half teaspoon jasmine green tea and a pinch (few pedals) of dried hibiscus. Makes a wonderful rosey color.

Mmm All natural you say? Have you found any yet who admit to farting in their sleep?

I'm sure that the colour is gorgeous but what about the taste? It sounds like peanut mush with Vegemite.


Bubble tea.


Well, it's more like flavored water that has some tea in it.


I like hot tea with honey. If it's iced I like sugar and lots of lemon

Particularly if Honey is sitting on my knee sharing! And as for iced with sugar and lemon only if you let me choose the receptacle for drinking it from. ???


Chai black tea with milk and sugar. Or berry tea with sugar.


Love tea - all of it - from green through black. Most of the time plain. Occasionally with a touch of honey or if I am impatient a frozen slice of lemon to cool it just a bit.


Sun tea is the best. If I have it fresh, a sprig of mint makes it just that much better.

@Crimson67 In a 1-gallon glass container a lid is preferred, fill it with water add about 10 tea bags set the jar in your yard or on the porch for about 24 hours. Let the sun warm the water. Some people let it brew in the sun for 3 days.

@Crimson67 put 6 or 7 (or more) tea bags in a big jug of cold water and set it in the direct sunlight (preferably outside) for about 8 hours. It does brew THE best iced tea imaginable. Strong without being bitter. Yum! It really the only reason I enjoy summer around here. LOL

@Crimson67 You can use an infuser as well.

@azzow2 I find if it heats, then cools overnight, and heats again it gets a funky taste. Blech!

@SweetHarp Just curiosity have you noticed if this happens with the tea bags that are stapled?

@Crimson67 Technically it is cold brewed tea, without the refrigeration. It does not need to be set out in the sun to brew, I set mine on the kitchen counter and it brews quite nicely over 12-24 hours. Good method for making a larger quantity (like a gallon) that avoids the bitter taste that sometimes comes with not brewing a concentrate to get a quantity of cold tea. It does make a smooth tea with the least amount of effort, IMO.

@azzow2 hmmm, I haven't noticed. I think it's the hot/cold cycling that makes the taste. Like if it's left too long in the fridge and goes off. Or "old" iced tea from a diner.


Honey, honey. Lol


2sugars first , drop of milk , breakfast tea so strong you can stand your spoon up in it ( builders tea ) . also used to be known as ' gunfire '.

Leaves thrown into steel mug and boiled over burner, paint stripper or suspended over brazier. Still reheat that way.


After voting I kinda realized that this may fall under Sugar Substitute but I add local honey to my tea.


Earl grey with sugar. Hot.

I used to drink Earl Grey exclusively, with sugar and milk. Now just the thought of it makes me gag. (Not so much the EG, but the sugar) But, funny thing, my cat LOVED it. I could never leave my cup unattended. He lived to the ripe old age of 22, so maybe there's a fountain of youth in EG?




Just had a cup of ginseng tea with sugar infused with ginger and a few chunks of the ginger.


With milk and no sweetener. How would I vote if I took both? (But I prefer coffee anyway.)

@Crimson67 What a good idea!


I liike all kinds of tea very much. I mix two bags in a mug, like peppermint and green tea or blue berry and black tea, and so on.

'There once was man named Twining who lived in the Strand, who would still be wining deprived of his T.'

cava Level 7 Mar 22, 2018

You monster! ?

@SweetHarp 3 minutes in the micro on high 🙂

@cava OMG!!! Microwave tea! You ARE a monster! ???

The Monster of tea
The ire of an Angel's harp
It gratifies me


I used to own a tea shop. Yeah! My favorite tea is a Golden Tip Yunnan. I also enjoy a Puerh with rose petals. Not a big green tea drinker, but do have a cup every once in awhile.
A good treat is a white chocolate matcha.


All you people who take artificial sweeteners, do you know how dangerous those things are? Especially Aspartame.


Back home I used to really enjoy High Tea at the Queenston Heights restaurant overlooking the Lake Ontario Plain.


Having dated a girl from Hull who I still concider an awesome amazing person I learned never to put strings or staples in my cup🙂 She even decorated an old coffee can to remind this tea challenged American🙂 it says, “U.K. Tea bags, No Strings! LOL”


How I prefer my tea varies by season, but your poll did not allow for such. I am bereft.


Without cocain?

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