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Have you ever cheated on an exam? Do you think cheating in a test is moral?

When I was in HS, I cheated once or twice in geology exam. I used to put some notes under my shirt and use them when I was stuck.

Aralt 7 Mar 22

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I cheated in my final french exam at school. It was an essay exam and we were allowed to take a vocab dictionary (which we had to write ourselves over the course if the final year). In a genuine mix up I took my essay excercise book in with me and the invigilator checked it but didn't notice, so I just used an essay I'd already written and had graded for my exam work. It was not moral, but I had no aspirations involving french so I haven't denied anybody more talented an opportunity!


I think it's wrong. I don't think it falls on the spectrum of moral and immoral.


I cheated on a non-class - library test - don't ask me why?

no idea whatsoever


I have sat in at courses where the lecturer virtually gave us the exam paper in the last session before the exam -probably to improve his own pupil exam pass statistics. The only way to stop cheating is to make exams a more pleasant varied experience and to educate what would happen to you if you say failed to understand a concept because you cheated that bit of the course and it revealed a weakness that in the future with your false degree put your job, reputation,clients life and conscience at risk.


Yes. Morality has nothing to to do with it. If school had not been so incredibly boring most of the time l might have paid more attention, and wouldn't have resorted to cheating on occasion.


To deny it is a lie


Odd I have known many people who cheated on a test or in sports. My view, is that why cheat, I truly want to know how good I really am.... How many friends cheated at golf confused me. They would then state their cheated score as real. How can you lie to yourself and not know it.
I was always an A student and did let my friends cheat off of me. No bother, today we still see that they do not care to learn and have become republicans Where as I , who did not cheat, am a liberal , We care to learn the truth not a lie.

EMC2 Level 8 Mar 23, 2018

As a teacher I see it isn about 7 - 8% of my students. I am currently working towards clamping down because I let it go on a little too long without saying anything.

The kids aren't even good at it and these are High School Juniors and Seniors. When they get a hard a test they just start looking. The cartoon isn't an exaggeration. I don't know why they don't realize I can see them looking.

My favorite case, which actually happens fairly often, is when I see a relatively bright kid cheating from the paper of a kid who is essentially totally lost. In this case they get what they deserve.


The only type of examination should be an open book one. Cognizant thoughts and Rational cannot be measured thru any kind of testing. I know some persons relish the though of their IQ's but it really has little to do with competency.


I never cheated.

Maybe I'm weird but I used to enjoy exams. It was a quiet, peaceful time when I couldn't be bullied. I only ever failed one exam and that was when I was at university (passed it on a retake though). I had just split up from my girlfriend and was feeling utterly wretched.


Cheating is only when caught


I had a group that cheated on an exam causing the bell curve to fail students who did not cheat. After that I find it necessary sometimes. I look at it this way, when in the"real world" are you ever punished for looking something up or using information to your advantage. That being said, still have a hard time cheating, guess it's to ingrained into me not to cheat.


As much as I wanted to--I never did. I feel incredibly guilty when I lie (so I rarely do) and I know I'd get the same feeling if I cheated on a test.


I can tell you what I have done when serving in the teaching role to present a different sort of lesson to the students. It represented a good deal of extra work for me, but the results made it worthwhile. I would prepare a different test for each student. The efficacy of this is incredible.

Humorous anectdote: I recall in one such class, Trigonometry, where within just a few minutes of handing out the test, one of the students blurted out, "This isn't fair. The tests are different." I wonder how he knew?

I have never cheated on any exam. I learned when quite young that cheating on exams only resulted in cheating myself.


Cheating dilutes the grades of those who studied and came by their accomplishments honestly, it skews grading curves, it can affect the academic reputation of the school, and it robs oneself of the genuine mastery of the material and, due to that gap in knowledge and understanding, the ability to excel in the field later. So, yes, it's most definitely unethical.


If presented the logic to achieve a task most intelligent people will do what ever it takes. Would equate this to survival playing by the rules in a desperate situation would not be logical.


I don't believe in exams or tests. I think the public school system is destructive, and purposely ineffective, to make more obedient factory workers.

Studies show that in classes with only five students to a teacher, for only two hours a day, students were able to advance an entire grade every three weeks. The rest of the time, children are being warehoused to save parents from paying for childcare, and to get the school money.

I never had to cheat on exams, since I usually knew far more than the teachers, and could speed read, with total recall.

Where I agree with you completely about exams, when working in that role, one performs their duties according to the particular school's or system's requirements.

I had the opportunity to run a math lab at one college. It was originally intended to aid students who were having difficulties with their course material. It broadened to provide services to local high school students, then down to middle school kids. In that capacity I had the opportunity to devise techniques not a normal part of the curriculum. All this resulted in a wonderful improvement while showing that competing through exams was not all that productive, and in some cases showed negative results. That brought an end to the amount of freedom I would have. Go figure.

@evidentialist That's because the school system doesn't WANT the kids to learn anything..if they did, it would show that public school is wasting time and money. Best to keep students slow and ignorant to keep the public school money coming in. Whenever I substitute taught, I often would teach entire classes to read phonetically, or speed read, when they finished their assigned "busywork."

I usually only had about 20 minutes to do it, but luckily, that's all it takes. As long as the kids didn't tell on me, I got away with it.
But sometimes overenthusiastic teacher assistants would tell the regular teacher what I'd done, and then the regular teacher would often angrily tell me to not substitute for them again. Other teachers were bewildered when their entire classes of preschoolers suddenly started reading, but usually credited themselves with somehow accidentally teaching them.

While nice in an ideal world, the real world has a far different student/teacher ratio out of necessity. Further, because I am required to submit an evaluation "grade" for each of my students, I find tests to be a useful evaluation tool. And, I have come to appreciate that my students learn significantly from studying and taking tests. That may, of course, be subject dependent. I am a physics teacher.

I teach at a private school with a high academic profile. We claim to limit our classes at 20 students but in high demand cases they grow to 22. This is a luxury. We couldn't make classes of 5 students per teacher as this would require tripling our already high tuition.

While I don't disagree with you in principle, the view from the trenches is a bit different.

@marmot84 LOL! That's because you're thinking in a public school box. In experimental schools I've taught in, students do self-directed work, much as my kids did while being home schooled, and what we mission kids did in Haiti growing up. When kids are allowed to work at their own speed, not held back by the rest of the class they can zip through an entire grade in no time. In one school, even middle school kids were allowed to take college classes and they did perfectly well, as my kids did also. When I was in 8th grade, I tested at a junior in college level in the college tests. My kids both tested able to enter teacher school when they were ten, according the college tests they took.

@birdingnut Sorry - apparently we are not communicating. Oh well... for awhile I thought we shared some stuff.

@marmot84 No, I totally disagree with the entire public school system. And those who endorse it.

@birdingnut see this is exactly what I meant. You didn't even understand what I was talking about. I was NOT talking about the public schools. Sorry bye.


Yes, but it was in junior high. I don't think it is moral. My morality wasn't as definite then.


I cheated when I was in school because of fear. If I brought a bad grade home I could be beat unconscious.

I understand. My father sent me to bed with no dinner because I once came 10th out of a class of 30. He had bragged to his workmates that I would come 1st which I had the previous year. Luckily he died when I was 13.

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