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Board Games

What are your favorite board games and how often do you get to play them?

Donotbelieve 9 Mar 23

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Does D&D count? Then there's all those chit and hex games by Avalon Hill. Zombicide is fun. But all in all, the most normie game I appreciate is Euchre.


Not often enough:

Pandemic (with expansions)
Flash Point: Fire Rescue (with full expansions)
Elder Sign
Wurhful Bonhanza (and I am sure I have the spelling wrong)
Catan (though I reburn out on this quickly)
Ticket to Ride
The Eurorails series (any of that type rail game, but burnout again)

Oh, and scores more. Most of which are in storage.

Carcassonne is one of my favorites, as well.

Cut my gaming eye teeth on D&D as well as "Melee, Wizard and Deathtest" and war games (SPI Middle Earth war games, the favorite was the siege of that last major city at the end of the trilogy, whose name escapes me). Because of this I bored of 'normal' board games way back when.

Moved to Arizona, met a bunch of great guys (not a lot of gamer gals back then, sadly, was truly the 'nerd' culture you see in the movies) who introduced me to a WIDE variety of games: Roleplay (D&D, Champions, Morrow Project, Chivalry and Sorcery), Board games, card games and... more.

We were actually a game design shop (Blade) making T&T materials (Tunnels & Trolls).

Helluva time... and I'd still play any of the above with the right crowd. Can't seem to break the ice locally.

@Gnarloc I'm good friends with a guy who wrote for D&D, back in the day, and still does. He's one very interesting fellow.

My partner makes games and we are surrounded by gamers.

I call him the, "GameMaster."

He "loves" it.


I play scrabble a few times a month and have recently added monopoly to the arsenal

4’s no doubt just me.. But as kids we were ‘forced’ to play board games in a cabin with no TV. I hate them! And, that’s been a problem ..cuz apparently everyone else loves them… Card games, too. Shit - I’d rather watch paint dry.. I’m no fun with ‘bored games,’ but pretty creative when others are willing to step outside 🙂

Varn Level 8 Mar 23, 2018

It is not just you. I have one kid out of four who doesn't enjoy board games. He likes card games, though. I don't force him onto either.


Scrabble, Pictionary trivia pursuit. Have not played in a very very very long time



i don't know many board games, but am totally happy if someone can be seduced to a round of scrabble.


I've many hours at a Risk board over the years. The sci-fi version is pretty cool Risk 2210 A.D. My oldest so DMs for us on Thursday nights so that's mostly what we play currently. We used to play MTG a lot and I'm sure we'll go back to it, mostly Commander. Here's a pic of a chunk of our collection.

Thanks for the picture of your chunk. 😉


Risk. I'm old school.


I use to play Scrabble a few times a week, but since my grandchild was born I've been spending time with him. I always liked Risk, Monopoly and any Trivia. Disney trivia was always a favorite of my kids. Funny how a subject can bring back memories and put a smile on your face.

Congratulations on your grandchild.

@Donotbelieve thank you


Rummikub! No down time, makes your brain actually feel fatigue after about 2 hours.

I love that game!

@Donotbelieve played that often as well.


I probably enjoy chess and monopoly have not played for years

dc65 Level 7 Mar 23, 2018

Risk - haven't played in years. I do enjoy online games, pachisi and spades

gater Level 7 Mar 24, 2018

Ticket to Ride, Clue, Monopoly. Trivial Pursuit, Parcheesi.

But so many I want to try.

Ticket to ride is a good one!

I've been learning some of these games over the past year and have been having a blast doing so. I then return here for more ideas. This is a great thread.


Splendor. Dominion. Or if we've got all day for a single game, the old classic Rail Baron.


masterpiece .... rarely


Loving some Catan. What is this big poker table with a chess pieces thing?

I am not sure. Only the book cases with the purple walls are my photos.
Catan is quite fun.


Been playing a ton of Scythe and Azul lately


I play a little known chinese version of Chess, called Shing Shang, the main problem is I have to teach people to play first.


Haven't played in ages. Was quite partial to Scrabble and Risk. Still enjoy my Yahtzee app. That damn robo-player is good!

Was enjoying my free bowling and Wheel of Fortune apps, but they wanted to charge me when I ran out of credits. F that!

I need a drink.


Scrabble, Chess, Konane, and Chinese Checkers.


I want to try Once Upon a Time, or Pathogenesis. Secret Hitler is an AWESOME social game though!


Used to like board games, Scrabble and a few others. I also started playing computer games way back before there were hard drives, had to swap floppy disks to play. Now I just play computer games since it is just me and the cat. Many solo RPG's are quite well done and take many hours to complete. Play Guild Wars 2 online too with people who live far away but with a headset and Teamspeak, we have a lot of fun.


Rich Uncle, in the 50's!

wen Level 1 Mar 24, 2018

Strange things happen on the site today. Posted twice a reply and twice I can't find it anymore.
Because I couldn't find the previous posts that I wrote, so reposted it. A little different, but this way you can also see that I'm consistent 🙂.
I don't have a favorite board game, because I hate board games. I always have. When I was young they expected in the family that I was social and should take part in them, and I was quite good in them … or lucky … Never really enjoyed them. Am I boring? Maybe, I don't feel that way, but I don't believe in God and they do, so I might be boring after all.

Gert Level 7 Mar 24, 2018

I have no favorite board game. I hate board games. I have never been really challenged by any of them, even though I mostly have been quite lucky. I even don't understand why people like them. I don't like gambling either. Does that mean that I'm a boring guy? I guess so although I don't feel it that way.

Gert Level 7 Mar 24, 2018

I don't like gambling either. You're not boring. You're just abnormal. <Bahahaha!


@Donotbelieve Love to be abnormal.

@Gert I appreciate it in a person.

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