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What is something you consider important enough to go to war over?

Crimson67 8 Mar 25

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I don't think we've had a justified conflict since WWII. I consider stopping the holocaust and Japanese atrocities in Asia to be just causes even if our government had other motives as well. I also think that fighting a war to abolish slavery was noble, even though it was horrible that it came to that.

When I was in the army, I thought they liberation of Kuwait was a legitimate reason, as was protecting innocent people from ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, but now that my son is serving there's no valid cause short of an invasion by a foreign military force.

JimG Level 8 Mar 25, 2018

May i ask?
What war to abolish slavery?

Why need a war to do so? We British did and in a civil manner by William Wilberforce and his mentor (the original author of AMAZING Grace aka John Netwon) did and long before you folks over the pond.

If the Brits can abolish slavery without a war then why do you Americans give that the reason for your civil (oxymoron) war?

Cheers fella



Genocide, or ruthless dictaterships oppessing the masses. The list is long and the fine points can be argued, but it is a measure of our society.

I agree with this, exactly. Genocide had become all too common in recent decades. I think it's reasonable to prevent another Holocaust type event.


I am not sure on how to best to answer this question as when I reply to topics such as this I always inadvertently offend someone 😟
Here goes Ill speak my mind.

I have noticed that a few from 'over the pond' have mentioned 'Self Defense' as a reason for going to war. However in my experience expecting people to attack you ,creates a paranoia that breeds agression against the rest of the world. Take for example the USA. its whole culture is based on self-defence (British spelling) through FEAR. The latter is pumped into the minds of their citizens almost every moment of the day and fear of themselves, each other and espeically of ANYTHING that is not American and in many cases they see if It is not American then its not human or invalid. The latter describes a Jingoisitic attitude of which shows the USA'S war of aggression through FEAR (or poticially described as SELF Defence)

Almost every war since ww2 has been instigated either by USA meddling in affairs they are not equipped to do so such as; USA funding of the Taliban to fight the Russians and Supporting and giving AID to the IRA terrorists yet the latter the terrorists the USA DOES like trained the ones they DONT LIKE (See IRA/FARC/PLO/ETA/HAMMAS connections historical fact) Yet if you question most in the USA they view the IRA as freedom fighters, yet if one thought like that then one must assume ISIS are freedom fighters (you see how silly that thinking is?)

To sum up I am very wary when ANY COUNTRY claims self-defence is a reason to go to war.

I am good with it if they are crawling out of the ocean onto the beaches or something similar . Otherwise I agree

You Sir, are on point with your comment. The only thing I would add is that the UNITED STATES isnt alone in these transgressions. Look to africa and see how French, Italian, English, Belgian and Portuguese interests have had and continue to foment horrors.

I agree JAY

However the British people have never funded terrorists to bomb the peoples of the usa- however the reverse is true.

There is no such thing as a freedom fighter.

Also Britain is a country where travel outside of its borders is VERY WELL encouraged even myself have traveled to thirty differing countries with most being outside of the E.U.

This is in stark contrast to the USA where 92"% of the populace lack a passport-never mind traveled outside of its borders. Travel does indeed broaden the mind and helps to stop jingoistic attitudes.

Here is a photo of me in a village in the Philippines (where tourists don't go) near Kidapawan Ciabato province near Davao) i saw a village where houses were made from Bamboo wood, no running water or electric service (TV'S ran on car batteries) or proper sewage lines. Did they feel sorry for themselves? They all had smiles on their faces and where attempting to build themselves out of poverty. Trying to speak to the lads at my Rotary Club to start to help them.

Anyway we are getting off topic 😀


War, to me, is to be a last resort. I wish that we could all get along and there to be no violence, but in my 52 years, I have see enough to know that it's never happened and it never will. I like that most of the time we do use sanctions and such to try to keep from war. Our government cherry picks where we get involved. We invade in the Gulf War while we ignored the war in Yugoslovia. why, that's a whole different thread. As bad as Saddam was, look at the mindset of the people who he had in his country and look what a mess we made.

Self defense of one's self from attack and the whole country from invasion.


Ethnic cleansing


Nothing. Only willing to defend against agressors. Going to war is always costing civilian lives.

Gert Level 7 Mar 25, 2018

It's also costing military lives. No problems for the one's that choose freely for the risks, but it is disgusting for all the youngsters that are into the face of making up what they want with their lives but than lured into the service with educational benefits, good medical care and other tasteful things, it's a shame.


Why? Who's asking?! I'll totally kick their ass!....but seriously, the world is a big game of much cause and effect...I can't actually say why I would go to war...the information would have to be there to show me that there was no feasible diplomatic way to deal with a situation that had to be dealt with....but I do want to join THE SPACE FORCE!!! I am so ready to kick some space ass!


Genocide type situation. Hitler killing Jews, the Czech conflict etc.


Any invasion or attack on our country or an ally self defense.


If you arent willing to fight or send your child into conflict then nothing is worth going to war over. Being a soldier who fought in Panama and was wounded there (my M.O.S. was 18delta) I can convey by first hand experience that war is hellish. Not to be engaged lightly by thought or process.

I have never been in the military or know firsthand of what you speak about, but it always seems that the people making the decisions to go to war never have to bear any of the loss from those wars.

@Piece2YourPuzzle Some like McCain and The first George Bush had first hand knowledge but this newer generation of policymakers have not.


Instead of sending in people to fight for them, the leaders who want to wage war should have to fight each other. Then, when the fighting is over, and one emerges as the 'winner', shoot that bastard in the head-as a warning to the rest of the 'leaders'.

I like your thinking lol





When you go to a restaurant and order a Deep Eddy's vodka tonic and they return with a brown-colored drink. I question it, and they say it is Deep Eddy's sweet-tea flavored vodka. Well, I tried it, handed it to the server and said, "Now THIS is the shit that should be in Leviticus."


The last slice of pizza!


killing or maiming my wife or kids / grandkids. that's it that's all.


Invasion of my own country or a close ally, I cannot justify being the invader.


My parents are both WWII survivors. One German, one French, they should have been mortal enemies. They taught me "you are NOT German, You are NOT French, You are NOT American, You are NOT white, You are NOT black , YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING!" if we all shred our nationalities, labels, & conformaties, and shared in the basic belief of social humanisim, there would be very little to fight. Still there is always greed- the worst trait of the the human charachter, the true basis of most wars.

JGul Level 3 Mar 25, 2018

My father was a spitfire pilot in ww2 and then on ground communications plotting german troop movements though he seems to have been all over the theatre of war My Mother was a welder on the river front of the East India docks All My uncles were in the desert rats - I feel lucky to have family that survived I don't know what I would personally want to go to war over as hte stories my family came back with were horrendous - And the trouble seems to be that it isnt really in our gift who starts a war and who is called upon to take up arms - I am angry with Israel but war? that only seems to help the financiers- so not much help very conflicted don't really see why war would have to be an option if we could work on solutions


Honestly, the lines are so blurred today that I don't know. I mean I know for sure if everything was "legitimate" that the reasons to go to war or protect yourself would be if another country attacked us militarily, attacked an ally, or performed atrocities on people that couldn't defend themselves. Even that can be blurred. Look at how the government lies and the media follows suit to go to war with some countries unjustifiably. The Gulf of Tonkin incident and Iraq are just two examples. I don't trust our government one bit. Is another country attacking us economically reason enough? We would be at war constantly if that was the case (we actually are constantly at war). Right now we would be militarily attacking China, Russia, Iran, or any other country that was against the petrodollar if that was the case. Has anyone in here heard any word on mainstream media about what's happening in Yemen right now with the U.S. help and Saudi Arabia?


It should be a last resort but I'll echo what some others have said: preventing an invasion, genocide or assisting an ally.


The threat of imminent war here at home. I'm not talking about the occasional crazy that slips through the cracks. We have far worse citizens here. I'm talking about a country that is mobilised and moving in for the kill. I am prepared to protect the homelands.
These oil wars however are atrocities in my eyes. Genocide committed by us.


If we are attacked by another country.


Defence from invasion, to stop genocide and the spread of dangerous ideologies / empires. Examples: WW2 to stop the spread fascism and the third reich and to end the holocaust. The cold war and its proxy wars to stop communism and the soviet union. The FIRST gulf war to expel Sadam from kuwait. The NATO intervention in Bosnia to stop the ethnic cleansing. Thats about it. The ISAF occupation of Afganistan, the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in 2003 and whatever the hell we are doing in Syria nowadays were/are mistakes and shouldn'y have happend.

Nomad Level 6 Mar 25, 2018

The US waited too long to stop the Holocaust. They knew what was happening to the Jews and they refused to let them come to the US for refuge. Sad story.

This country certainly didnt do anything for the RWANDANS or the CAMBODIANS and several other peoples (the Congolese and the Armenians spring to mind) so I guess its what side of the color/political spectrum you fall on when it comes to intervening in a genocidal conflict.

the american corporate elites supported hitler as he represented the corporation. , the protestants always were bigoted towards the jewish. the russians were feared as they would nationalize all the corporations and take all the rich people's money. american business interests only look out for themselves at any cost to the rest of us.


War is nothing but an excuse to heal a bruised ego. The powers that be if they would stop repressing technology and would concentrate more on education the world could evolve and become ready for the next step in human evolution.


Self defense would be the first thing I would pick. A nation has the right to collective self defense if being attacked and invaded by an enemy.

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